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A Data Driven Approach to PR


Will Flaherty
Director of Communications, SeatGeek

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About This Class

In this class, we'll examine how to take your data and craft an interesting storyline that can drive coverage about whatever trends you find. Although stories are often not directly on your product, the "data wedge" still allows you to win mentions, links and will often yield an opportunity for you to discuss how your product addresses a consumer need. Learn to take an empirical approach to PR that will grow your presence by leaps and bounds.


  • Introduction 2:12
  • Why PR Is Important 7:54
  • Data Pitches 6:08
  • Q: How do you make a simple infographic? 1:31
  • Step 1 - How to Pitch Data 5:40
  • Step 2 - How to Pitch Data 1:50
  • Step 3 - How to Pitch Data 6:17
  • Q: How do you measure the ROI? 1:53
  • Step 4 - How to Pitch Data 1:21
  • Step 5 - How to Pitch Data 2:11
  • Email Tactics 3:51
  • Q: How do you approach a reporter? 1:08
  • Chasing the News Cycles 3:27
  • Case Studies 3:12
  • Q: How do you tell a story through numbers? 1:01
  • Q: What companies do you follow on the web that are good examples? 1:21


  • Learn basic approach and methods of using your startup's proprietary data to secure earned media mentions
  • Overview of data research methods (consumer surveys, SQL, etc)
  • Learn best practices for media PR outreach
  • Develop holistic framework for planning and executing data-driven PR campaigns

About the Instructor(s)


Will Flaherty
Director of Communications

Will Flaherty is the Director of Communications at SeatGeek. His primary job is to use SeatGeek's rich ticketing data in order to spread the word about SeatGeek and the tremendous value it provides to fans who want to see their favorite teams and artists live. Will graduated from Duke University with degrees in History and Political Science and worked at the Boston Consulting Group before joining SeatGeek. A native of Houston, Will thinks that cowboy boots are by far the most practical footwear ever invented and roots heavily -- but usually in vain -- for the Texans, Astros, and Rockets.

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