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Actionable PR Tactics

Elliot Tomaeno
Founder, Astrsk PR

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About This Class

Like everything else, communication has been transformed by the digital age. So it may come as no surprise that marketing + PR practices are also changing in these Darwinian days.

If you're a startup, you're likely time-poor and resource constrained, so on top of growing your company, nurturing your team, raising funds and acquiring users, how do you also market your company brilliantly and score a blog post on TechCrunch? Come find out.


  • Introduction 1:13
  • What is PR? 5:44
  • Prep work 6:10
  • Email examples 5:39
  • Getting Your Assets Together 4:21
  • Press 12:58
  • More than media relations 3:53
  • Q: Is there an online registry for PR firms? 1:22
  • Q: How much effort should you put into PR while you are still in development? 3:53
  • Q: How do you drive traffic to your site pre-launch? 2:20
  • Q: Are repeat emails okay? 2:10
  • Q: Which PR firms use professional social media posters? 3:42
  • Q: How do you hack a trade show for PR? 1:58
  • Q: How many users can you expect to add with a solid campaign? 1:51
  • Q: Should you invite the press to a beta release? 1:51
  • Finishing up 0:37


  • Determine whether your startup is ready for PR
  • Identify what PR can do for your bottom-line
  • Write emails that appeal to the media
  • Tell your company’s story
  • Employ professional tactics to rise above the noise
  • Identify free tools that can conduct agency-quality PR

About the Instructor(s)

Elliot Tomaeno
Astrsk PR

PR guys with a startup addiction. Founder of Astrsk PR.

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