Alumni Story: The Sweet Side of Marketing

William Mullan

When William Mullan started working at Raaka Chocolate — a small bean-to-bar operation in Brooklyn, New York — he was a jack of all trades tasked with telling the brand’s story through factory tours and marketing materials like press kits and promotional videos.

“When I Googled what I do on a daily basis, it fit the ‘marketing director’ description,” says Mullan, whose background was in film production. “I figured it was prime time for me to learn actual technical marketing skills on top of some of the more conceptual skills.”

On friends’ recommendations, Mullan enrolled in GA’s part-time Digital Marketing course in New York City to dive deeper into social media, content strategy, analytics, and more — and his education didn’t stop when the course ended.

“Both my instructors, Emily and Jon, have been super helpful in giving me more feedback since I graduated,” says Mullan, who has since become Raaka’s brand manager and leverages tools like MailChimp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to grow the company’s presence and customer base. “Anytime I have reached out for advice, they’ve been there.”