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Our remote classes are now in session.

Get a firsthand look into how General Assembly's online classrooms are better than ever.

Make Yourself
at Home

Your morning coffee. Your favorite nook. Your noon dog walk. A little bedhead. Your dream classroom gives you the freedom to learn your way.


Connect with instructors and classmates from around the world. Zoom features powerful communication tools to create a collaborative and educational space — no matter your location.

Ready, Set...Slack

Slack your classmates for help and stay in contact during class. Integrate third-party apps to add more tools and enrich communication with notes, files, links, and GIFs.

Let’s Talk:
Breakout Rooms

Our small, interactive working sessions mirror what you’ll encounter as part of the modern workforce. Divide into groups, discuss, and collaborate to dive deeper.

Let’s Connect: Career Coaching

Your career coach will be your accountability partner, helping you set goals, make plans for success, and stay on track with job searches. Build confidence with resume workshops, mock interviews, and real-world training.

Live a Little

And laugh a lot. Scheduled breaks provide a space to catch your breath and catch up with peers.

Strength in Numbers

We’re all in this together. Grow your network and unlock opportunities within our 97,000-strong community.

"I felt Zoom and Slack were great for interacting with teachers and classmates. Although the class was 100% remote, I felt more engaged and involved than any other remote experience."

Mason Griffin,
Software Engineering Immersive Remote Grad

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