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  1 Million Cups

  2016 State of the Industry: Technology in Georgia

  21st Century Skills for a 21st Century Workforce

  2 @ 225 - GA Campus Anniversary Party!

  500 Startups NYC Week: Meet the #500Family

  7 Ways Startups Benefit from Working with Brands

  80's Night: Summer Camp Finale

  ABI.DC Launch Party

  A Big Data Opportunity: Ben Woo (Online Class)

  Accelerating Growth Bootcamp: Using-Actionable Metrics

  Accounting Essentials for Startups: A Free Class

  Acing the 1st Interview

  A Data-Driven Approach to Online Retail Marketing

  A Data Driven Approach to PR

  A Data Driven Approach to PR (Online Class)

  A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst

  A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

  A Day in the Life of a Web Developer

  A Deep Dive Into SQL

  Admissions Chat

  Admissions Office Hours: Campus Tour Snack and Learn

  {ADULT} Summer Camp

  Advanced Data-Driven SEO Workshop - OLD

  Advanced Data Visualization and Tableau

  Advanced Digital Marketing: Google Analytics Deep Dive

  Advanced Excel: Beyond the Basics

  Advanced Excel: Dashboards

  Advanced Financial Modeling: Building Business Applications

  Advanced SQL Bootcamp

  Advanced Topics in Excel

  Advanced Topics in Excel Workshop

  Agile Data Bootcamp

  Agile Marketing Tactics

  Aging2.0 Global Startup Search | Atlanta, GA, USA

  AI Society: How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Marketing Forever

  Ale & Analytics: Introduction to Data Analysis

  #AllTheThings: How to Balance Work, Life & You

  Alumni Board Kickoff Happy Hour

  Alumni Happy Hour

  Alumni Panel: Where Are They Now?

  Alumni Public Speaking Workshop

  Alumni Study Group: Side Project Dojo

  American Express OPEN Forum Presents: Basic Excel Hacks for Business (Online Class)

  Analytics 101

  Analytics: Ale + Info Session

  Analytics Info Session

  Analytics in Real Life: Reasoning with Data and Statistics

  Analytics Trivia Night

  Android Development for Beginners

  An Evening Webby Talk in New York

  Anidata at General Assembly ATL

  Anidata Meetup

  An Introduction to Data Science

  An Introduction to Machine Learning and AI for Geeks

  Apache Spark: Why and How

  API Talks

  Applied Machine Learning

  A Practical Introduction to SQL

  Artificial Intelligence: Applications, Law and Creativity

  Asepsis Coming Clean Challenge Kickoff Happy Hour

  #Ask4More Negotiation Workshop

  Ask Me Anything: Digital Marketing in Atlanta

  Assembled Capital: FinTech

  Astronomy in the Big Data Era

  A Taste of TechStars

  Atlanta Startup Battle

  Atlanta Startup Village Viewing Party

  ATL Fashion + Tech Collective

  ATL Smart City Workshop

  Attracting Top Talent: Employer Branding with Glassdoor

  ATX Campus Tour

  Automated AI with DataRobot

  B4B Challenge 2017 Info Session

  Back to School Night

  Back to School Week

  Back to School with General Assembly

  Basics of Data Visualization Design (Online)

  Battle for Net Neutrality | Politics & Innovation

  Beauty & Experience: How to Have Your UX Cake and Design it, Too

  Become A More Data-Driven Marketer

  Become a YouTube Marketeer

  Beginner's Guide to Big Data

  Behance Portfolio Reviews at General Assembly

  Behind The Scenes With Sofar Sounds & Live Concert

  Better Living Through Big Data: Creating a Culture of Health

  Beyond Data Visualization

  Beyond the Resume

  Big Data 101

  Big Data 101: A Free Class

  Big Data and Product Development

  Big Data Demystified: Machine Learning Algorithms

  Big Data for Absolute Beginners

  Big Data Happy Hour

  Big Data Meetup: Can Machines Model Data?

  Big Data Meetup: Data in the Enterprise

  Big Data Meetup: The Outlook for AI

  Big Dig

  Bitcoin 101

  Bitcoin for Professionals

  BIZ ED August: Growth Hacking & Lean Marketing at the Office Space

  Blockchain Is Eating The World

  Blogging with Notebooks on Github

  BMC Software Meetup

  Book Talk with John Rossman: The Amazon Way on IoT

  Bootstrap 101

  Boston Use-R Monthly Meeting: Projects and Lightning Talks

  Both Sides of the Table: A Fireside Chat with Blake Patton of Tech Square Ventures

  Boulder Startup Week: Collaboration in Tech Environments

  Breakfast Club Speaker Series

  Break(fast) Into: Data

  Breakfast with a Data Scientist

  Break Into Blockchain: Exploring Use Cases

  Break Into Data

  Break into Data Analytics

  Break Into Data Science

  Break Into Data Science & Analytics

  Break Into Data Science & Analytics: A Free Class

  Break Into the DC Data Community

  Break into the DC VC Community

  Break Into the World of Data Science

  Break Into UX Design

  Breakout + GA DC Happy Hour

  Breather Happy Hour

  Brews and Brackets

  Brick & Portal: WITS - E3

  Brisbane Event: Opportunities for Creatives in UX Design

  Build an E-Commerce Business with Data

  Building a 21st Century Career: Future-Proof Your Skills

  Building a Financial Model for Fundraising and Operations

  Building a Marketing Strategy that Scales

  Building a Standout Reputation at Work

  Building Atlanta Week

  Building Chicago

  Building Data Models & Data Analytics

  Building Javascript Apps with API Data

  Building The Marketing Machine: Automation Tools And Trends

  Building Your Audience for Successful Growth

  Building Your Online Business & Community: Presented by Yelp at GA

  Build iOS + Android Apps with Xamarin

  Build Your Brand with Original Online Content: Expert Panel by Tumblr + GA

  Business Growth Hacks: Making a Profitable Website

  Business Model Innovation & Strategy Design Bootcamp

  *CANCELED* Data Protection for Business Owners

  Cardlytics + GA Happy Hour

  Career Conversations: Data Analytics

  Career Conversations: Data Science

  Career Conversations: Data Science & Analytics

  Career Crossroads: Navigating Your Next Professional Move

  Career Fast Track: Opportunities In Data Analytics & Data Science

  Career Fast Track: Opportunities in Data Science

  Career Fast-Track: Opportunities in Data Science

  Career Path Preview Night: Data Analytics

  Career Path Preview Night: Data Science

  Careers for Creatives in Digital

  Career Toolkit: How to Transition Jobs - Part 1

  Carlos Guestrin Machine Learning Keynote

  Changing the World: Social Impact & Making a Difference

  Chatbots: An Introduction to Conversational Design

  Chicago <3 Orlando

  Chicago End Of Summer Soiree

  Chicago Holiday Happy Hour

  ChicagoMade General Assembly Austin Send-off Party

  chiDUXX + General Assembly Summer Happy Hour

  Chinese Social Media Workshop: WeChat edition

  CHI Welcome Night

  Climb Financing Info Session

  Climbing to the Top of 2015

  Closing the Skills Gap

  Code Camp After Party @ WeWork Wonder Bread

  Code in the Park: Presented by Yahoo7 + General Assembly for VIVID Ideas

  Coffee Chat: Data Analytics

  Coffee Chat: Data Science and Data Analytics at General Assembly

  Coffee & Conversation

  Coffee & Course Counseling with GA + TimeOut LA

  Coffee with GA!

  Collaborative Skills - Innovative Careers

  Coloring the Tech Landscape

  Common Clauses: How to Read & Understand Your Contracts

  Communicating with Data

  Communicating with Data Bootcamp

  Community Building Growth Tactics: Hands-On Workshop

  Company Culture: How To Build It and Promote It

  Conducting A Strategic Company Analysis

  Connectivity is King: The Rise of Smart Homes


  Content is King: Beyond The Art Of Story Telling

  Continuous Testing: The Future of QA

  Corporate Structuring: What You Need to Know & Why

  Course Counseling

  Coworking Day with Women Catalysts

  Coworking Week Seattle

  Craft Beer Buzz: Big Data and Beer with Fort Point

25 Crafting Stories with Data

  Crafting Stories with Data for Grassroots Advocacy Professionals

  Crafting Visual Stories with Data: A Free Class

  Craft Your Career: Leveraging LinkedIn

  Craft Your Career: Mobile Meetup (M&M)

  Craft Your Career: Trending Now

  Create a Career Path You Love, Pt. 1

  Creating a Great Customer Experience with Data

  Creating Campaigns that Resonate

  Creating Economically Inclusive Gentrified Areas Through Technology

  Creating Mind Blowing Content with Onion Labs | Future of SEO with Orbit Media

  Creating mobile apps using HTML/CSS/JS and PhoneGap Build

  Creative+Data: Increase the Impact of Your Data Sets

  Creativity, Collaboration & Emotional Intelligence

  Crowdfunding Mixer

  Crunching The Numbers: How To Launch a Career in Data

  Crunch the Numbers: Intro to R Programming Language

  CUGOS Spring Fling 2017

  Culture Design: Defining Purpose with Culture Labx

  Customer Acquisition Marketing Workshop

  Customer Discovery Workshop

  Customer Valuation - The Time is Now

  C&W Instructor Appreciation Happy Hour

  Cybersecurity: Northern Virginia’s High-Tech Skills Gap

  Cybersecurity Panel Discussion

  Data Alumni Spotlight

  Data Analysis Circuit

  Data Analysis Circuit - Online Enrollment

  Data Analysis: Moving From Excel to SQL

18 Data Analytics

  Data Analytics 101

  Data Analytics 101 (Online)

2 Data Analytics Bootcamp

  Data Analytics/Excel Training

  Data Analytics for 1 N Dearborn

  Data Analytics for AMA

  Data Analytics For Solving Real Business Problems

  Data Analytics - Let's Break it Down

  Data Analytics with Tableau

  Data and UX Design Meet + Hire

29 Data and You: GDPR

  Data as a Powerful Employee Engagement Tool

  Databases 101

  Data Camp

  Data-Driven: A Chat with Mailchimp's John Foreman

  Data-Driven Decisions in Marketing & Sales

  Data Driven Design

  Data-Driven Leadership

  Data driven, Omni-Channel Marketing for Agile Marketers

  Data Driven Performance Marketing

  Data Driven SEO: Getting Started with Google Analytics (Online Class)

  Data Driven Social Media Strategy for Business: Expert Panel

  Data Driven Storytelling to Build Authority & Audience

  Data-Driven UX Design

  Data Drives Boston: A SPARK Boston Chief Chat with Dan Koh, Andrew Therriault, + Howard Lim

  DataGirls Present: How to Become Data Driven

  DataGirls present: How to become data-driven

  Data + Healthcare

  Data in Product Management

  Data in the Brewery presented by GA x Optimism Brewing

  Data in the Real World

  Data + Journalism

  Data - Let's Break it Down

  Data Nerds Meetup

25 Data Science

  Data Science 101

  Data Science Bootcamp

16 Data Science Bootcamp (using Python)

  Data Science Breakfast Meetup

  Data Science Careers

  Data Science for Beginners

  Data Science for Doers: Basic Excel Hacks for Business (Online Class)

  Data Science for Managers

  Data Science for Social Good

  Data Science for Social Good ATL Showcase

  Data Science for Startups

  Data Science Graduate Showcase

30 Data Science Immersive

  Data Science Immersive Sample Class

  Data Science in Action

  Data Science in Action Panel

  Data Science Info Session

  Data Science: Info Session

  Data Science: Let's Break it Down

  Data Science Meetup

  Data Science Salon

25 Data Science Talent Spotlight

  Data Science with Python 2-Day Bootcamp

  Data's Role in Platforms: A Chat with Factual & Applico

  Data Talks with Dataiku and Pandora: Communicating Data Insights

  Data + The Food Industry

  Data Tools for Startups

  Data Use for Strategic Planning

  Data Visualisation 101 with JavaScript

  Data Visualisation 101 with Tableau

  Data Visualisation for Beginners

  Data Visualisation for Beginners: Two-Part Workshop Series

  Data Visualization and Intro to Tableau

  Data Visualization and Usability

  Data Visualization for Business

  Data Visualization for Businesses: Understanding Dashboards and Metrics Displays

  Data Visualization for Business: Introduction to Visual Tools (Online Class)

  Data Visualization for Non-Programmers

  Data Visualization Fundamentals

  Data Visualization Panel

  Data Visualization with Javascript

  Data Wrangling and Analysis with Denver Cloudera User Group

  Dating + Tech: More than Modern Romance

  DC Inno's DC Fest 2016

  DC Michelin Guide Challenge

  DC Vision Zero Hackathon

  Deciding on Data

  Decision Sciences for Data Scientists

  Decoding the 2016 Ballot

  Deep Dive Into Data Analtyics - Part 1: Tell the Story With Data

  Deep Dive Into Data Analtyics - Part 3: Tools and Techniques

  Deep Dive Into Data Analytics - Part 2: Data Models

  Deep Dive into SQL

  Deloitte + Represently Hackathon

  Demystifying Data: An Introduction to Data Science

  Demystifying Drones

  Demystifying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  Denver All Things Data

  Denver Startup Week: ARG's FTW > < ( ( ( ° >

  Denver Startup Week: Diversity

  Denver Startup Week: Starting a Development Project without a Technical Background

  Department of Commerce + General Assembly: Data Academy

  Designing Conversations with Chatbots

  Designing Landing Pages for Conversion

  Designing & Producing Your First Mobile App

  Designing Products That People Love

  Designing Your Atlanta: Drink and Draw

  Designing Your Atlanta: What Does the Data Say?

  Design in Tech

  Design Your Data: Tableau Bootcamp

  Design Your Data: Tableau Bootcamp Series

  Design Your Data: Tableau Desktop Workshop

  Different Cultures, Shared Experience: Bridging the Gap Amongst Gay Men of Color

  Digital Analytics Bootcamp

  Digital Branding: Create Your Business’s Online Presence

  Digital Disruption: Healthcare & Data

  Digital Doorways

  Digital Essentials: Two-Day Up-Skill Bootcamp

  Digital Good Times + ATLvr Present: New Virtual World

  Digital Holiday

  Digital Innovation Club & GA Networking Night

  Digital Marketing: Key Concepts and Metrics (Online)

  Digital Marketing One-Day Bootcamp

  Digital Megaphone + GA Present: Social Media Masters Happy Hour

  Digital Nomad Life: How to Live & Work from Anywhere

  Digital Nomads: Tech for Travelers

  Digital Safari: A journey through trends shaping today's business

  Digital Strategy Development using Google Analytics

  Dinner Over Data Science

  Discover How to Build Successful Products with Pause Fest & General Assembly

  Discover Your Digital Future: What's Next? With Pause Fest & General Assembly

  Disrupt HR

  DISSRUPT: Making the Digital Future Happen...Later On

  #DiversityinTech: Hands-On Solutions Workshop

  #DiversityinTech: Out in Tech Panel

  DIY.AI: Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Demystified


  Docker Birthday Bash

  Documentary Screening: 2.5% - The Osa Peninsula

  Doing More with Data: The Who, Why, and How of Data Analytics

  Do Something Big with AI in 2018

  Do You Lease or Own Your Community Engagement?

  Drink + Draw

  Drink & Draw: Atlanta in Technicolor

  Drive Retention, Engagement & Growth w/ Behavioral Analytics

  Driverless AI: Intro & Interactive Hands-on Lab

  Drupal 101

  DTLA Tech Holiday Happy Hour

  E-Commerce 101: Sell Big with Weebly and Square

  Ecommerce Business Blueprint: How To Build, Launch And Grow A Profitable Online Store

  Ecommerce Business Blueprint: How To Build, Launch And Grow A Profitable Online Store.

  E-commerce & Data Science Bootcamp

  Economy of Now Panel + Startup Showcase

  Education Technology: Taking Stock and Forging Ahead

  Elance-oDesk Expert Night Series: A Panel Discussion on Growth Hacking

  Engineering Careers: Getting Clear on What You Want

  Engineering Your Career: Marketing Yourself to Tech Managers

  Everybody Lies

  Everyone Starts Somewhere

  Everything You Wanted to Know About Snapchat

  Excel at Excel: A Practical Introduction

  Excel at Excel: Getting Down the Basics

  Excel Bootcamp


  Excel Bootcamp: Formulas & Functions

  Excel Class Series

  Excel Hacks for Business: Basic Data Analysis (Online Class)

  Excel Saturday

  Excel Workshop

  Expert Panel and Q&A: Can Silicon Valley be Cloned to China?

  Exploring React Native (The Next COOL Meetup)

  Exploring the World of Real Estate Tech

  Expose UX - Live Taping with LA UX Experts

  Expose UX - Live Taping with NYC UX Experts

  Extra Credit Meetup

  Facebook Advertising: 2-Part Masterclass

  Fact + Fiction: Machine Learning and the Media (This Title Was Generated By An Algorithm)

  Fastest Growing Jobs of the 21st Century: A Panel of Digital Experts

  #FemaleFounders Panel

  Female Futurists: A Daring Discussion About Diversity in Tech

  Fighting Poverty: Robin Hood's Data-Driven Approach

  Finance your Future at GA!

  Finance Your GA Education with Earnest

  Financial Modeling for Start Ups

  Financial Modeling Workshop

  Finding Your Future: Forging a Career in Tech & Digital

  Find Meaningful Work

  Fin Tech Executives from Aspiration, LendUp, SoFi and Maveron Explain How Innovation is Eating Wall Street

  Fireside Chat with Analytics Pros CEO, Vicki O'Meara

  Fireside Chat with Archana Vemulapalli

  Fireside Chat with Charles Adler, Designer and Co-Founder of Kickstarter

  Fireside Chat with Deb Henretta, P&G's Former Global President for E-Business

  Fireside Chat with Gagan Palrecha, VP Operations at Getaround

  Fireside Chat with Joel Spolsky, Founder and CEO of Stack Overflow

  Fireside Chat with Mike Baker, Co-Founder of DataXu

  Fireside Chat with Padden Murphy, Getaround Head of Public Policy & Business Development

  Fireside Chat with the President of General Assembly, Scott Kirkpatrick

  #FirstFridayFair with Analytics Week

  Food Industry: A Journey into the Future of Eating

  Forum One + GA Presents: Finding Design Inspiration in Site Analytics

  Fostering a Culture of Analytics

  Founders and Creators

  Founder Stories: How to Connect with the Unconnectable

  Founder Thursdays: How to Launch a Successful Melbourne Startup

  Free Brisbane Masterclass: Digital Marketing Metrics and Measurement

  Free Brisbane Masterclass: Social Media Marketing

  Free Class: AI + Data Science

  Free Class: Cyber Security and Data Science

  Free Class: Data Analytics Crash Course

  Free Class: Data Science and the Internet of Things

  Free Class: Data Science - Lets Break it Down

  Free Happy Hour as part of London Tech Week

  Free Lunch & Learn: Get Started in Data Science

  Free Lunchtime Class: Market Research - What’s the Right Question?

  Free Lunchtime Class: The Latest and Greatest SEO Trends

  Free Lunchtime Class: The Latest & Greatest SEO Trends

  Free Python for Data Science

  fresh2design + GA Present: Freelancing 101

  Fresh Out of the Kitchen

  From Culture Hacks to Culture Agility: Innovative Approaches to Culture

  From Data to Action: A Panel on Solving #DiversityInTech Issues

  From Idea To App Development: Practical Guide for Startup Founders & Product Managers

  From Idea to App Store

  From Running Lean to Scaling Lean: How to Get Traction

  From Tracking to Traction: Introduction to Google Analytics

  Front-End Web Performance Optimization

  Full-day AWS Hands-On Workshop Hosted By General Assembly

  Fundamentals of Design Research

  Fundamentals of Machine Learning: A Beginners Guide

  Fundamentals of Python Bootcamp

  Future of Data Analysts

  Future of Food

  Future of Web Apps Presents: The Data-Driven Apps Hackathon

  GA Aluminati

  GA Alumni Dinner: Growth + The Start-Up Space

  GA ATX First Anniversary Party

  GA + Austin Public Libraries Present - Web Development: Let's Break It Down

  GA + Boston New Tech: Being Acquired by Google, Stackdriver's Story

  GA + Boston's Data Women: Kick-off Roundtable Discussion

  GA + BTUG Present: Tableau Skills for Career Growth

  GA + Cambrio Present: Boston Machine Intelligence Reading Group

  GA Class Pass

  GA DC Community Happy Hour

  GA DC + cove Happy Hour

  GA DC Homecoming

  GA DC Partners Happy Hour

  GA DC Ugly Sweater Happy Hour

  GA Fridays

  GA + Hubway Present: Data Visualization Crash Course

  GA + IBM Watson Workspace Hackathon

  GA + Indico Present: How Data Science is Shaping the World of Digital Marketing

  GA + Interchange Happy Hour

  GA London New Campus Tour

  GA London Winter Open House

  GA Lunch Break: Founder's Talk w/ HeroPay

  GA + Mailchimp Happy Hour

  GA + Mashable Present: The 2016 Wrap Up Party

  Game Changers Brunch

  Game Changers: Disrupting the Nonprofit Industry with Technology and Culture

  Gamestorming: Get Unstuck & Solve Problems

  GA + Microsoft Tysons: Learn the basics of HTML & CSS

  GA NYC Part-Time Student Holiday Happy Hour

  GA #OffCampus | Break into Data Science

  GA Open House: 2016 Courses

  GA Open House - Holiday Happy Hour Edition

  GA Open House: Ponce City Market

  GA & Presents: Market Your Craft

  GA Presents: Holiday Discotech feat. Capital Cities

  GA Presents: Lean Startup Week

  GA + RE.WORK PRESENT: From Big Data to Big Wisdom

  GA Seattle - Homecoming

  GA + Slipstream DC Coffee Giveaway

  GA Student Showcase

  GA + SXSW 2016 Workshop Programming

  GA + SXSW 2018 Data Workshops

  GA + SXSW Present: Tech Fundamentals for Everyone

  GA + UNICEF's NexGen: Project Tap-py Hour

  GA + Walkley Foundation present: Communicating with Data Lunchtime Masterclass

  GA + WeWork Summer Happy Hour

  GA x Fair present: Talk Data To Me

  GA X'mas Bash: Bring Your Friends and Fam!

  GA x NTUC: So You Want to Be a Data Scientist/Analyst

  GA x UFLX presents: Intro to Data Science

  GA + YWCA Present: Protecting Your Digital Self

  General Assembly Alumni Happy Hour at 111 Minna Gallery

  General Assembly Campus Launch Party & First Birthday!

  General Assembly + Chicago Nerd Social Club Happy Hour


  General Assembly D.C. Open Office Hours

  General Assembly + Do512 Present: All Play, No Work

  General Assembly DTLA New Campus Launch Party

  General Assembly Hackathon

  General Assembly + Incubate present: Introduction to Lean Marketing & Growth Hacking

  General Assembly in the South Bay: Coming Soon!

  General Assembly Meets TechShop

  General Assembly OC Launch Party!

  General Assembly Open Day: Back to School!

  General Assembly Open House

  General Assembly Open House: Meet + Learn

  General Assembly Open House: Your Year Of Yes

  General Assembly Portfolio Showcase

  General Assembly Seattle New Campus Launch Party

  General Assembly Second Birthday + Made in Chicago Week Kickoff Party!

  General Assembly's 'Product Lab'

  General Assembly Young Professionals Tech Mixer

  Generation Startup Film Screening

  Get a New Website in 2 Hours

  Get Cybersecurity Smart with Carbonite

  Get Hired as a Programmer: Programming Interview Practice

  Get Matched: Speed date your way through our part-time and full-time programs

  Get More Users: How to Optimize Your Website

  Getting More with Google Analytics

  Getting Started in Data Analytics

  Getting Started in Data Science

  Getting Started in Data Science & Data Analytics

  Getting Started with Google Data Studio

  Gilbert & Tobin Workshop

  Girls in Tech x GA Professional Mixer

  Girls Who Code Mixer at General Assembly

  GiveBack DC

  GiveGet Presents: Cybersecurity - The Big Problem No-one Can Afford to Ignore

  Globalisation to Glocalisation: Asia Exploration

  Global Marketing Strategy: China & Emerging Markets

  Goal Setting Workshop: Keep Calm & Get Stuff Done

  Going Global: CTO Perspectives

  Going Viral: Shared Content Trends & Tips for 2016 by Tumblr + GA

11 Google Analytics Bootcamp

  Google Analytics Series: Advanced Google Analytics

  Google Analytics Series: Generating Insights

  Google on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  Google Sheets: Analyze Data in the Cloud

  Graduation Night

  Graduation Night + Holiday Party

  Hacker Happy Hour

  Hacker, Hustler, Designer Holiday!

  Hack for Change: A Hackathon for Melbourne Knowledge Week

  Hack For Good: Startup Competition Final Presentations


  Hacks for Getting Hired

  Hacks to Building a High-Growth, Fundable Company

  #HackThePayGap: The United State of Women Hackathon

  Hack the Planet

  Hack Your Way Into A Data Job

  Happiness: A Day for Exploration and Transformation

  Happy Hour: Celebrate National Voter Registration Day

  Hire Your Company’s Next Top Talent

  Hiring & Building Data Science Teams

  Hiring Done Right: Distributed Engineering

  Hiring Event: Data Analysts/Scientists and Web Developers

  Hiring Event: Data Scientists & Web Developers Meet + Hire

  Hiring Event: Junior Data Scientists

  HK Alumni Headshots

  Holiday Learnfest + Mixer

  Homecoming Celebration

  Hong Kong Data Science Immersive Meet and Greet Hiring Event

  Hot Chocolate Part Time Study Night

  How AI Increases the Connection Between People

  How Can Virtual Reality Shape the Video Industry?

  How Data-Driven Startups Make Millions

  How Data is Shaping the World of Digital Marketing

  How Data Science Creates Impact

  How General Assembly is Solving Boston’s Data Science Talent Gap

  How NoSQL and Semantics are Shaping the New Generation of Data Management

  How Social Data is driving Product and Marketing Trends

  How Stuff Works + GA Happy Hour

  How to Adult: Kick-ass Money Strategies for Young Professionals

  How to Become Data-Driven from Social Media

  How to Build a Data-Driven Culture

  How to Build A Data Driven Team

  How to Build a Data Science Team

  How to build a great data science team

  How to Build A Marketing Machine: Automation Tools And Trends

  How To Build An Amazing Data Team

  How to Build a Product Qualified Lead Engine

  How to Create New Revenue Models with Data

  How to Get a Job as a Data Scientist (Online Class)

  How to Get Funded: Map of the Money

  How to Implement an Analytics Driven Social Strategy

  How to Innovate, Effect Change & Overcome Empathy Fatigue

  How to Land a Job in Data

  How to Land a Job in Tech

  How to Land Your Dream Job in Digital

  How to Not Make Money on the Stock Market: Using Statistics in Finance

  How to Recruit, Retain and Promote Women in Tech

  How to Source, Hire and Build a Data Team with Glassdoor, Udemy + Fitbit

  How to Surround Yourself With Rockstars and Supermen

  How to Talk Tech

  How To Uncover Secrets: A Guide For Aspiring Citizen Journalists

  How to Use Open Source Projects to Power Your Web Application (AngelHack Week)

  Human Activity Detection Using WiFi Signals and Deep Networks

  Human Learning of Machine Learning

  I <3 GA

  ICO’s 101: How to Run a Token Sale

  Immersive Labs Showcase: Part One

  Immersive Labs Showcase: Part Two

  Impacting Business Through Analytics

  Impacting Business Through Analytics with Accenture

  In Conversation with Rob Solomon CEO GoFundMe + Ex-COO Groupon

  Innovation Driven Through Data Science

  Innovation In Government

  Innovators Series: AI & The Future of Money

  Inside the On Demand Economy

  Inside the On-Demand Economy

  Instagram Advertising 2016: How to leverage the Ads platform for growth

  Instructor Appreciation Dinner

  Instructor Training + Appreciation Dinner

  Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Invention

  Interactive Data Visualization

  Interactivity: The Must-Have For Any Dashboard

  Intermediate Excel: Formulas & Functions

  Intermediate Excel: Next Steps

  Intermediate Javascript Workshop

  Intermediate Mobile Marketing

  Intermediate Python Bootcamp

  Intermediate Python Workshop

  Intermediate SQL Bootcamp

  Intermediate SQL Workshop

  Internet of Things Workshop: Arduino Applications, Beyond the Basics

  Intersection of Design & Technology

  Interview Grads on Campus

  Interview Hacks Happy Hour

  Introduction to Analytics with Mixpanel

  Introduction to Business Intelligence

  Introduction to Data Analysis

  Introduction to Data Analysis: A Free Class

  Introduction to Data Analytics

  Introduction to Data Analytics (Online)

  Introduction to Data Analytics (outdated)

  Introduction to Data Science

  Introduction to Data Science & Analytics: A Free Class

  Introduction to Data Science and Analysis

  Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning

  Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

  Introduction to Data Science (old)

12 Introduction to Data Visualization

  Introduction to Deep Learning Bootcamp

  Introduction to E-commerce: Launch your own business

  Introduction to Excel

  Introduction to Hardware Prototyping

  Introduction to Infographics (Online Class)

  Introduction to Javascript

  Introduction to Machine Learning

  Introduction to Mobile Analytics

  Introduction to Natural Language Processing

  Introduction to Programming in R

  Introduction to Python Bootcamp

  Introduction to Python Pandas

  Introduction to Python Programming

  Introduction to Python Programming Bootcamp

12 Introduction to R

  Introduction to SQL

  Introduction to SQL (Beginner) (Online)

  Introduction to SQL (Intermediate) (Online)

  Introduction to SQL (Online)

  Introduction to Statistical Analysis (Online)

  Introduction to TensorFlow™

  Introduction to the Austin Data Science Community

  Introduction to the Austin X Community

  Introduction to the Chicago Data Community

  Introduction to Web Accessibility

  Intro to Analytics (old)

  Intro to APIs Using Python

  Intro to Building PySpark Applications Bootcamp

  Intro to Data Analysis and Data Science

  Intro to Data Analytics

  Intro to Data Analytics: A Free Class

  Intro to Data Analytics @ Entelo

22 Intro to Data Analytics | Livestream

  Intro to Data Analytics @ TopHatter

  Intro to Data Analytics with Uber

  Intro to Data Science

  Intro to Data Science: A Free Class

  Intro to Data Science & Analytics: Free Lunchtime Class

  Intro to Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

  Intro to Data Science | Livestream

  Intro to Data Science (Online Class)

  Intro to Data Science with Python: Beginner's Bootcamp

  Intro To Data Science With Python: Beginners Workshop

  Intro to Data Science with Python: Beginners Workshop Series

  Intro to Data Science with Python: Bootcamp Series

  Intro to Data Visualization

  Intro to DC Startup Community

  Intro to Deep Learning for Artificial Intelligence

  Intro to Excel (Online)

  Intro to Google Analytics: Matt and Katie Iles

  Intro to Graph Data Structures

  Intro to InDesign Workshop with Adobe

  Intro to Java Programming

  Intro to Machine Learning: A Free Class

  Intro to Python Bootcamp Series

  Intro to Python for Data Science Bootcamp

  Intro to Python for Data Science Bootcamp Remote (Online)

  Intro to Python Programming

  Intro to Python Programming for Analytics

  Intro to Python Programming (Online)

  Intro to TensorFlow Machine Learning System

  Intro to the Atlanta Startup Community

  Intro to the Chicago Product Management Community

  Intro to the Data Science Community

  Intro to The DC Design Community

  Intro to the Google Marketing Stack

  Intro to The Internet Of Things (IoT)

  Intro to the London Startup Scene part of London Tech Week

  Intro to the NYC Job Seekers Community

  Intro to the OC Startup Community

  Intro to the Skills-Based Volunteering Community

  Intro to the Social Impact Community

  Intro to User Acquisition: Lauren Perkins

  Investor hot-seat: What do top investors really focus on during your pitch?

  iOS App Development Crash Course

  IoT Cybersecurity

  IoT Demos and Drinks: Sponsored by Ingenu

  Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) a Solution for Healthcare?

  Is Your Business Digitally Ready?

  Is Your Business Digitally Ready for the Future?

  It's A Wrap! SXSWi 2016 with Festival Director Hugh Forrest

  JavaScript for Data Visualization (Online)

  Jump into Big Data and Data Science

  Jumpstart Your Career | GA Course Expo


  Landmark Music Festival Hackathon for The National Mall

  Launch Local, Go Global: Starting & Scaling a Worldwide Startup by GA + Startup Daily

  Lead Generation for Pipeline Success

  Lead your Mind to Success - Day long seminar

  Lean Analytics: A Fireside Chat with Ben Yoskovitz

  Lean Analytics for Startups

  Lean Startup in a Day: Innovation + Entrepreneurship

  Learn How to Network Like a Boss

  Learn in Buckhead!

  Learning From Experience: Being LGBTQIA In Tech

  Learn More About GA @ Boston Data Fest

  Legal Hackers: What Makes Blockchain Smart Contracts So Smart?

  Lessons on Being the Worst Freelancer with Extraordinary Routines

  Let's break it down: Data Analysis

  Let's Talk Data

  Let's Talk Data!

  Let's Talk Data Panel

  Let’s Talk Data with Tableau

  Level Up Your JavaScript with ES6

  Leveraging Open Data & Civic Tech Tools

  LEVO Learnings: Discover Your Thinking Talents

  LGBTQA Community Happy Hour

  London Summer Graduation

  Los Angeles WebVR Meetup

  Lunch + Learn: Creating a Social Impact through Documentary Film

  Lunch & Learn - Customer Valuation, the Time is Now

  Lunch & Learn: Get Started in Data Science (lunch provided)

  Lunch & Learn: How to Start a Startup

  Lunch & Learn: How To Wrangle Your Data In Spotfire

  Machine Learning 101

  Machine Learning for Non-Technical People

  Machine Learning for Solving Business Problems

  Machine Learning + Frequent Pattern Mining: Putting Data to Work

  Machine Learning from the Trenches with Dataiku and Reddit

  Machine Learning using Python (2 days)

  Machines with Brains

  Made in Atlanta Week: Disruptive Design

  Made in Atlanta Week: Ponce City Market

  [MADE IN CHICAGO WEEK] Get in the Game: A Sports & Technology Panel

  [MADE IN CHICAGO WEEK] Trending in Tech

  Made in Hong Kong Week: Music Makers

  Made in Hong Kong Week: Shaking Up the Property Market

  Made in Hong Kong Week: Wrap-Up Party!

  Made in LA Wrap Party with Flash Dance, GA, and Joymode

  Made in Melbourne Week: Trending in Tech

  Made in Seattle Week: Happy Hour

  Made in Seattle Week: Music Day

  Made In The DMV: Intro to Virginia Startup Community

  Made In The DMV: Local Beer Happy Hour


  Management Consulting Networking Event

  Managing Distributed Teams

  Manipulating Data with Excel

  Mario Kart Tournament + Happy Hour

  Market & Competitive Intelligence Through Social Data Analytics

  Marketing Analytics and Testing

  Marketing + Data

  Marketing+Data Meetup

  MARTA Hackathon: Smart City + IoT

  Mashable + General Assembly Present: Future of Digital, A Festival of Learning

  Masterclass: Real-Time Advertising with Quantcast

  Mastering Communication Through Applied Improvisation

  Mastering Google Analytics (Part 1): Analysing Data for Actionable Insights

  Mastering Google Analytics (Part 2): Account Setup, Tagging & Tag Manager

  Mastering Mobile Engagement

  Mastering Value Proposition Design Bootcamp


  Media Hackathon 101 Lunch + Learn

  Meditation for Beginners: A Free Class

  Meet a Facebook Data Scientist & A Guide to Interviews

  Meet & Hire: Data Scientists and UX Designers

  Meet + Hire Event: Data Scientists

  Meet + Hire UX Designers, Web Developers and Data Scientists

  Meet + Hire: UX Designers, Web Developers, and Data Scientists

  Meet & Mingle with UX & Data Science Grads

  Meetup Meetup


  Microsoft Presents: Competing Pressures Design with Matt Wallaert

  Mid-Day Yoga for Techies

  Millennial Disruption: Taking On Politics

  Millennial Mixer

  Millennial Week DC Hiring Fair

  Million Dollar Apple Watch Apps - 3 Things You Need To Know

  Mix it UP: Spring Sessions Party

  Mobile Analytics for Non-Technical Entrepreneurs: Google Analytics and MixPanel (Online Class)

  Mobile Growth Lunch & Learn - Tips to Grow your Mobile Business w/ Deep Links

  Mobile Growth Meetup

  Modern Day Wisdom: Kickass Women Slaying the Advertising World

  Modern Mentorship

  MongoDB Atlas - On Tour!

  MongoDB Intensive Workshop

  Moving Atlanta Forward

  Moving Up The Career Ladder

  MYOB + GA Present: Business Architecture of the Future

  NASA + CASIS International Space Station: Government Agency & Industry Day

  National Black MBA Association DC Chapter Entrepreneurship Expo

  National Freelance Day 2015

  Navigating Office Politics

  Navigating The Career Jungle

  New Business 101

  New Student Orientation

  New Year, New You: Class Fair

  New Year's Open House @ GA

  Next Gen Data Science and VR Meetup

  Next Level

  Next Level: Sports + Tech

  Non-Technical Entrepreneurs Meetup: Fundraising with GrowthX

  Non-Technical Entrepreneurs Meetup: Understanding the Stack

  Northern Virginia: Intro to the Venture Community

  Northside Innovation Meetup: Seattle Powered by Dell | Microsoft

  NSBE Boston Presents: Protecting Your Intellectual Property While Growing Your Business

  NYC Alumni Happy Hour

  NYC Open Data Week: "Data and... Health"

  NYC Outcomes Career Development Events: Cover Letter Workshop

  NYC Outcomes Career Development Events: Resume Workshop

  NYE 2013 Resolutions Sprint (Online Class)

  NY Tech Meetup Pre-Party @ General Assembly

  OCTO Mobile Technology Lab



  #OFFCAMPUS: IBM Watson and the Next Frontier

  #OFFCAMPUS Learning Festival



  Office Hours: Creating your First Infographic (Online Class)

  Online Crisis Management

  Online Marketing Analytics

  Online privacy & data protection: What you need to know

  Open Data Office Hours

  Open Gov 101

  Opportunities in Data Analytics & Data Science

  Optimizing your eCommerce Business

  Out in Tech | Boston Kick-Off Mixer

  "Out Of The Garage" Pitch Fest Party

  Parse Meetup San Francisco

  PART III: Sustaining Early Stage Growth - The Secret Sauce for Startups

  Partnership Appreciation Happy Hour

  Part-Time Courses Graduation Party

  Pave Financing Info Session

  Pecha Kucha Atlanta Presents Vol 31. "The State of Atlanta"

  Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch Workshop

  Picture This: An Introduction to Creating Awesome Infographics

  Pokemon Go Meetup + Happy Hour

  Ponce City Market Community Happy Hour

  Practical implementation of AI solutions for smart cities

  Practical Steps to Design for Trust

  Premier Talks: Data Science

  Premier Talks: Data Science & the Impact on Society

  Premier Talks: IAAS & Cyber Security

  Preparing a 21st Century Workforce for Georgia

  (Pre) Thanksgiving Trivia - DATA STYLE

  Pricing Strategy: Unlock Your Product’s Value

  Private Workshop

  Product Hunt ATL Planning Meeting

  Productivity Hacks For Startups

  Productivity Playbook: Lessons Learned from Leaders & Entrepreneurs Presented by Mashable + GA

  Productivity Playbook: Live, Work & Play Like a Pro Presented by Mashable + GA

  Product League: Outcomes Over Output

  Product Management/Startup Bootcamp

  Product Management: Using Metrics to Measure and Improve

  Product Research for Doers: Getting Started with Competitive Analysis (Online Class)

  Programming with Google Apps Script

  Protect Your Property: Fundamentals of IP Law

  Publishing Your Webpage to the Internet

  Pushing the Envelope: Key Learnings from Cannes Festival of Creativity 2016


  PyData and GA Present: Dark Data and Improving Human Rights in Fulton County

  PyData ATL March Meetup - Mapping myths

  PyData Meetup Denver

  Python and Machine Learning Bootcamp Series

  Python for Beginners

  Python for Data 1

  Python for Data Analysis

  Python for Data II

  Python for Data Science I: Introduction to Pandas

16 Python for Data Science (Intermediate)

  Python Fundamentals Bootcamp

5 Python Programming 101

  Python Programming 201

  Python Programming Bootcamp

  Python Programming Crash Course

  Python Programming Workshop

  Python Workshop Bundle

  Quantify User Experience: Collect, Analyze, and Present Usability Metrics

  Raising a Seed Round: Legal Fundamentals

  Raising Capital: Angel Investors' Take on Fundraising

  Reading Between the Tweets: How to Use Social Data to Predict Events

  Reboot Your Career!

  Recharge Your Career: 2016 Career Strategy Session

  Recurring Revenue & the Content Marketing Machine

  Redefining Success: Finding Your Purpose & Owning Your Story

  Red Team, Blue Team, Cybersecurity Hacking

  Refresh South

  RegCourse x GA: Jobs of the Future - A Panel Workshop

  Remaking Me: A Conversation on Career Change

  REPLAY: Intro to Google Analytics (Online Class)

  Resumania: How to Get Hired at an Agency

  Resume and Interview Workshop + Headshots

  Resume Hack: Beat the Bots

  Rover + General Assembly Lunch & Learn

  R Programming Workshop

  Rules of Engagement: Moving Consumers from Awareness to Advocacy

  SapientNitro + General Assembly Lunch & Learn

  Scripting for Data Science: Free Class

  Seattle Data for Good (PNW) Meetup

  Seattle Freelance Creatives Meetup

  Seattle Node.js Meetup- API Driven Development with GraphQL

  Seattle Tech4Good Meetup: Data Security & Privacy for Nonprofits

  Selling Online: Taking Your Craft to the Next Level

  SEO Essentials for Business Owners

  SEO Methods for Increased Online Visibility

  SEO Part 2: Taking Your SEO Strategy to the Next Level

  SEO & Social Media Marketing Workshop

  Session 1 - Data Driven Marketing

  Session 2 - The Value of Data - Prepare & Clean Data in Excel

  SF Hadoop Users Meetup

  SF Tech Mixer

  SF Young Professionals Mixer

  Sharers Talks: Trust & Safety with Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Traity & GoodHire

  Share Your Craft: Teach at General Assembly

  Sharing, Purpose, & Life Hacking for Millennials

  S.H.E. Summit Live

  Shop for Good

  Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  SHUT UP AND DRIVE: How to Get Where You Want to Go with GA and The Thousands

  Simple Data, Big Business: How to Win Customers and Influence Analytics

  Slack & GA Present: The Best Creative Jobs in Startups for Non-Coders

  Smart Cities & Open Data

  Smart City, Connected Community

  Smart Marketing for 2015: A Panel of Industry Leaders & Experts

  Social Media for Start-Ups

  Social Media ROI: More Than Numbers

  Solid Answers: Tech’s Toughest Interview Questions

  Solving Social Problems with Technology

  Solving the Planning Puzzle

  Sosh Partnership

  Speed Dataing

  Sports Analytics: Final Four Edition

  Spotfire Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis

  Spotify + Sofar Present: The Future of Listening - Data and Music

  Spring Open House

  SP X GA: The Renaissance Machines - Art Meets Artificial Intelligence

9 SQL Bootcamp

  SQL Bootcamp 2

  SQL Bootcamp: Learning the Language

  SQL Bootcamp (Online)

8 SQL Bootcamp Remote (Online)

  SQL Bootcamp Series

  SQL For Beginners

  SQL for Beginners — in collaboration with

  Start Creating Interactive Videos

  Start-up 101: When to pivot and when to shut down - Fireside chat with Peter Bakker, GM Sensis

  Startup Law 101: Starting & Growing a Business

  Startup Leadership For Women: Redefined

  Startup.ML and General Assembly Present: Scaling Deep Learning

  Startups in Artificial Intelligence: A Panel Event

  Startup Weekend DC: Women's Edition (#SWDC)

  Startup Weekend Edu Denver - Pre Party!

  Startup Wine Down

  State of Chicago Tech: A Conversation with Fred Hoch, CEO of ITA

  State of Social Media for the Next Generation of Givers

  Statistics for Data Science

  Stiletto Network Brunch

  StoryCode: The Intersection Between Art + Tech

  Storytelling with Data: Mixing Numbers with Empathy

  Storytelling with Data Science

  Storytelling with Data Science Workshop

  Strategies For Startup Success: 1-Day Intensive Workshop

  Succeed at Becoming A Digital Nomad

  Summer Happy Hour

  Summer Social with General Assembly + Workbar

  Summer Solstice Soirée

  Superpowered Data Analysis and Visualization using Python

  SWEeT Holiday Party

  Sydney Meet + Greet Hiring Event for UX Designers, Data Scientists & Web Devs

  Sydney Meet + Greet Hiring Event for UX Designers & Web Developers

  Sydney SEO Meetup: General Assembly Guest Presents Intro to Digital Marketing Metrics & Measurement

  Symbol & Key: Apache Spark - Lightning Fast Data Analytics

  Symbol & Key : Humane AI

  Symbol & Key : Lighting up your data with Valo - Real-time analytics on complex data streams.

  Symbol & Key : Neural Networks Rap Battle - Generating Hip Hop Lyrics with Vector Space Models.

  Tableau 101: Tableau Tips for Beginners

  Tableau Meetup

  TAG Content MGMT: Collaborative Skills - Innovative Careers

  Taking Your SEO Strategy to the Next Level

  Talent Retention Strategies: How to Retain the Top Digital Talent

  Talk Data to Me: An Evening with Female Data Leaders

  Talk Data to Me: Data-Driven Marketing

  Talk Data to me: Healthcare Innovation

  Talk Data to me: How to get hired as a data scientist

  Talk Data to me: Learning Resources & Books For Data Analysts and Scientists

  Talk Data to Me: Measuring Atlanta’s Clean Energy

  Talk Data to Me: WellData Labs

  Talk Data to Me: Why and How to Break into Data Science

  tapStory Launch Event

  Teach at General Assembly Panel Discussion

  Teach Full-time at GA Mixer

  Teaching at General Assembly

  Teaching at General Assembly: A Free Training

  Tech and Farming

  Tech And Sport

  Tech Built for Teachers

  TechChange + General Assembly D.C. Happy Hour

  Tech & Digital Jobs of the Future Panel: Future-proof Your Career

  TechGen Spring Fling

  Tech Investing Series

  Tech & Marketing to Millenials

  TechMasters: Toastmasters for Techies

  Tech Night Out

  Tech Night Out at Dad's Garage!

  Technology Courses Info Session

  Tech Rally: A Data, Design & Development Meetup

  Techsgiving 2016

  Tech Talent Pipeline

  Tech & The Future of Self-Driving Vehicles

  Tech Titans: iOS vs Android

  Tech x Logistics: Disruptive Startups that Move Us Around Better & Faster

  TED 2017: The Future You - Live Screening

  Telling Better Stories: Lessons from Data-Driven Journalism

  Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling Hacks for Networking + Interviews

  Testing and Teams: Alumni Workshop and Event Series

  The Age of the Freelancer is Here

  The Art of Career Switching

  The Basics of SEO & How to Interpret Your Organic Data

  The Best Advice I Never Took

  The Business of Angels: An Insider's Look into Angel Investing

  The Connecting for Good Tour

  The Creative Alliance

  The Data Showcase

  The Door: A Masterclass Series

  The Essentials of Conversion Optimization

  The Future Consumer: How Tech is Disrupting Retail

  The Future is Virtual: How VR Will Change Your Life

  The Future of Analytics w/ Bitly

  The Future of Blockchain

  The Future of Community

  The Future of Health and Tech

  The Future of Marketing : How to Thrive in a Digital World

  The Future of Search Engine Optimization 5 Ways to Adapt Your Content for 2017

  The future of SMEs: Insights from SmartCompany

  The Future of the Internet: What's Next?

  The Future of UX/UI in Seattle: Experts Panel + Community Happy Hour

  The Future of Work and the Rise of Hybrid Jobs

  The Future of Work, Workspaces & Collaboration

  The Great Disruption Debate: 'The Lecture Hall is Done For! A Campus Based Education is Futile'

  The Hows + Whys of Hiring Junior Level Tech. Talent

  The Impact of "Cloud First" on Your Product

  The Impact Of Exponential Technologies Shaping The Future Of Humanity

  The Internet of Things: A Connected World

  The Intersection of Tech, Health + The Environment

  The Intersection of Technology and Health

  The Intersection of Technology + Creativity

  The New Rules of Designing With Data

  The Next Generation of Distributed Consensus Technology

  "The Opportunity Project" Ideation

  The Parsley Health Fertility Life Cycle Summit

  The Real Deal with Product Roadmaps

  The Recruiter Meetup: Why You Can't Hire with Perri Gorman

  The Rise of Ad Tech: The Evolution of Advertising in the Digital Age

  The Rise of Big Data & Analytics Panel: Towards a Predictive Future

  The Rise of Hybrid Jobs Across Business & Tech

  The Role of Big Data Nervous System in Healthcare and Genomics

  The SF Creatives Winter Ball

  The Showcase

  The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap

  The Social Impact Create-A-Thon

  The Truth about Working with Recruiters

  The Urban Realist Turns Two

  Three Taverns and GA Present: Nightmare on Ponce

  TimeOut + GA Masterclass: The Rise of Visual Social Media - Marketing on Instagram & Pinterest

  Tools and Techniques for Data Analysis

  Top Five Tools for Data Analysis

  Transferable Skills: A Smoother Career Transition

  Transition to Tech: Opportunities for Academics in Data

  Transition to Tech: Pathways For Teachers

  Trendsetter Leadership Summit

  Trial Class: Data Analytics

  Turn Browsers into Buyers: Introduction Conversion Optimisation for E-Commerce

  Turn What you Love into What you Do Presented by GA + Harris Farm

  Turn your Idea into a Reality

  Uber + General Assembly Present: Techsgiving 2016

  UChicago Trek to General Assembly

  U Creative + GA Masterclass: Digital Analytics 101 for the Creative Entrepreneur

  Ugly Sweater Holiday Party and VR Arcade

  Understanding Funnels and Analytics

  Understanding Your User: The Behavioral Engineering Canvas

  Understand Your Customers: How to Conduct Effective Interviews

  Under the Microscope Series

  Unearthed Hackathon Melbourne 2017

  Unearthed Sydney Hackathon - Information Evening

  Unfiltered: Business of Beer

  UNLEADED Holiday Happy Hour

  UNLEADED Presents: Innovate or Bust

  Unlocking the Answers with A.I. and Natural Language Processing

  Unplug + Play: Spring Warehouse Party with Seekae (DJ Set)

  Unplug + Play: Summer Warehouse Party with András (DJ Set)

  Unraveling the Mystery of Big Data

  Unreasonable Drinks with General Assembly

  UNSW Intro to Data Science

  #UnTechDC: The Guide to Success for Non-Techies in a Tech Firm

  Upcoming Developments in Solr 7

  Using Data Analytics to tell ‘THE STORY’

  Using Data APIs with JavaScript

  Using Data Science for Social Good: Fighting Human Trafficking

  Using Data to Solve Big Problems

  Using Stripe and Xero to set up and streamline for global scale

  Using 'Validated Learning' to Build a Product People Love

  Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in your Learning Strategy

  UX Bookclub [Alumni Event]

  UX Design & Data Science Showcase Happy Hour!

  Virtual Reality Happy Hour


  VR Hackathon Venue Hire

  VR Party

  Warner Bros Brings CPG Discipline To Digital Entertainment

  Waste Management 2020: How SF Tech is Working to Achieve Zero Waste

  Wearable Tech - Innovation and Wellness

  Wearable Tech Mixer

  Web Analytics Intensive Workshop

  Web Design with Bootstrap

13 Web Developer Student Spotlight

  Web Development: Let's Break It Down Panel + Drinks

  Web Development with Python and Flask

  Web Scraping and Scripting with Python

  We The Future - Livestream at GA

  WeWork Fort Point + General Assembly Open House

  What Does a Data Scientist Do?

  What is Data Science?

  What's Next? Power and Freedom in Professional Choice

  When Robots Rule: A Talk With Robin Hanson

  Where Are All The Android Developers? Insider Tips On Sourcing Talent

  Which Startup Role is Right for Me?

  Whiskey Friday: Presented by Creative Approach + GA

  Who Dares to Enter Halloween Horror Nights?

  Why and How to Break into Data Science

  "Why Distribution is all that Matters" with TechStars

  Why Financial Services Bank on Big Data Skills

  Why You Need a Quiet Tribe to Pursue Your Boldest Dreams + Evening Coworking

  Winter Recess: Learn & Play

  Wistia + General Assembly Lunch & Learn

  Women In...

  Women in Science: The Challenges Facing Women in STEM, and the Power of Illustration to Affect Change

  Women in Tech Breakfast: International Women's Day

  Women in Tech + "Dream, Girl" Screening

  Women in Tech Mixer - Venture Capital Edition

  Women in Tech Showcase & Networking Night

  Women in Tech w/ Draper University

  Women On The Rise Symposium

  Women's Health and Wellness Conference

  Women Startup Challenge Pitch Competition

  Working with Big Data

  Work Without Humans: AI and Autonomous Companies ft. Autodidactic I

  World IA Day

  Writing Job Posts To Attract More Qualified, Diverse Talent

  XX+UX Happy Hour

  Young, Black & Innovative Reception

  Young Government Leaders Happy Hour

  Young Leaders in Tech: Presented by GA + Hey You

  Young & Lost with the Founder of Grana

  Young Visionaries Mixer

  Your 2016 Marketing Strategy in a Day

  Your First Infographic: Finding Patterns (Online Class)

  Your First Infographic: Finding Patterns with Larry Buchanan

  Your First Infographic: Rapid Prototyping in Google Docs (Online Class)

  Your First Infographic: Rapid Prototyping with Larry Buchanan

  You Took the Job to Get Your Foot in the Door, Now What?