When you know essential front- and back-end programming techniques, you can bring sophisticated, intuitive websites and applications to life. Join us for an expert-led coding bootcamp, or enroll in our full- or part-time web development courses in New York City.

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Alumni Story: From Laid Off to Thriving Web Developer

Web Development Immersive New York student

Starting over was not Ruth Acosta’s (Web Development Immersive, New York) choice. After 17 years in publishing, she was unexpectedly laid off due to outsourcing. She decided to steer her career in an entirely new direction — toward a growing, thriving industry — and enrolled in GA’s Web Development Immersive course at our New York campus. After graduating, Acosta found a full-time position building email and newsletter templates for a global marketing team, using her new skills in coding, collaborating, and problem solving.

“It’s incredibly reassuring that learning to code has opened up so many possibilities for me,” she says. “I went from a career I enjoyed to one I LOVE — something I never thought I would experience.”

Break into New York City's full-stack web development industry.

Build a new career with a suite of front- and back-end development skills. Learn full-time in our industry-leading Immersive.

Learn In-Demand Skills in Our Full-Stack Web Development Courses and Bootcamps in New York City


One of the most popular programming languages in the web development space, JavaScript code adds interactivity to the front end of websites and applications.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) define the look and feel of a web page, adding color, borders, fonts, and more to HTML elements.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) forms the foundation of every page on the web. It defines the content we see, along with the basic structure of the page.

MEAN Stack

A “MEAN stack” app is a full-stack app that was built using MongoDB (for storing data), Express.js (for handling web requests), AngularJS (to be the front end), and Node.js (the platform on which Express is run). Each of these tools is free and open-source, and all of them use JavaScript. 


Rails, a back-end framework written in the Ruby programming language, gives programmers a head start (and plenty of clear guidelines) when building on the server side. 


Don’t Stop at Full-Stack

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