The Marketing Standards Board

All companies need skilled marketers who can navigate the latest technologies and strategies — but there’s a lack of defined paths to success in the field. The Marketing Standards Board is working to:

  1. Define the key functions and build transparent pathways for marketing careers.
  2. Establish objective performance standards through industry-standard assessments.
  3. Facilitate hiring and developing talent at scale.

Certified Marketer

Our assessments cover the key skills required to succeed at specific career stages in marketing.

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Developing Marketing Leaders of the Future

What does it take to succeed
Setting Standards

What does it take to succeed?

The skills needed to be a marketing leader have changed dramatically. While strengths that used to set marketers apart — like crafting a powerful brand voice and a brilliant go-to-market strategy — are still essential, leaders today need to be technology savvy, data fluent, and measurement focused across an increasingly broad range of channels.

The Marketing Standards Board is on a mission to provide clarity to aspiring leaders by explaining the skills and career paths in marketing.

Marketing Framework
Paths to Success

The Marketing Career Framework

The Marketing Career Framework provides a overview of marketing career paths that can help guide individuals, managers, and business partners.

While all marketers share a foundational set of skills in Level 1, there are four key growth options for marketers in Level 2: brand, acquisition, retention and loyalty, and analytics and insight.

Those who complete three or more Level 2 specialties can advance to Level 3, which covers essential leadership skills.

Read more about our Marketing Career Framework here.

a new standard for marketing

A New Standard for Marketing

The Certified Marketer Level 1 assessment is a robust tool that benchmarks competencies in Level 1 of the career framework. Developed in partnership with global industry executives, it’s designed to properly measure the essential marketing skills that drive the digital economy.

CM1 helps marketing professionals gauge their abilities against industry standards, and guides employers to identify high potential candidates for open roles.

CM1 builds on our Digital Marketing Level 1 assessment, used by more than 100 companies and 25,000 professionals.

Marketing Standards Board Members

Marketing Standards Headshots

“General Assembly’s vision is to accelerate the use of skills-based hiring in the technology sector. We see a future where education to employment is about the skills you demonstrate, not where you’ve been."

Kieran Luke, GM Assessments at General Assembly

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the marketing career framework and skills rubrics change over time?

Yes. The Board, in collaboration with GA, will review the framework and underlying content annually.

Is coursework required to score well on the Certified Marketer Level 1 Assessment?

No. However, GA will be among providers that will offer courses informed by the framework.

What is the Board’s timeline for releasing marketing assessments?

We launched the Level 1 assessment in Q4 of 2018. The first Level 2 assessments will launch in 2019.

Is the Marketing Career Framework U.S.-centric or global?

This is a framework developed with marketing leaders of global companies. We anticipate the framework will have global relevance, although we expect organizations to vary on their exact implementation of this framework.

What do you mean by “standards”?

The Board communicates marketing standards through our Certified Marker assessments, skills rubrics, and career framework. These guidelines:

  1. Are not platform specific.
  2. Provide structure in explaining marketing career stages and paths.
  3. Lay out the skills of a successful worker in marketing, and how to validate those skills.
  4. Were devised and validated by global leaders across a wide range of sectors.
  5. Focus on application of knowledge rather than academic theory.

What is the role of Board members?

  1. Set and explain standards for skills required to succeed in marketing.
  2. Approve assessments and certification requirements.
  3. Guide the profession toward transparent, competency-based career pathways.

What is General Assembly (GA)?

GA is a pioneer in digital education and career transformation. We work with global companies of all sizes — including more than 40 of the Fortune 100 — to solve talent gaps in the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly tech-driven economy. We’ve engaged with major employers including Capital One and L’Oréal to evaluate, and develop workforces in anticipation of future business needs through training, onboarding, and hiring strategies.

How does the framework account for expert or technical career tracks?

We recognize that some marketing professionals are not as interested in developing their career into a management role, but rather prefer to become experts in a technical specialization.  In this instance, we would expect individuals to specialize in one or more of the Level 2 components in more depth than required of those progressing to Level 3. These individuals would become senior technical leads on their teams.