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  (10:30AM-11AM) UX Support Meetings (Individual)

  (10AM-10:30AM) UX Support Meetings (Individual)

  (11:30AM-12PM) UX Support Meetings (Individual)

  (11AM-11:30AM) UX Support Meetings (Individual)

  15 Ways Product Managers Can Improve Their Technical Skills

  1 Million Cups

  1x1 Resume Editing + Career Coaching

  2016 Boston Baseball Hack Day

  2016 State of the Industry: Technology in Georgia

  2017 Baseball Hack Day

  2017 Marketing Trends: Fad or Future?

  21st Century Skills for a 21st Century Workforce

  2 @ 225 - GA Campus Anniversary Party!

  30 Businesses in 30 Days

  3 Billion Under 30 with Jared Kleinert

  3D Printing in Fashion

  3 Tips to Thrive as a First Time Millennial Manager

  500 Startups Hosts a Fireside Chat with Sean Ellis

  5 Branding Mistakes Startups Make & How to Avoid Them

  5 Methods to Improve Your Productivity

  5 Myths About Psychological Safety & Team Performance

  5 Stress Hacks (That Work)

  5th Annual Health Technology Forum Holiday Mingle

  5 Things Every Founder Should Know About Social Entrepreneurship

  7 Financial Moves with Brunch & Budget and Haven Life - Payment

  (9:30AM-10AM) UX Support Meetings (Individual)

  ABI.DC Launch Party

  A Byte Off the Menu

  Accelerate Me: Level up Your Career in 2017

  Accelerator vs. Incubator: What's the Deal?

  Ace Your Work

  Achieving Success: Uncovering What’s Holding You Back

  A Conversation with Black Women Entrepreneurs in Celebration of Black History Month

  Actionable Momentum


  A Data-Driven Approach to Online Retail Marketing

  A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst

  A Day in the Life of a User Experience Designer

  A Day In The Life Of A UX-er

  A Day with The Peak

  Addo Life presents: What On Earth Am I Here For?

  Admissions Office Hours: Campus Tour Snack and Learn

  Adulthood Hacks: 2016 Intention Setting

  Adulthood Hacks: Crafting Self-Introductions That Stick

  Adulthood Hacks: "How to Be Financially Responsible" by Earnest

  Advanced Communication for Managers and Leaders

  Advanced Negotiation Workshop

  Advanced Project Management: Scoping and Estimating Projects

  Advocacy & Social Justice in Business: A Conversation

  A Film Screening + Discussion on Human Rights with the Global Fund for Women

  A Fireside Chat: How Bloomnation Built a Multimillion Dollar Company

  A Fireside Chat with Jeff Fagnan, Founder of Accomplice & TUGG

  A Galentine's Day Power Hour

  Agile Marketing Tactics

  Agile Product Management Workshop

  Agile Project Management Bootcamp

  Aging2.0 Global Startup Search | Atlanta, GA, USA

  A Guide to Creating the Ultimate CV

  A Hands-on Intro to Git

  A Hands-on Intro to Startup Equity and Valuations

  A Healthier You in 2016

  AIGA + GA Present: Introduction to the Seattle Design Community

  Airtasker Community Summit

  Airtasker + GA Masterclass: How To Earn More By Building Your Online Reputation

  AI Society: A Glimpse into Artificial Intelligence

  A Life of Passion and Purpose

  #AllTheThings: How to Balance Work, Life & You

  AltspaceVR Road Tour

  Alumni Board Kickoff Happy Hour

  Alumni: Get Connected. Stay Connected.

  Alumni Happy Hour

  Alumni Happy Hour at SoMA StrEat Food Park

  Alumni: Movie Night

  Alumni Pass

  Alumni Product Showcase

  Alumni Public Speaking Workshop

  Alumni: Spring Clean Your Resume

  ALUMNI: Trivia Night at GA

  Amazon Alexa Hackathon

  Amazon E-Commerce 101 for Startups, Entrepreneurs and Marketers

  Amazon Lofts + GA Alumni Meetup

  A Mind for Success

  A Mindful Approach to Building a Successful Career

  Analytics: Ale + Info Session

  Android Development for Beginners

  An Entrepreneur's Guide To: Depression, Failure and Being True To You

  An Evening Webby Talk in New York

  An Evening with Ethical Startups

  An Evening with Techstars: Is an Accelerator Your Path to Funding?

  An Evening with Techstars Retail Accelerator, in Partnership With Target

  An Expert Panel on Data Driven Social Media

  Angel Investing 101: A Free Class

  A Night at The Races

  An Inside Look: Breaking into Design

  An Interactive Design Event with Boston IxDA

  An Introduction to Daring Greatly: Tools for Courageous Living

  An Introduction to JavaScript

  An Introduction to Singapore Film Community

  An Intro to the African Tech Ecosystem

  Anti Burnout: A Free Lunchtime Class

  Anti-Burnout Workshop for Freelancers

  AntiRacism 101: Dismantling White Supremacy

  API's + IPA's - How to Become a Developer

  App Idea Awards Launch Party + The State of Early-Stage Investing in 2017

  Applications, Interviews, and Everything In-Between: A Career Bootcamp

  Applying Video Game Design Principles to Modern Websites

  A Practical Approach to Career Development

  Aquent Agency Scoop Event

  A Recruiters Guide to Talking Tech

  Are Designers Becoming the New Activists?

  Are e-Sports The Future?

  Are You Ready For A Mid-Year Career Recharge?

  Arrays of Coding Careers

  Art of Awesome Personal Branding Workshop


  Art & Technology Meetup

  AR & VR Play Place Launch Night

  A Seat at the Table

  A Sexy Data Approach to People Ops

  Ask For It - Negotiation Workshop

  Assembled Capital

  A Starter on Designing & Facilitating Group Collaboration

  A Taste of TechStars

  Athena.LA Dinner hosted by Chewse featuring Lumi & The Flex Company

  Atlanta Innovates: Cybersecurity

  Atlanta Innovates: FinTech

  Atlanta Innovates: Health IT

  Atlanta Service Jam

  Atlanta Startup Battle

  Atlanta Web Developer Meet + Hire Event

  ATL Instructor Breakfast

  ATL Pulse Check: A Feel for the Atlanta Job Market

  ATL World IA Day 2017

  Attracting Top Talent: Employer Branding with Glassdoor

  ATX Alumni Meetup

  ATX Campus Tour

  Audio Matters: An Interactive Introduction to Creative Storytelling & Podcast Technology

  Audio Matters: A Podcasting Panel

  Autumn Alumni Happy Hour

  Avoiding Developer Disasters

  Award-Winning UX: Case Studies & Latest Projects from Winners & Judges

  Awesomizing Your Squarespace Website

  B2B Masterclass: Humanising The Future Of Work


  Back to School | GA Course Expo

  Back to School Happy Hour

  Balanced Team LA Salon

  Balance Your Life, Understand Your Talents and Find the Work You Love

  Bank Like Uber: How Technology Can Help You Properly Manage Your Finances

  Basic Finance for Entrepreneurs

  Basics of Intellectual Property for Startups and Small Businesses

  Basics of Website Design

  BAWSE Creative Women in Tech Conference

  Bawse Wrap Party

  Beat the “Black Hole”- Resumes That Get Past The Robots

  Beauty & Experience: How to Have Your UX Cake and Design it, Too

  Become a Better Writer

  Becoming a Product Manager

  Becoming Creative: How Meditation Can Help Discover And Nurture Creativity

  Beer Technology: Fort Point's Data Driven Approach to the Craft Beer Movement

  Beer with an Entrepreneur LIVE: Creative Edition

  Be Funny to Make Money: How to Use Humor to Get a Job

  Behance Portfolio Reviews at General Assembly

  Behind the Design: Exploring the Design Process with BucketFeet + GA

  Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work + Live Life on Your Own Terms

  Be Positive: Kick the Stress Habit

  Best for NYC Challenge Networking Night

  Be the leader people want to work with

  Better Living Through Big Data: Creating a Culture of Health

  Beyond Negotiations: How to Talk About Money Throughout Your Job Search

  BEYOND: Scaling Creative Business

  Beyond the Code: Celebrating Women in Tech

  Beyond the Resume

  Be Your Best Self: Mindfulness & Empowerment for a Better 2017

  Be Your Own Boss: Freelance 101

  Be Your Own Boss: Freelancers VS Entrepreneurs

  Be Your Own Boss: Freelancing 101

  Be Your Own Recruiter: Navigating Your Job Search

  Be Your Own Web Host with Linux

  Bicycle Community Meet N' Greet

  Bicycle Technology Networking Event

  Big Dig

  Bites of Knowledge: An Evening with NYC's Top Chefs

  Black in Tech: The Highs and Lows - A Black History Month Event

  Black upStart + GA Present: Black Innovator's Show & Tell

  Blockchain Is Eating The World

  BlueChilli Presents: How to Hack Your First Investment Round (For Startups)

  BMC Software Meetup

  Body. Brain. Business

  Book Talk with Author Kathy Kelada

  Book Talk with John Rossman: The Amazon Way on IoT

  Book Talk with Michael Dermer: The Lonely Entrepreneur

  Book Talk with Oliver Luckett: The Social Organism

  Bootcamp: Develop a Winning Go-To-Market Strategy

  Bootcamp: User Acquisition Marketing

  Bootstrap 101

  Bootstrapping PR for Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

  Bootstrapping Your First Year

  #BOSRETECH | Boston Real Estate and Technology

  #bossbabesatx + GA present: Hustle Harder

  Boss Babes Denver

  BossedUp Power Hour Celebrating Equal Pay Day

  Bossed Up Power Hour: Women Dominating in Tech

  Bossed Up's Power-Hour Breakfast

  Boston Housing and Technology: #BOSRETECH9

  Bot Workshop

  Boulder Startup Week: Collaboration in Tech Environments

  Brain Meets Brawn: UFC 196 Mixer + Screening Party Redux!

  Brand in a Day

  Branding and Social Media for Rotarians

  Branding Essentials for Startups

  Branding for Startups

  Branding for Startups: Creating a Competitive Advantage

  Branding on a Shoestring

  Brand Power: Drive Deep Emotional Connections with Customers

  Brand Protection and Intellectual Property Masterclass

  Brand You: Get Noticed at Work

  Brand You: How to Promote Yourself Authentically

  Bravery Masterclass

  Breakfast Bytes: Building Brand Awareness with Powerful Content

  Breakfast Bytes: Yoga & Mindfulness

  Breakfast Club: Designing for Social Innovation

  Breakfast Club Speaker Series

  Breakfast with Tech City UK & Jobbio: Build Your Online Personal Brand

  Breaking Barriers as Entrepreneurs

  Breaking into Game Design

  Breaking into Startups!

  Breaking Into Startups: How They Did it!

  Breaking into UX Design

  Breaking into Web Development

  Break Into Data Science

  Break Into Data Science & Analytics

  Break Into Digital Marketing at The Boston Public Library

  Break into Product Management.

  Break Into Tech at The Boston Public Library

  Break into the DC VC Community

  Break into the VC Community

  Break Into User Experience

  Break Into UX

  Break Into UX: Alumni Panel & Happy Hour

  Break Through: Cracking The Glass Ceiling

  Breather Crawl-Boston

  Breather Happy Hour

  Brick & Portal: WITS - E3

  Bridging the Gap Between Designers & Developers

  Bridging the Gap Between Hiring Managers & Recruiters

  Brilliant Pitching Made Easy

  Bring a Buddy

  Bringing Your Best Self To Work

  Bringing Your Résumé to Life with Adobe InDesign

  Bring Your Ideas to Life with Crowdfunding: An Evening with Indiegogo

  Brisbane Event: Opportunities for Creatives in UX Design

  Brisbane Masterclass: Introduction to User Experience Design

  Broke to Woke

  Brown Girls Innovate Too

  Brunch & LiiRN D.C.


  Brunchwork at General Assembly

  Build A Great Workplace: Employee Recognition And Engagement Workshop

  Build A Tech Team. Join A Tech Team.

  Build & Grow Your (UX) Design Team Like a Champ

  Building a 21st Century Career: Future-Proof Your Skills

  Building a Brand Story

  Building A Business People Love: The Beauty Edition

  Building a Business People Love - The Liquid Courage Edition

  Building a Business People Love: The #SGMusic Edition

  Building a Culture of Brand Advocates

  Building a Culture of Excellence: Shaping and Optimising the Employee Experience

  Building a Culture of Trust and Transparency in The Workplace

  Building a Free WordPress Website

  Building a Marketing Organization: When to Make the First Hire and How to Build a Team

  Building a Millennial Brand Through Content: Speakers from Tumblr, VICE & GA

  Building an E-Commerce Business with Shopify

  Building a Network on Personal Branding: A Chat with Jessica Zweig + Erin Coupe

  Building An Influencer Marketing Program

  Building a Passion Project into a Brand with Benjamin Grant

  Building a Successful E-Commerce Business

  Building Atlanta Week

  Building Chicago

  Building Data Models & Data Analytics

  Building Engaging Communities

  Building Javascript Apps with API Data

  Building STEAM: Education for the Future

  Building Successful and Diverse Teams

  Building the Creative Career You Really Want

  Building Your Audience for Successful Growth

  Building Your Business: From Passion to Profit in 3 Steps

  Building Your Creative Career: Business Basics

  Building Your Creative Career: Portfolio Principles

  Building Your Creative Muscle: Lessons From Arts, Business and Technology

  Building Your Identity: Personal Branding for Creatives

  Building Your Online Business & Community: Presented by Yelp at GA

11 Building Your Personal Brand

  Building Your Personal Brand: Bootcamp Series

  Building Your Startup Team: Best Practices in Recruiting and Hiring

  BUILD L.A. Breakfast Club: Volunteer Info Series

  BUILD L.A. & Startup Coil Happy Hour: Volunteer Info Series

  Build Your Brand: Find the Platform that Works for You!

  Build Your Brand with Instagram

  Build Your Brand with #Instagram: A Panel of Top Instagrammers & Industry Experts

  Build Your Brand with Original Online Content: Expert Panel by Tumblr + GA

  Build Your Brand With Podcasting On Social + Digital Media

  Build your first Interactive Web App

  Build Your Personal Brand, Land a Dream Job in Digital

  Business and Personal Finances 101

  Business Architecture: A Framework for understanding business strategies

  Business Development and Building Partnerships in Tech

  Business Development at a Startup: Working with Engineers and Getting Deals Done

  Business Development Bootcamp: The Fundamentals

  Business Diversification: The Risk And The Reward

  Businesses Fueled by Bike Power with BKB + GA

  Business for Good: Turning Food Waste into Sustainable Businesses

  Business For Impact: How Brands Can Create Movements

  Business Fundamentals for Musicians

  Business is an Adventure Entrepreneurial Series: Panel with Richard Branson

  Business Networking Pickup Lines

  Business without Borders: How to Build a Business and See the World

  Cabin Fever| Art + Tech: How Tech is Disrupting the Art World

  Cabin Fever| The Future of Food

  Cabin Fever| Travel Hacks with Boston Travel Startups

  Call Me, Maybe: Networking, Informational Interview Follow-up and More Secrets to Get Your Foot in the Door

  Campfire Chat: Blake Adams / Denver Flea

  Campus Launch + Happy Hour

  CANCELED: How to Get Hired as a Developer


  Can I Patent My Idea or Design?

  Career Camp | Coffee & Career Coaching

  Career Camp | Landing a Job at a Startup

  Career Camp | Remaking Me: A Conversation on Career Change

  Career Camp | Resume Refresh with General Assembly

  Career Camp | Tech And Job Hunting in the Digital Age

  Career Camp | Tech Careers for Non-Engineers

  Career Camp | The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly- Hiring Edition

  Career Camp | The Power of Body Language + Mastering the Interview

  Career Change in a Brave New World

  Career Change Psychology

  Career Change: Transitioning to Android

  Career Clarity Bootcamp: Get Clear, Take Action, Find Your Path

  Career Collaboration & Team Leadership Strategies

  CAREER COMPASS: Navigating Career Crossroads

  Career Conversations: Coding, UX and Data

  Career Conversations: Data Analytics

  Career Conversations: Data Science

  Career Conversations: Data Science & Analytics

  Career Conversations: Digital Marketing

  Career Conversations: Opportunities in Data Analytics & Data Science

  Career Conversations: Product Management

  Career Conversations: Product Management Panel

  Career Conversations: User Experience Design

  Career Conversations: UX Design

  Career Conversations: Web Development

  Career Development Bootcamp

  Career Fast Track: Become a Digital Marketer

  Career Fast Track: Learn to Code and Break Into Web Development

  Career Fast-Track: Learn to Code & Get a Job as a Web Developer

  Career Fast-Track: Opportunities in Coding

  Career Fast Track: Opportunities In Data Analytics & Data Science

  Career Fast Track: Opportunities in Data Science

  Career Fast-Track: Opportunities in Data Science

  Career Fast Track: Opportunities in Product Management

  Career Fast Track: Opportunities in UX Design

  Career Fast-Track: Opportunities in UX Design

  Career Happy Hour

  Career Lab

  Career Lab: Navigate Your Career with Purpose

  Career Lab: Negotiate like a Boss

  Career Lab: The Bootcamp

  Career Launch Bootcamp

  Career Launch Bootcamp (Archive)

  Career Navigation Workshop

  Career Negotiations 102

  Career Negotiation Strategies

  Career Path Preview Night: Data Analytics

  Career Path Preview Night: Data Science

  Career Path Preview Night: Digital Marketing

  Career Path Preview Night: Product Management

  Career Path Preview Night: User Experience Design

  Career Path Preview Night: Web Development

  Careerproof: How to Land Great Work

  Career Restart Seminar

  Careers for Creatives in Digital

  Careers For Good Panel

  Career Shift Crash Course

  Career Shift: Do Work That Matters To You

27 Career Shift: Find Work You Love

  Careers In Social Impact: Invent Your Own Meaningful Path

  Career Transition: Build Your Online Presence

  Catalyst Conference

  Catalyst Conversations with MotherCoders Founder, Tina Lee

  Catalyze Courage Summit

  Catalyze Courage Summit - NYC

  Celebrating Boston: New Campus Kick-Off

  Championing Culture in the Modern Workplace

  Changemakers Under 30: A Panel Event

  Changing the Opinions of Online Haters with Mama Tits and Siren

  Charisma 101

  Cheers to Three Years!

  Chicago <3 Orlando

  Chicago Eats: A Conversation with Local Legends + Food Entrepreneurs

  Chicago End Of Summer Soiree

  Chicago Foodpreneurs: Big Brands Edition

  Chicago Foodpreneurs: Startup Edition

  Chicago Holiday Happy Hour

  ChicagoMade General Assembly Austin Send-off Party

  Chicago WDI Alumni Meetup

  Chinese Social Media Workshop: WeChat edition

  CHI Welcome Night

  ChooseATL Digital Video Platform: Info Session & Happy Hour

  ChooseATL Old Fourth Ward Block Party!

  Clarity Conference

  Closing the Skills Gap

  C'mon Get Happy

  Coaching in the Workplace

  Code Day LA

  Code for Democracy DC

  Code in the Brewery Presented by General Assembly

  Code in the Cinema for Melbourne International Film Festival

  Code in the Park: Presented by Yahoo7 + General Assembly for VIVID Ideas

  Coding for Beginners on the Ponce City Market Shed

  Coffee Chat

27 Coffee Chat with Admissions: Morning Edition

  Coffee Chat with Alumni & Admissions

  Coffee & Conversation

  Coffee with GA!

  Coffee with GA at Boston Common Coffee

  CoFoundersLab Matchup Boston

  CoFoundersLab Matchup Seattle

  Cold Outreach: How to Generate New Leads

  Colorado Startup Games 2016

  Coloring the Tech Landscape

  Columbia Venture Community: Fall Silicon Alley Demo Night

  Columbia Venture Community - NYC Demo Night

  Combatting Burnout

  Combatting Imposter Syndrome

  Coming Alone to the Party: How to Network Effectively

  Common Legal Risks When Going Online

  Communicate Powerfully and Make a Lasting Impression

  Communicating Easily with Clients & Coworkers

  Communicating with Data

  Communication Hacks: Exclusive Alumni Workshop Series

  Communication Hacks: Practical Strategies for Successful Teams

  Communication Skills: Learn the Power of Storytelling

  Communication Skills: Learn to Sharpen Your Vocal Presence

  Communications Skills: How to be Influential and Persuasive

  Communications Skills: Land your Story to Connect and Compel

  Community Co-working Day with Women Catalysts

  Company Culture: How To Build It and Promote It

  Confidence in Communication Series: How to Present the best version of Yourself for Business Success

  Confidence Redefined

  Confidence Redefined - San Jose

  Connected Fitness: Transforming Fitness into Experiences

  Connected Travel: How Tech is Transforming Where, How, & Why We Travel

  Connectivity is King: The Rise of Smart Homes


  Conquer 2016: Health, Mindset & Productivity Expert Panel

  Consulting Networking Event

  Content Creation Crash Course

  Content Marketing and SEO for Businesses: Your First 10k Visitors

  Copy Talk: How to Make a Living as a Writer

  Copywriting for Tech

  Copywriting Strategies for Better UX

  Cornell University Club: Starting a Start Up

  Cornerstones: Atlanta's Fortune 500

  Corporate Grassroots | Building a Movement from Within

  Corporate to Creative: Taking the Leap

  Couples that Hustle

  Co-working + Coffee with Here Now Us

  Crack the Code: Programming for Non-Programmers Workshop in ORANGE COUNTY!

  Crack the Coding Interview

  Craft Beer Buzz: Big Data and Beer with Fort Point

  Craft & Hone Your Scientific Research Pitch

  Crafting Your Career Path

  Craft Your Brand

  Craft Your Career

  Craft Your Career: Leveraging LinkedIn

  Craft Your Career: Mobile Meetup (M&M)

  Craft Your Career: Trending Now

  Create a Stand-Out Portfolio with Adobe InDesign

  Create a Vision For Your Life with Women Catalysts

  Create Wealth Doing What You Love

  Creating a Collaborative Culture

  Creating a Habit of Self Care

  Creating a Happy Workplace Culture

  Creating a Knock Out Resume

  Creating a Real Recruiting Effort at Your Startup

  Creating Campaigns that Resonate

  Creating Diverse and Inclusive Teams

  Creating Mind Blowing Content with Onion Labs | Future of SEO with Orbit Media

  Creating The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

  Creating Video Content on a Budget

  Creative Approach's Thirsty Thursday: Digital Marketing

  Creative Coffee Hour

  Creative Conversations: Jenna Chalmers of GoldieBlox

  Creativity 101: Create to Innovate

  Creativity, Collaboration & Emotional Intelligence

  Critical Brainstorm: Design Thinking Bootcamp

  CS50x Puzzle Day 2016

  Cultivating Diversity in Design & Technology

  Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: A Panel Discussion

  Culture Changemakers: Jack Heart, <3 of Culture at Asana

  Culture Changemakers: Jen Dennard, Org Design + Culture, Medium

  Culture Design: Culture of Learning

  Culture Design: Hiring for Innovation

  CULTURE LABx - Denver

  Customer Valuation - The Time is Now

  Customer Value Management Workshop

  CVC Spring Demo Night

  C&W Instructor Appreciation Happy Hour

  Cybersecurity: Northern Virginia’s High-Tech Skills Gap

  DailyWorth | WorthFM Pop-Up Preview

  Darebin Pitch IT: Turn Your Start-Up Idea into a Business Reality

  Dare with Grace

  Data and Design Talent Showcase: Data Scientists, Data Analysts + UX Designers

  Data Drives Boston: A SPARK Boston Chief Chat with Dan Koh, Andrew Therriault, + Howard Lim

  Data + Healthcare

  Data in the Real World

  Data + Journalism

  Data Science Graduate Showcase

  Data's Role in Platforms: A Chat with Factual & Applico

  Data + The Food Industry

  Data Tools for Startups

  Data Visualization for Business

  Data Wrangling and Analysis with Denver Cloudera User Group

  Day in the Life of a User Experience Designer

  Day in the Life of a User Experience (UX) Designer

  Day in the Life of a UX Designer

  Day in the Life of a Web Developer

  DC Agile Startup Conclave Presents: Building your Business

  DCAndroid and General Assembly Present: Google I/O 2016

  DC FemTech Meetup

  DC Inno's DC Fest 2016

  Debate Club

  Debunking The Side Hustle

  Decoding the 2016 Ballot

  Decoding the Interview

  Deep Dive Into Data Analtyics - Part 3: Tools and Techniques

  Demystifying Data: An Introduction to Data Science

  Demystifying Drones

  Demystifying the Art of Networking

  Denver Enterprise Sales Forum

  Denver Salesforce Saturday

  Denver Startup Week: ARG's FTW > < ( ( ( ° >

  Denver Startup Week: Because F*#% Bootstrap

  Denver Startup Week: Behavioral Design and Social Impact

  Denver Startup Week: Bridging The Tech Adoption Chasm Through Design

  Denver Startup Week: Cash Flow forecasting for companies at all stages Workshop

  Denver Startup Week: Co-Founder Dynamics: Dos, Don'ts, and Everything in Between

  Denver Startup Week: Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Innovation

  Denver Startup Week: Digital Marketing Workshop

  Denver Startup Week: Diversity

  Denver Startup Week: Get Schooled - An Educational Technology Mini-Course

  Denver Startup Week: Guerilla Style: Hacks for Making Low-Cost Video Content

  Denver Startup Week: House of Genius

  Denver Startup Week: How to Build a Sharing Economy through Shared Ownership

  Denver Startup Week: Job Fair

  Denver Startup Week: Land Your Next (or first!) Job in UX

  Denver Startup Week: Launching Denver's New American Entreprenuer Program

  Denver StartUp Week Prep: When Networking Works for You

  Denver Startup Week: Scaling Customer Success for SaaS

  Denver Startup Week: Shrinking the Income Equality Gap through VR

  Denver Startup Week: Starting a Development Project without a Technical Background

  Denver Startup Week: The Designer's Hippocratic Oath

  Denver Startup Week: The Entrepreneur's Journey

  Denver Startup Week: The past, present & future of employee perks & rewards

  Denver Startup Week: The Power Glove: A Case Study in Design Research

  Denver Startup Week: UX Design Process 101: Where to Start with UX

  Denver Startup Week: Why Oral Pitches Fall Apart & Five Tips to Make Sure Yours Doesn’t

  Design a 21st Century Career: Navigating the Tech & Digital Space

  Design a Career You Love

  Design Disruptors Screening

  Designers + Geeks: Techies Project

  Design for Democracy

  Design In Boston: Creating Delightful Digital Experiences

  Design in Boston: Creating the Career you Love

  Design In Boston: The Divine Art of Digital Marketing

  Designing A Career You Love

  Designing a Career You Love in 2018

  Designing a Marketing Strategy for the Digital Consumer

  Designing and building your personal brand

  Designing Conversations with Chatbots

  Designing for Denver’s Greater Good

  Designing for VR...In VR!

  Designing & Producing Your First Mobile App

  Designing Profitable Disruption

  Designing Return Customers

  Designing the Human Experience: Digital vs Physical

  Designing the Perfect Value Proposition

  Designing Your Atlanta: What Does the Data Say?

  Designing Your Brand and Company Culture

  Designing Your Own Education in the Post-University Era

  Design Sprint: World Usability Day

  Design & Startups Networking Potluck

  Design Studio Workshop

  Design Thinking Bootcamp for Strategic Problem Solving

  Design Thinking Crash Course @ Africa Business Conference hosted by the Africa Business Club

  Design Thinking (Remix) for Entrepreneurs

  Design Thinking with...

  Design(think)-ing Your Future

  Design to Rock: How to Survive & Succeed in the Design Industry

  Design Your Business Purpose For Long-Term Growth

  Design Your Dream Career: A Successful Career Change and Landing Job Offers

17 Design Your Dream Job

  Design Your Dream Job (Online)

  Design Your Habits

  Design Your Ideal Life: How to Achieve Real Success

  Design Your UX Career

  Developer Showcase

  Developing a Career in Programming – Code Your Way to Success

  Developing an Authentic Culture: How to Create Long Term Success & Happiness

  Developing a Social Media Strategy

  Developing Creative Leadership in Our Workforce

  Developing Winning Proposals (Online)

  Developing Your Personal Brand

  Develop Your Authentic Personal Narrative with Passion and Purpose

  Dev Happy Hour

  Different Cultures, Shared Experience: Bridging the Gap Amongst Gay Men of Color

  Digital Activism: Leveraging Campaigns Using MicroStorytelling Method

  Digital Branding: Create Your Business’s Online Presence

  Digital CV's & Salaries - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

  Digital Disruption: Healthcare & Data

  Digital Disruption in Accounting and Finance

  Digital Doorways

  Digital Marketing Campaign Showcase

  Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

  Digital Marketing for Everyone

  Digital Marketing for Restaurants

  Digital Marketing for Startups 

  Digital Marketing Strategy Roadmap at the Boston Public Library

  Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

  Digital Nomad Masterclass

  Digital Nomads: Tech for Travelers

  Digital Project Management (Free Preview)

  Digital Rendezvous Presents: An Evening with Front End Developers

  Digital Safari: A journey through trends shaping today's business

  Digital Storytelling for Social Impact

  Discover How to Build Successful Products with Pause Fest & General Assembly

  Discovering VFX: An Evening with Nancy St. John

  Discovering Visual Effects

  Discovering Visual Effects: Presented by The Alliance of Women Directors + The Visual Effects Society

  Discover Your Personal Leadership Identity

  Discover Your Strengths

  Disrupt HR

  DisruptHR Atlanta

  Ditch The Daily Grind & Leap Into A Career You Love

  Dive into Digital Presence: NYC Outcomes

  Dive In With GA: A Summer Pool Party

  Diversity & Inclusion In Tech

  Diversity In Tech: Coding The Future

  #DiversityinTech: Female Founders

  #DiversityinTech: Hands-On Solutions Workshop

  #DiversityinTech: Out in Tech Panel

  Diversity in Tech Panel

  Diversity in Tech: Stop Talking, Start Taking Action With Design

  Diversity in Venture Capital

  DIY.AI: Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Demystified

  Docker Birthday Bash

  Documentary Screening: 2.5% - The Osa Peninsula

  Does your business need an app?

  Doing More at Work + Life with GA and Workbar

  Do-It-Yourself: PR & Value Propositions for Entrepreneurs

  Dollars and Sense: Building Your Business Financial Plan

  Don't Just Lean in, SPEAK UP | Overcoming Impostor Syndrome in Tech

  Do's and Don'ts of the Startup Scene

  Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?


  Drink + Draw

  Drinking from the Information Fire Hose: Building Your Workflow

  Drive Retention, Engagement & Growth w/ Behavioral Analytics

  Drone 101 with ENJOY

  DTLA Community Happy Hour

  DTLA Tech Holiday Happy Hour

  Earning Free Press for Your Brand

  #EarthToParis Singapore

  E-Commerce 101: Sell Big with Weebly and Square

  E-Commerce Bootcamp: Learn the Basics to Get Your Site Running and How to Grow!

  Ecommerce Business Blueprint: How To Build, Launch And Grow A Profitable Online Store

  Economy of Now Panel + Startup Showcase

  Educate Boston: The Future of Learning in the Hub

  Education for the Future: A Panel Discussion with Uncollege

  Education Technology: Taking Stock and Forging Ahead

  Effective Interviewing Workshop

  Elevate Your Brand: Discover, Identify and Communicate Your Personal Values

  Embracing Zero: How To Navigate A Career Transition

  Emotional Intelligence for the Digital Age

  Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Work Success

  Employee Experience Design

  Employer Showcase: Student Sign-Up

  Empowered Tech Talk: Inspiring Women for Success in Tech

  Empty Rooms Play

  Enchanting Your Audience: Employer Branding with Glassdoor

  ENGAGE: The ATL Digital Storytelling Salon

  Engineering Careers: Getting Clear on What You Want

  Engineering Management for Digital Products

  Engineering Your Career: Marketing Yourself to Tech Managers

  Entrepreneurial Mindset: Find Your Flow and Embrace Change

  Entrepreneurship Chat with Mark Mader, CEO of Smartsheet

  Entrepreneurship & Health

  Entrepreneurship & Mental Health

  Entrepreneurship + Tech Transforming the Finance Industry: An Expert Panel

  EPIC Summer Rally Party and 20/20 Talk

  Escape the City: Find a Job You Love

  Escape the Corporate World & Pursue the Work you Love

  Escape the Corporate World & Pursue the Work you Love.

  Essential Negotiating Strategies: Joseph Bartel

  Essentials of Startup Law: Formation, Fundraising & Exits

  Estimation and Forecasting Workshop

  Etsy Global Craft Party Celebration 2016

  Eureka Fest

  Event & Project Management for Beginners Workshop

  Evernote Presents: Productivity at Work and on the Go

  Evernote Presents: Productivity Hacks For The Digital Age

  Everybody Wurqs: Inclusive thinking for personal growth

  Everyone Starts Somewhere

  Everything you NEED to know about ESIC, and more!

  Everything You Wanted to Know About Snapchat

  Excel Bootcamp: Formulas & Functions

  Excel Class Series

  Excel: Formulas & Functions

  Expand Your Personal Brand: How to Take One Project & Spin It Into an Empire

  Experience Peer-to-Peer Mentorship (Pilot Program)

  Expert Alumni Panel: Career Transition Tips

  Expert Alumni Panel: Career Transition Tips Part II

  Expert Panel and Q&A: Can Silicon Valley be Cloned to China?

  Exploring React Native (The Next COOL Meetup)

  Exploring the World of Real Estate Tech

  Expose UX - Live Taping with LA UX Experts

  Expose UX - Live Taping with NYC UX Experts

  Expose UX - Live Taping With SF UX Experts

  Expose UX Premiere Screening

  ExtraHop Meetup: Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Tech

  Extra Life

  Extraordinary Routines presents: Lessons on being the worst freelancer

  Eyal Gever with Creative Mornings and General Assembly

  Facebook + GA Present: #RealLifeHacks

  Facebook + GA Present - Shark Tank Success Stories: Beatbox Beverages & Monkey Mats

  Facing the New Computing Interface Paradigm

  Fact + Fiction: Machine Learning and the Media (This Title Was Generated By An Algorithm)

  Fail Forward

  Failing Forward: How We Failed, Learned & Grew

  Failing Upward

  Fall in Love with Public Speaking

  Farewell Melbourne, Hello London!

  Fashion & Tech

  Fastest Growing Jobs of the 21st Century: A Panel of Digital Experts

  Female Entrepreneurs Panel: Ask Us Anything

  #FemaleFounders Panel

  Female Founders Panel

  Female Founders: Tough Lessons Learned

  Female Futurists: A Daring Discussion About Diversity in Tech

  Festivals + Tech: The Evolution of The Experience

  F.E.W. x Sassy HK x GA: Women in Tech Female Founders Panel

  Fierce, Funded, Female: A Discussion on Capital Raising

  Finance Bootcamp: Tips and Tools to Improve your Business

  Finance your Future at GA!

  Financial Freedom: Freelancing 101

  Financial Intelligence 101: Sources of Funding

  Financial Modeling for Startup and Small Business Founders

  Financial Modelling within Business

  Financial Success for Independent Contractors

  Financial Success for Independent Contractors (Postmates)

  Financing Your Startup

  FinchFactor Influence presents: Can you survive on Twitter alone?

  Finding a Fulfilling Career

  Finding Flow

  Finding One Book Talk

  Finding Purpose at Work: How Silicon Beach is Attracting & Retaining Top Talent

  Finding Your Balance: Career, Money & Quality of Life

  Finding Your Community on Instagram

  Finding Your Dream Job

  Finding Your Inspiration Through Creative Confidence

  Finding Your Niche

  FindSpark Summer Internship Wrap Up Workshop & Party

22 Find Work That Matters

  Find Your Business Partners L.A. Media Production

  Find Your Calling: Career Navigation Series

  Find Your Extraordinary

  Find Your True Calling: Supercharge Your Career

  Fireside Chat: Michael Ramsey, Head of Product, Design & Growth at Invoice2Go

  Fireside Chat: Startup Grind Hosts Remitly CEO, Matt Oppenheimer

  Fireside Chat: Winning Social Media for Business

  Fireside Chat with Analytics Pros CEO, Vicki O'Meara

  Fireside Chat with Archana Vemulapalli

  Fireside Chat With Author and TED Speaker Jared Kleinert

  Fireside Chat with Author Ryan Williams & Drew Koven of LDR Ventures

  Fireside Chat With Behavioral Scientist Jon Levy

  Fireside Chat with Charles Adler, Designer and Co-Founder of Kickstarter

  Fireside Chat with Deb Henretta, P&G's Former Global President for E-Business

  Fireside Chat with Female Founders Fund featuring and Canvas Ventures

  Fireside Chat with Flowers for Dreams Co-Founders

  Fireside Chat with Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist at Canva

  Fireside Chat with "Hot Doug" Sohn presented by The Infatuation + GA

  Fireside Chat with Joel Spolsky, Founder and CEO of Stack Overflow

  Fireside Chat with John O'Nolan, Founder & CEO,

  Fireside Chat with Mashable: The Next Generation Content Creation Process

  Fireside Chat with Mercedes Bent, GM of University Programs + Partnerships at GA

  Fireside Chat With Tim Ferriss

  Fireside Chat with Tom Adams of Pedago

  #FirstFridayFair with Analytics Week

  First Fridays at GA + Design Lab

  First Time Home Buyer 101

  Fiverr Presents: Doers Discussion at General Assembly Los Angeles

  Fiverr Presents: Leveling Up, Finding Business Authenticity & Strategic Planning

  Five Simple Rules of Smart Investing

  Food Industry: A Journey into the Future of Eating

  Fostering a Culture of Analytics

  Fostering Employee Engagement + Culture

  Foundational habits to become a strong business leader

  Founded by Women: A Digital Discussion

  Founder Bootcamp: Stages of the Startup Journey

  Founders and Creators

  Founder Talk: How Dang Foods Disrupted the Snack Industry

  Four Questions for the Leader in You with Bobbi Dangerfield

31 Four Steps To a Career Change

  Frankston Edition: Beginners Guide to Growth Hacking

  Frankston Edition: Digital Nomad Masterclass

  Frankston Edition: How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand

  Frankston Edition: Jumpstart Your Career in Digital Marketing

  Free Brisbane Masterclass: Digital Marketing Metrics and Measurement

  Free Brisbane Masterclass: Social Media Marketing

  Free Class: Be Your Own Boss - Freelancing 101

  Free Class: Career Shift - Find Work You Love

  Free Class: Coding for Beginners

  Free Class: Folio Creation, Structure & it’s Story

  Free Class: Google Adwords for Small Business

  Free Class: How to Start a Business as a Non-Tech Co/Founder

  Free Class: Jumpstart Your Career in Digital Marketing

  Free Class: Kicking the Stress Habit

  Free Class: LinkedIn for Startups and Entrepreneurs

  Free Class: Mindfulness & Empowerment for a Better 2018

  Free Class: Nifty Networking on LinkedIn

  Free Class: Practising Purpose - Workshop Your Why

  Free Class: Protect Your Brand With Trademark Law 101

  Free Class: Top Ten Digital Skills for 2018

  Freelancing 101: Becoming Your Own Boss

  Free Lunchtime Class: Intro to Product Management

  Free Lunchtime Class: Taxation for Early to Advanced Start Ups

  Free Lunchtime Class: The Art & Science of Persuasion in Business

  French-American Creative Lab Demo Night

  Friday Yoga: A Free Class

  Friends of JET & GA Happy Hour

  From Big Idea to StartUp: Build a Successful Business Model

  From Burnout to Career Boom

  From Culture Hacks to Culture Agility: Innovative Approaches to Culture

  From Growth Hacking to Growth Marketing with Slack, Adroll and More...

  From Idea To App Development: Practical Guide for Startup Founders & Product Managers

  From Running Lean to Scaling Lean: How to Get Traction

  From Silos to Networks to Communities: Building a Data Community for Public Finance

  From Start-up to Seven+ figures: How to Build a Profitable Company

  From Stuck to Inspired: How to Find a Job That Fits

  From Tired to Hired Workshop

  F'Up Nights

  F*Up Nights

  F'Up Nights for Purpose 2018 - Stories about Failure

  F'Up Nights, presented by Melbourne Knowledge Week

  F'Up Nights: Wisdom from Failure

  FutureLeague & General Assembly: Engineering + Coding Preview Day for Kids Grades 3–5, 6–8

  Future of Boston: A Fall Millennial Mixer

  Future of Boston: Millennial Mixer- Cabin Fever Edition

  Future of Food

  Future of Mobile

  Future Of Talent: Company Culture

  Future Proof Me

  Future Talent Now

  GA Alumni Dinner: Growth + The Start-Up Space

  GA Alumni Dinner: Privacy and Personal Security

  GA Alumni Dinner: The History of Social Media and the Evolution of the Advertising Machine

  GA Alumni Happy Hour

  GA Alumni Panel: Making a Career Transition

  GA + Artisan Talent Holiday Bazaar

  GA ATX First Anniversary Party

  GA ATX Happy Hour

  GA + Austin Public Libraries Present - Intro to Digital Marketing

  GA + Austin Public Libraries Present - Web Development: Let's Break It Down

  GA + Boston's Data Women: Kick-off Roundtable Discussion

  GA + BTUG Present: Tableau Skills for Career Growth

  GA Community Happy Hour

  GA DC Community Happy Hour

  GA DC Homecoming

  GA DC Ugly Sweater Happy Hour

  GA + DoneGood present: The Good Behind Your Goods


  GA: End of Summer Splash with CultureMap

  GA Front Lines Job Fair (SM)

  GA + Girl Develop It | Transition to Tech: Land a Job in UX or Web Development

  GA + HelloAdvisr Present: Building A Winning Business

  GA Hiring Mixer

  GA + IBM Watson Workspace Hackathon

  GA Idea Incubator: Startup Builder from Ideation to Pitch

  GA + IGBoston Present: The Art of Constructive Feedback

  GA + JPL Present: Finding Your Perfect Career

  Gala Darling Live In Melbourne - presented by GA x Event Head x One Roof

  GA London New Campus Tour

  GA Lunch Break

  GA Lunch Break: Branding While Broke

  GA Lunch Break: Code in 60 Minutes

  GA Lunch Break: Founder's Talk w/ HeroPay

  GA Lunch Break: Founder's Talk w/ PIXSWEET

  GA Lunch Break: Run Social Media Ads Like a Pro

  GA Lunch Break: Transpo Innovation w/ URB-E

  GA Lunch Break: What is Design Thinking?

  GA Lunch + Learn: Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs with Kit Pang

  GA + Mashable Present: The 2016 Wrap Up Party

  GA + MassTLC Present: The Future of Talent - Employer Branding

  GA + MassTLC Present - The Future of Talent: Radical Approaches to Onboarding

  Game Changers Brunch

  Game Changers: Disrupting the Nonprofit Industry with Technology and Culture

  Game Design: Get Unstuck and Solve Problems

  GA + Microsoft Tysons: A Design Chat & Workshop

  GA + Microsoft Tysons: Learn the basics of HTML & CSS

  Gamification for Business Improvement - San Jose

  Gamification Lightning Class

  GA + MSB Present: Nailing the Elevator Pitch for Melbourne Knowledge Week

  GA NYC Part-Time Student Holiday Happy Hour

  GA #OffCampus | Break into Coding

  GA #OffCampus | Break into Data Science

  GA #OffCampus | Break into Digital Marketing

  GA #OffCampus | Break into User Experience Design

  GA Open House and Happy Hour

  GA Open House - Holiday Happy Hour Edition

  GA Open House: Launch a Career in Digital Marketing

  GA Open House: Ponce City Market

  GA & Pelago Masterclass: Demystifying User Experience Design

  GA Pop-Up in Dewey Square

  GA & Presents: Market Your Craft

  GA Presents: Holiday Discotech feat. Capital Cities

  GA Presents: Lean Startup Week

  GA PRIDE: Fireside Chats on diversity & inclusion in the workplace

  GA + ProtoHack Happy Hour

  GA + ProtoHack LA Happy Hour

  GA + ReferralMob Present: How Side Hustles Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

  GA + Rizzar Present: What It Takes To Be A Tech Entrepreneur, Seriously.

  GA + San Jose: Career Shift Crash Course

  GA + San Jose: Finding Your Passion

  GA + San Jose: Resume & Interviewing Workshop

  GA Seattle Alumni Panel

  GA + Seattle Entrepreneurs Summer Mingle

  GA Seattle Expert Community: Kickoff Event

  GA Seattle - Homecoming

  GA Singapore Meet & Greet: Hiring Event for Data Scientists / Analysts

  GA + Slipstream DC Coffee Giveaway

  GA + Spoon University: The Future of Food

  GA + Startup UW Present: Keynote Speaker Rathna Sharad, Founder & CEO at

  GA + SXSW 2016 Workshop Programming

  GA + SXSW 2018 Coding Workshops

  GA + SXSW 2018 Data Workshops

  GA + SXSW 2018 Marketing Workshops

  GA + SXSW 2018 Workshops

  GA + SXSW Present: Business Fundamentals for Musicians

  GA + SXSW Present: Tech Fundamentals for Everyone

  GA, Talent + Spark Festival Present Silicon Valley's Lean Startup

  GA + TFA: Summer Skill Up

  GA + Top Rep Boston | How to Grow a Sales Team: A Recruiter's Perspective

  GA & VICE Present Broadly Speaking: Women in Tech

  GA Wellness Hour: Yoga in the Loft

  GA + WeWork + Just Us Gals Present - Ladies Lounge: Career Refresh + Resume Reboot

  GA + WeWork + Just Us Gals Present - Ladies Lounge: Do I Need an MBA?

  GA + WeWork + Just Us Gals Present- Ladies Lounge: Financial Wellness

  GA + WeWork + Just Us Gals Present - Ladies Lounge: Notorious RBG Book Club

  GA + WeWork + Just Us Gals Present - Ladies Lounge: Personal Branding

  GA + WeWork + Just Us Gals Present- Ladies Lounge: Philanthropy

  GA + WeWork + Just Us Gals Present- Ladies Lounge: Resolutions

  GA + WeWork + Just Us Gals Present - Ladies Lounge: Women and the Environment

  GA + WeWork Labs: Pitch Perfect

  GA + WeWork Present: Atlanta Startup Social

  GA + WeWork Present: Made in Boston

  GA + Workbar Present: Intro to Boston's Blogger Community

  GA + Workbar Present: Intro to Boston's Maker Community

  GA + Workbar Present: Intro to Boston's Social Impact Community

  GA + Workbar Present: Storytelling with the Investors

  GA X 3M: Technology Application Prioritization Workshop

  GA x Canopy: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

  GA x Disney Present: Intro to Data Analytics and Happy Hour!

  GA x Dogtown Media Present: How We Changed Careers

  GA x Gust Launch Present: Failing Upward

  GA x Huge: Fix Your UX Portfolio

  GA x LENZO present: Side Hustle Success Stories

  GA X'mas Bash: Bring Your Friends and Fam!

  GA x NTUC: So You Want to Be a Data Scientist/Analyst

  GA x NTUC: So You Want to Be a Developer

  GA x NTUC: So You Want to Be a Digital Marketer

  GA x NTUC: So You Want to Be a UX Designer

  GA x UFLX presents: Intro to Coding: HTML & CSS

  GA x UFLX presents: Intro to Digital Marketing

  GA x Ziprecruiter Present: How to Attract the Right Candidates

  GA Yoga Break

  GA + YWCA Present: Protecting Your Digital Self

  Geek Girls + GA 'Appy Hour

  General Assembly Alumni Happy Hour at 111 Minna Gallery

  General Assembly and Quartz present: Measuring the Value of Content Marketing


  General Assembly DTLA New Campus Launch Party

  General Assembly Hackathon

  General Assembly In San Antonio

  General Assembly Meets SGAG

  General Assembly OC Launch Party!

  General Assembly + Oficio Happy Hour

  General Assembly Open House

  General Assembly: Open House

  General Assembly Open House: Your Year Of Yes

  General Assembly & Peerspace LA: Headshot Happy Hour

  General Assembly Portfolio Showcase

  General Assembly & Red Bull Hack The Hits presented by RECESS

  General Assembly Seattle New Campus Launch Party

  General Assembly Second Birthday + Made in Chicago Week Kickoff Party!

  General Assembly's 'Product Lab'

  General Assembly's Web Developer Student Showcase

  General Assembly x Brit + Co Present: Made in San Francisco

  Generating Tech-Enabled Big Ideas For Social Impact

  Generation Startup Film Screening

  Get Found Online: Digital Marketing Masterclass for Business Owners

  Get Hired: Find out what it takes to land a job in Product Management

  Get Hired Workshop: Master the Interview

  Get Hired Workshop Series: Mastering the Interview

  Get Immersed in Virtual Reality: A Practical Workshop

  Get Noticed At Work

  Get Noticed At Work: A Free Lunchtime Class

  Get Paid to Be Yourself

  GET SOCIAL: Social Media Masterclass

  Get Started Building & Investing in Mobile Apps: A Free Class

  Get Started in Web Development: A Free Class

  Get Things Done: How To Be More Impactful Than Busy

  Getting Hired on Github

  Getting Hired Using Improv

  Getting Started in Data Analytics

  Getting Started in Data Science

  Getting Started in User Experience (UX) Design

  Getting the Most out of LinkedIn: A Free Class for Career Changers

  Getting Unstuck, Part 1: What The Heck Do I Want to Do?

  Getting Unstuck, Part 2: Career Mapping, Navigating Change & Micro-Goal Setting

  Getting Unstuck, Part 3: How to Strategically Apply to Jobs You Actually Want

  Getting What You Want In 2018: Interviewing, Negotiating, Progressing

  Get Unstuck: Find a Career Path You Actually Enjoy and Make a Job Transition

  Get Your Book Written

  Get Your Sh** Together: Legal and Financial Planning For Everyone

  Get Your Sh*t Together: All About Credit

  Get Your Sh*t Together: All About Investments

  Get Your Sh*t Together: Legal + Finance

  Get Your Startup Off The Ground

  GI Bill® Info Session | LIVESTREAM

  #Girlboss: Stories from Female Founders

  Girls in Tech x GA Professional Mixer

  GiveGet Presents: Cybersecurity - The Big Problem No-one Can Afford to Ignore

  Global Diversity CFP Day

  Global Diversity CFP Day NYC

  Globalisation to Glocalisation: Asia Exploration

  Global Service Design Jam

  GO1 + GA Present: The Future of Education

  Go Against the Flow

  Goal Setting Bootcamp: Keep Calm & Get Stuff Done

  Goal Setting for Second Half of 2018

  Goal Setting & Vision Planning

  Goal Setting Workshop: Keep Calm & Get Stuff Done

  Goals & Intentions Setting with Doodlenauts

  Going Digital: The Future of Travel Brands

  Going Global: Innovation in Online Payments with Android Pay & Google

  Going Viral: Shared Content Trends & Tips for 2016 by Tumblr + GA

  Good Bibes RUN + YOGA

  Google Developer Group Denver (GDG): Polymer 3.0

  Google on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  Google Sheets: Analyze Data in the Cloud

  Google Sheets for Startups

  Google Tools for Businesses

  Graduate Showcase

  Graduation Night

  Graduation Party 2017

  Green is the New Black: A Celebration of Hong Kong Companies Changing the World.

  Growing Pains: Lessons Learned Building an e-Commerce Agency

  Growing the Creative Career You Really Want

  Growth Hacking for Startups

  Growth Hacking live: 40 ways to boost your startup in real-time

  Growth Hack Your Content Marketing

  Grow Where You are Planted

  Grow Your Business With Snapchat

  Hacker, Hustler, Designer Holiday!

  Hackernest LA Tech Social

  HackerNest London Tech Social

  Hack for Change: A Hackathon for Melbourne Knowledge Week

  Hack For Good: Startup Competition Final Presentations

  Hacking Mindfulness: Focusing Your Mind In A Distracted World

  Hacking Resilience: How to Bounce Back From Failure

  Hacking Your Habits Workshop

  Hacking Your Talent Pipeline with New Tech Entrants

  Hacks for Getting Hired

  Hacks to Building a High-Growth, Fundable Company

  Hack the Planet

  Hack Your Mac

  Hack Your Product Launch - Without PR

  Hack Your Way Into A Data Job

  Hack Your Way Into A UX/Product Management Job

  Hack Your Way Into A Web Development Job

  Halloween Movie Night

  Happiness How To's: Set Goals, Reduce Stress, and Be Grateful

  Happiness Workshop: Create Your Pleasure, Purpose and Peace

  Happy Hour Meet and Greet with Core Jupyter Developers

  Happy Hour with The Collaborative

  Hard Hat Sneak Peek Tour of Cross Campus Downtown LA

  Harnessing the Power of Lean Tools


  Hella Good Content

  Helping Managers Become Great

  Helping Managers Become Great - GA x Small Improvements


  Her Startup SF Regional Competition

  High Tech: A Conversation With Seattle's Weed Startup Innovators

  Hire Your Company’s Next Top Talent

  Hiring Better!

  Hiring Event: Data Scientists & Web Developers Meet + Hire

  Hiring for Retention

  Hiring How-Tos From Recruiters

  Homebuyer 101

  Hooked - How to Build Habit-Forming Products

  Hour of Code at GA: Part of the Global #Hourofcode Movement

  How and Why Impact Can Develop And Retain your Employees

  How APIs, Analytics and Algorithms are Transforming Finance

  How Businesses can Stay Relevant and Grow in the Digital Age.

  How Can the Fashion Industry Become More Diverse?

  How Code Changed Content Forever

  How Creatives Really Make a Living

  How Data-Driven Startups Make Millions

  How Do I Sound?: Becoming a More Credible and Confident Communicator

  How'd You Land that Dream Gig?!

  How I built a Facebook group and made $100,000+ with zero adspend

  Howl-O-Ween Yappy Hour

  How Not to Talk: 10 Communication Traps to Avoid

18 How She Got There: An Evening with DC Entrepreneurs

  How She Got There: An Evening With Female Entrepreneurs

  How She Got There: Personal Branding and Presence for Success

  How successful startups listen to their customers

  How Technology & Artificial Intelligence Are Changing The Workforce

  How Technology is Changing the Hospitality Ecosystem

  How Technology is Making our Roads Safer

  How to Adult

  How to Adult: Kick-ass Money Strategies for Young Professionals

  How to Adult: The How (and Why) Behind Starting a Side Hustle

  How To Attract Technical Talent

  How to Be a Freelancer: Lunchtime Masterclass

  How To Be A Goal Digger And Reach Your Full Potential

  How to Be an Effective Manager

  How to Be an Effective Manager - San Jose

  How to Be a Productivity Ninja with MiGoals

  How to be a Side-Hustler: A Definitive Guide

  How to Be A Successful Creative Freelancer

  How to be a Whisky Whizz in One Night

  How to Become a Confident Communicator

  How to Become a Digital Nomad

  How to Become a Digital Nomad - An Introduction

  How to Better Recruit Top Talent Using LinkedIn

  How To Boost Gravitas And Accelerate Performance

  How To Break Into Tech - Veteran Event

  How to Break Through in Creative Industries

  How To Build A Company That Makes History

  How to Build A Data Driven Team

  How to Build a Mobile App Dev Team

  How To Build An Amazing Data Team

  How to Build An Amazing Dev Team

  How To Build An Amazing Product Team

  How to Build An Amazing UX Team

  How to Build and Protect Your Wealth

  How To Build and Update YOUR Business Plan

  How to Build an Effective Online Brand Identity

  How to Build a Product Qualified Lead Engine

  How to Build a Profitable Side Business in 90 Days (or Less)

  How to Build a Small Business Brand: Presented by GA & iStock by Getty Images

  How to Build a Small Business Brand: Presented by GA + Propel Marketing

  How to Build a Thriving Network: Freelancing 101

  How to Build Communication Skills Through the Listening Lens

  How to Build Effective UX Design Teams

  How to Build Meaningful Brands

  How to Build & Ship an MVP in 24 Hours

  How to Build Trust: Secrets to Taming the Elephant in the Room

  How to Build Your Dream Product Team

  How to charge what you're really worth

  How to Create a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

  How to Create an App - A Step-by-Step Introduction from an Apple Insider

  How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand

  How to Create Meaningful Relationships Through Networking

  How to Create Video Content on a Budget

  How to Creatively Collaborate & Build Partnerships

  How to deliver fantastic presentations

  How To Develop Patience & Create Long-Term Goals

  How to Discover and Maximize Your Presentation Persona

  How to Do a Kickstarter Project

  How to Do the Work You Love

  How to Do What You Love & Get Paid for it on YouTube

  How to Drive Traffic, Monetize, & Grow Your Audience via Live Video (Snapchat, Periscope, FBLive)

  How to Effectively Build Your Confidence

  How To Engineer Your Tech Career

  How to Escape the 9-5 and Start Your Own Business

  How To Fake it Till You Make it

  How to Figure Out Your Next Career Move

  How to Find (and Retain) Top Talent

  How to Find a Side Hustle in an Hour

  How to Find Balance: Mindfulness to Strengthen Focus, Clarity and Productivity

  How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

  How to Future-Proof Your Career

8 How to Get a Job at a Startup

  How to Get a Job at a Startup!

28 How to Get a Job at a Startup | Livestream

  How to Get A Job In Product Management

  How To Get a Job in Silicon Beach (and Beyond)


  How to Get Funded: Map of the Money

  How to Get Hired at a Startup

  How to Get Rich and Internet Famous: Hack Your Sales + Branding Strategy

  How to Get Your Content to Stand Out in the Stream of Sh!t: Presented by Onion Labs + GA

  How to Get Your First 5,000 Users

  How To Get Your Whole Team Thinking About Design Thinking

  How to Grow Your Online Business: Presented by GA + ebay + Bigcommerce

  How To Hire A Great Designer

  How to Hire, Motivate, and Inspire the Next Generation of Designers

  How to Innovate, Effect Change & Overcome Empathy Fatigue

  How to Land a Job as a Jr Developer

  How to Land a Job at a Startup

  How to Land a Job at a Startup (Online)

  How to Land a Job in a Startup

  How to Land a Job in Product Management

  How to Land a Job in Technology

  How to Land A Job in User Experience Design

  How to Land a Job You Love: Creating Your Job Search Strategy

  How to Land Your Dream Job in Digital


  How to Land Your Dream Job Using Linkedin

  How to Launch a Career in Digital Marketing

  How to Launch a Podcast Bootcamp

  How to Launch a Successful Podcast

  How to Launch, Grow & Run a Successful Business

  How To Lead Your Life

  How to Make it as a Freelancer

  How To Make It As A Maker: Presented by frankie x Rollie

  How to Make Money as a Creative Influencer

  How to Make the Transition into Digital

  How to Make Your Side Hustle Your Main Hustle

  How to Master your Elevator Pitch

  How to Nail a Technical Interview Workshop

  How to Outsmart Unconscious Bias in Your Company and Yourself

  How to Pitch Your Idea Workshop

  How to Pitch Your Startup to Venture Firms

  How to Promote Yourself and Raise Your Profile

  How to Push Past Comfortability & Into Creativity with Startup MVMT

  How to Quit Your Job and Go Full Time Freelance

  How to Quit your Job and Launch a Career in Tech

  How to REALLY Create an Inclusive Environment

  How to Recruit, Retain and Promote Women in Tech

  How To Reduce Stress And Achieve Your Workplace Goals Using Mindfulness

  How to Save Money 101

  How to Scale Your Coaching Business

  How to Source, Build and Be Part of a Design Team

  How to Source, Hire and Build a Data Team with Glassdoor, Udemy + Fitbit

  How to Start: 30 Days from Idea to Decision

  How to Start Investing - Even if You've Never Done it Before

  How to Start, Scale and Exit your Business Successfully

  How to Tackle Your Debt and Still Have a Life

  How To Teach a Class: Instructional Best Practices

  How to Transfer Your Leadership Skills From Employee to Entrepreneur

  How To Turn Behavioural Insights Into Business Success

  How to Turn Financial Statements into Insightful Stories for Fun and Profit

  How To Turn Your Message Into A Movement

  How to Turn Your Presentation Into a Conversation

  How to Upgrade Your Self Confidence and Courage

  How to Use Storytelling for Personal Branding and Career Success

  How to Work with Recruiters 101

  How to Work With Recruiters (Alumni Remote)

  Hubspot Presents: Killer Ways to Improve Your Sales Cycle

  HUBweek Demo Day with General Assembly

  HUBweek | Hiring & Reskilling for the Future

  Human-Centred Design 101 Workshop

  Human Centred Design in the Wild

  Humanising The Future Of Work

  Humanizing Technology With Venture Capitalist & Author Scott Hartley

  Hybrid Jobs of Today: How tech skills can boost your career

  Hybrid Roles - Training Your Team for the Future

  IBM Watson

  Ideation Workshop

  I Failed! (And Lived to Tell the Tale)

  Ignite your creativity!

  I Have A Dream: Start Ups + Big Ideas Trivia Night

  Imagine Talks Forum: Lessons from a #GirlBoss

  Immigration and the 2016 Presidential Elections: What's on the Horizon for Reform?

  Imposter Syndrome: A Panel Discussion

  Improve With Improv: Lessons From The Second City

  Improve Your LinkedIn Profile to Succeed in 2016

  Improv for Design Thinking

  Improv & Innovation: How Improv Can Change Your Organization's Culture

  Improvisation for Communication: Going Beyond Business as Usual

  Inbound Marketing Solutions: Marketing on a Budget

  InclusionNYC: Tech, Mentorship, Inclusion

  Inclusive Culture Workshop Series

  Inclusivity & Belonging: Master Certification Program

  Inclusivity & Belonging: Unpacking Relationships, Mindsets, and Values

  In Conversation with Rob Solomon CEO GoFundMe + Ex-COO Groupon

  In Conversation with Zander Lurie, CEO SurveyMonkey + Ex-VP GoPro

  Increase Your Impact with Strengths-Based Leadership

  Increase Your Individual Wealth

  Industrious Lunch + Learn: Social Media Best Practices

  In-House Roundtable: Designing Business from the Inside Out

  Innovation in L&D: Fostering a Learning Culture

  Innovation Master Class StartUp Weekend on Life Sciences

  Innovation Master Class StartUp Weekend on Life Sciences at General Assembly

  Innovation Series: How Companies Can Neutralize Disruption

  Innovation Strategy for Business Growth

  Innovation through Design Thinking

  Innovative Leadership: A Panel Discussion

  Innovative Leadership: Designing Tomorrow

  Innovative Leadership For The Digital Age

  Innovators breakfast: Top Trends in Marketing For 2018

13 Inside the Minds of Brilliant Designers

  Inside the Minds of Brilliant Designers | Career Camp Edition

  Inside The Minds Of Brilliant Designers @ Town Square with The Design Kids

  Inside the On Demand Economy

  Inside the On-Demand Economy

  Inspire Denver

  Instagram For Entrepreneurs Workshop

  Instructor Happy Hour

  Instructor Training + Appreciation Dinner

  Intellectual Property 101

  Intellectual Property 101 for Startups

  Interactive Minds - Social Media Meetup

  Interact: The Good, The Bad, & The Beautiful

  Intermediate HTML & CSS

  Intermediate Javascript Workshop

  International Women's Day 2018: Lightning Talks

  International Women's Day: Equality in Tech

  International Women's Day Lightning Talks

  Internet Hacker to Silicon Valley Exec ft. Rahul Khanna of Uber

  Intern Project Prize

  Interview Grads on Campus

  Interview Hacks Happy Hour

  Interviewing Like A Pro: How To Ace Your Next Interview

  Interviewing like a Pro: How to Strike the Right Note when Talking about Yourself

  Introduction to Analytics with Mixpanel

  Introduction to and Opportunities in the Singapore Tech Ecosystem

  Introduction to Bookkeeping – The What, Why and How

  Introduction to E-commerce: Launch your own business

  Introduction to Facebook Advertising

  Introduction to Growth Hacking

  Introduction to Lean Startup

  Introduction to Natural Language Processing

  Introduction to Project Management

  Introduction to Scaling: MVP to Growth

  Introduction to Social Media Strategy

  Introduction to the Business Model Canvas

  Introduction to the Chicago Data Community

  Introduction to the Chicago Startup Community

  Introduction to the Denver Startup Community

  Introduction to the Digital Marketing Industry (Online)

  Introduction to the Seattle Startup Community

  Introduction to User Interface Design (UI)

  Introduction to Video Content Creation

  Introduction to Web Development

  Introduction to Website Translation: Engaging International Markets

  Intro the Hong Kong Tech & Startup Community

  Intro to Agile and Lean Bootcamp

  Intro to Atlanta's Tech Ecosystem

  Intro to Boston's Culinary Community

  Intro to Coding: Free Lunchtime Class

  Intro to Data Science & Analytics: Free Lunchtime Class

  Intro To Data Science With Python: Beginners Workshop

  Intro to Freelancing

  Intro to Lean UX: A Free Talk

  Intro to Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  Intro to Mobile App Development: A Free Class

  Intro to Pricing Strategy

  Intro to Product Management: A Free Class

  Intro to Project Management Bootcamp

  Intro to Sketchnoting: Fundamentals Of Visual Notetaking

  Intro to the Atlanta Startup Community

  Intro to the Boston Design Community

  Intro to the Boston Freelance Community at the Boston Public Library

  Intro to the Boston Social Impact Community at The Boston Public Library

  Intro to the Boston Startup Community

  Intro to the Boston Startup Community at the Boston Public Library

  Intro to the Boston Startup Community | Livestream

  Intro to the Cambridge Startup Community

  Intro to the London Startup Scene & How to Land a Startup Job

  Intro to the London Startup Scene part of London Tech Week

  Intro to the Melbourne Design Community

  Intro to the OC Startup Community

  Intro to the Seattle Tech Community

  Intro to the Social Impact Community

  Intro to User Experience (UX) Design: A Taster Session

  Intro to Wireframing & Prototyping: A Free Class

  Investor hot-seat: What do top investors really focus on during your pitch?

  IoT Demos and Drinks: Sponsored by Ingenu

  Is Work-Life Balance A Reality?

  Is Your Business Digitally Ready?

  It's A Wrap! SXSWi 2016 with Festival Director Hugh Forrest

  IxDA + GA Present: Level Up and Transition to UX

  JavaScript Developer Tools in 2017

  Jobbio HIGHER

  Job Hunting in a Digital World

  Job Search Strategies (Alumni Remote)

  Job Seeking Strategies: How to Uncover the Hidden Job Market

  Job Squad & GA Present: Women in Tech

  Join GA's Community!

  Jumpstart Your Career | GA Course Expo

  June Alumni Happy Hour

  Kenzan + GA Hack Night: A Developer's Toolkit

  Kickass Women Slaying the Creative World

  Kicking the Kyriarchy, Turns 1: Live Podcast Recording

  Kickstart Your Day: Best Practices on Kickstarter

  Knowing Your Customer: Product Innovators

  Know Your Audience: Design & Present a Pitch that Resonates!

  Know Your Worth: Negotiation


  Ladies Get Paid Seattle: Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro

  Ladies Lounge: 2018 Spring Wellness Expo

  Ladies Lounge | Coaching for Better Health + Wellness

  Ladies Lounge | Coaching for Career Success

  Ladies Lounge | Confronting Imposter Syndrome

  Ladies Lounge | Fashion + Fitness for the New Year

  Ladies Lounge: GalBoss Holiday Mixer

  Ladies Lounge | Personal Branding and Presence for Success

  Ladies Lounge | Selling Like A Boss

  Ladies Lounge | Social Media Influencers

  Ladies Lounge: The State of Equal Pay

  Ladies Lounge | Transitions to Tech Career Panel

  Ladies Lounge | Women Empowering Women

  Ladies that UX presents Money Matters

  LA Hubspot User Group & Marketing Guests

  Landing that Dream Gig

  Land that Kickass Job for 2018

  LA Startup + Combatant Gentlemen Happy Hour

  Latin America Tech Meetup Los Angeles (LATM LA)

  Laughs and Libations

  Launch a Business Without Losing Your Mind: Tips From a Wellness Entrepreneur

  Launch a Creative Career: Expert Business Tactics for Artists

  Launch and Disrupt: How Tech Founders are Shaking up their Industries

  Launching a Diversity Recruitment Initiative at Your Organization

  Launch Local, Go Global: Starting & Scaling a Worldwide Startup by GA + Startup Daily

  Launch & monetise your side hustle

  Launch Summit - Arduino Workshop

  Launch: The Career Workshop

  Laws of Design

  Leadership, Culture, and Team Building Bootcamp for Founders

  Leadership & Culture Building Workshop for Founders and Executives

  Leadership: Essential Skills Needed to Run a Team

  Leadership Fireside Chat with It’s Nice That

  Leadership for Beginners

  Leadership for Millennials

  Leadership in the Digital Age Masterclass

  Leadership, Management, and Interpersonal Wizardry

  Leadership Skills: Emotional Intelligence for Success

  Leadership Skills: Find Purpose, Autonomy, and Mastery in Your Work

  Leadership Skills: Find Purpose, Autonomy, and Mastery in Your Work

  Leadership Skills: Increase Your Focus and Attention

  Leadership & the Scale-Up Revolution

  Leadership Workshop: Confidence

  Leaders in Tech Breakfast

  Leading Tech Teams: A how-to guide for the non-technical

  Leading With Your Personal Brand in the 21st Century

  Lead to Inspire: Advice From a Top Executive Leadership Coach

  Lead With Abundance, Not With a Scarcity Mindset

  Lean Analytics: A Fireside Chat with Ben Yoskovitz

  Lean Analytics for Startups

  Lean Startup: Beyond the Hype

  Lean Startup Entrepreneurship

  Lean Startup with Crowdfunding

  LeanStory: Storytelling for Innovators, Change-Agents, and Disruptors

  Lean Thinking: Back to the Basics

  Leap Into A Career You Love

  Learn at Lunch: Design Thinking for Beginners Masterclass

  Learn How to Network Like a Boss

  Learn How to Use Medium

  Learn in Buckhead!

  Learning From Experience: Being LGBTQIA In Tech

  Learning Group Intelligence

  Learning How to Learn

  Learn to Lead

  LearnVest Presents: The “Money Talks” Tour

  Learn You Meteor, Webpack (the Hidden Manual) & More!

  Legal and Practical Aspects of Starting a Small Business

  Legal Essentials for Startup Founders

  Legal Hackers LA: 2016 Demo Day

  Legal Hackers: What Makes Blockchain Smart Contracts So Smart?

  Legal Know-How For Developers and Entrepreneurs

  Legal Skills for Freelancers

  Lessons on Being the Worst Freelancer with Extraordinary Routines

  Lessons on Startup Marketing

  Let's Talk Professional Development: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  Let's Talk Tech: A Conversation w/ LA Startup CTOs

  Leveling-Up in User Experience:
Your Career Path to Senior UX Roles

  Level Up Your Career: Personal Brand Bootcamp

  Level Up Your Career: Valuable Skills for Every Workplace

  Leveraging your non-tech skills to succeed in tech

  LGBTech: Make Your Mark

  LGBTQA Community Happy Hour

  Libations and Storytelling with Social Impact Leaders

  LIFEHACK: Networking For Introverts

  LIFEHACK: Visioning Workshop

  Lifelong Learning in the Age of Automation: In Discussion with The Economist

  Life Skills 3 Part Series: Supercharge Your Career

  Lifestyle Design: Meet the Digital Nomads

  Lightning Talks: Practice Your Storytelling Skills

  Lightning Talks with Women Catalysts

  LinkedIn for 2017

  LinkedIn for Job Hunting & Career Advancement

  LinkedIn & GA Present: How to Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Profile

  LinkedIn Profile Basics

  LinkedIn & Resume Refresh For Career Changers

  LinkedIn Workshop for Career Changers

  LinkedIn Workshop for Part-Time Course Graduates

  LinkedIn: Your Secret Weapon to Grow Your Business in 2018

  Link Festival + GA Present: Utilising Tech to Drive Social Change

  Little Steps & GA Present: Female Founder's Panel

  Live Like Fiction - Book Launch

18 Livestream AMA: Is It Too Late to Learn Coding?

  Livestream: Founder Hour with Craig Dubitsky

  Living a Happier Life: How to Increase Positivity and Make Better Choices

  Living on the Edge: Ridiculous Ideas and Big Innovation

  Local Food + Liquor Legends of Melbourne

  Local Levo: Better Friendships at Work and Home

  London Design Jam [Alumni Hackathon]

  London Summer Graduation

  London's User Experience Designers & Web Developer Meet + Hire

  Look Before You Leap: Making the Career Switch

  Looking for a design job? Learn how to land the interview and get the job you want!

  Los Angeles WebVR Meetup

  Loud & Proud: Improving Your Presentation Game

  Loud & Proud: Improving Your Presentation Game for Pause 2017

  Lunch and Learn: From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur

  LunchBox for Startups: Eat, Pitch, Invest, and Win $20k

  Lunch & Learn - Customer Valuation, the Time is Now

  Lunch & Learn: How to Start a Startup

  Lunch & Learn with a...LEGO Serious Play Expert

  Lunch & Learn with PagerDuty and Versent

  Lunch & LiiRN

  LWT Denver Presents: Speed Networking - It's like Speed Dating, but Less Awkward

  lyf + GA Masterclass: Breaking into User Experience Design

  lyf + GA Masterclass: Introduction to Gamification

  Made In Austin: Future of Food + Brews

  Made In Austin: Music Makers

  Made in HK : Entrepreneurs

  Made in Hong Kong Week: Food for Future - Making it in F&B.

  Made in Hong Kong Week: Music Makers

  Made in Hong Kong Week: The Business of Health

  Made In Hong Kong Week: Travel Companies that are Taking-Off!

  Made in Hong Kong Week: Wrap-Up Party!

  Made in LA Wrap Party with Flash Dance, GA, and Joymode

  Made in Seattle: Rational Interaction featuring Founder Selina Petosa

  Made In Seattle Week

  Made in Seattle Week: Beer Day

  Made in Seattle Week: Food Day

  Made in Seattle Week: Happy Hour

  Made in Seattle Week: Music Day

  Made in Seattle Week: Tech Day

  Made in SF

  Made in Shenzhen: China's Startup Success Stories

  [MADE IN SINGAPORE] Creativity in the Kitchen and Beyond

  [MADE IN SINGAPORE] Do Good: A Social Entrepreneurship Panel

  [MADE IN SINGAPORE] Solving Grand Challenges

  [MADE IN SINGAPORE] Trending in Tech

  Made In Sydney: VIP Boardroom Chat

  Made In The DMV: Intro to Virginia Startup Community

  Made In The DMV: Local Beer Happy Hour

  MAKE IT Local

  Make it On Mobile: Using Adobe Mobile Apps to Create your Initial Design

  Make Money on Amazon: Launch Your eCommerce Business Today

  Makers, Muralists, Screenprinters, Oh My!

  Make the Connection: Networking Workshop

  Make the Connection: Sales Networking Workshop

  Make Waves: "Prints and Winter Sprints"

  Make Your Mark: Career Paths in Marketing

  Make Your Pitch Perfect - Tips From an Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

  Making Better Decisions

  Making Your Brand Digitally Cohesive

  Management Consulting Networking Event

  Managing Distributed Teams

  Managing Humans: Essential Skills for New Managers

  Managing Rejection and Building Resilience

  Managing the Quarter-Life Crisis

  Manny Fernandez: How to Raise $1,000,000 with Equity Crowdfunding

  ManTalks L.A. : Building Your Legacy

  MAP & GA present: Building a Culture of Excellence

  Mapping Content to Audiences: Editorial Strategy for Compelling Digital Experiences

  Mapping Your Next Career Move

  Mario Kart Tournament + Happy Hour

  Marketing For Your Small Business

  Marketing Made Personal

  Marketing Mavens: CMO AMA

  Marketing Power! How Words, Symbols & Graphics Sell Your Product

  Marketing Through Pinterest with Promoted Pins

  Marketing to Millennials

  Marketing Yourself with Confidence

  MARTA Hackathon: Smart City + IoT

  Mastering Difficult Design Meetings

  Mastering Facebook for Business

  Mastering Mobile Engagement

  Mastering Presentations

  Mastering Presentations Bootcamp

  Mastering Talks and Presentations

  Mastering the Personal Pivot: A Strategic Approach to Reinventing Your Work and Life

  Master Your Finances

  Maven Masterclass

  Maximize Your Message: Effective Business Communication

  "May the Fourth" be with You

  Measuring Social Media's Value with Google Analytics


  Meditate + Connect

  Meditation For a Cause

  Meet a Facebook Data Scientist & A Guide to Interviews

  Meet and Hire: Developer and Data Talent

  Meet & Hire Chicago - Web & Android Developers

  Meet & Hire: Data Scientists and UX Designers

  Meet + Hire UX Designers, Web Developers and Data Scientists

  Meet + Hire: UX Designers, Web Developers, and Data Scientists

  Meet + Hire Web and Android Developers

  Meet & Hire: Web Developer Demo Night

  Meet & Hire: Web Developers

  Meet + Hire Web Developers and Mobile Developers

  Meet & Hire: Web Developers and UX Designers

  Meet + Hire Web Developers, UX Designers and Product Managers

  Meet + Hire Web Developers, UX Designers and Product Managers ARCHIVE

  Meet the Influencers: Behind the Scenes of Lifestyle Blogging

  Meet the Seattle School Board Candidates

  Meetup: Art is King

  Meetup Meetup


  Melbourne Instructor Appreciation Night

  Melbourne Movers & Shakers

  Mental Health and The Gig Economy

  Mental Health & Resilience for the 21st Century Workforce

  Mentor Power Hour with LEVO League

  Mentorship Identification: Decoding the Process – A Propel Her Event

  Microsoft HoloLens: A Mixed Reality Experience

  Microsoft Presents: Competing Pressures Design with Matt Wallaert

  Mid-Year Goal Setting Workshop

  Millennial Disruption: Taking On Politics

  Millennial Engagement Initiative | SPARK Boston + State Senator Eric Lesser

  Millennial Mixer

  Millennials and Creative Work in the New Economy

  Millennials: Reshaping the Workplace

  Millennial Week DC Hiring Fair

  Mindfulness for a More Focused & Creative 2016

  Mindfulness for Stress, Sleep and Focus

  Mindfulness Series

  Mindset: The Huge Power of Daily Courage

  Mobile App Meetup: Downloads and Feedback

  Mobile Design Strategy with Appy Hour and GA

  Mobile Growth Lunch & Learn - Tips to Grow your Mobile Business w/ Deep Links

  Mobile Growth Meetup

  Mobile Growth NYC Meetup

  Mobility Live Hackathon Kick off!

  Modern Day Wisdom: How to Survive (and thrive) in Uncertain times

  Modern Day Wisdom: Kickass Women Slaying the Tech World

  Modern Mentorship

  Moms Who Hustle

  Moms Who Hustle Lightning Talks

  Money Matters for Millennials: Key Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom

  Money Moves: Big Profits for Small Businesses

  Mood & Food

  More Than LinkedIn Connections: Building Social Capital to Reach Your Career Goals

27 Mornings are for #Marketing

  Mosaic Series

  Motivation and Achieving your Goals

  Move from Accidental to Intentional Living

  Moving Atlanta Forward

  Music. Art. Chill.

  MYOB + GA Present: Business Architecture of the Future

  Nailing the Interview Process (for Employers)

  Nailing the Technical Interview for Web Developers

  NASA + CASIS International Space Station: Government Agency & Industry Day

  NASA + GA Present: Space Night

  National Future Work Summit

  Navigate your Path to Leadership

  Navigating the Emotions of Changing Careers

  Navigating Your Career

  Navigating Your Job Search

  Negotiate Your Way to a Better Career

  Negotiating in Tech

  Negotiating the Term Sheet

  Negotiating with Yourself & Finding Work You Love

  Negotiating your Career | Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

  Negotiating Your Way Into a Higher Salary

  Negotiation Bootcamp

  Negotiation for Professionals

  Negotiations and Business Development

  Negotiation Strategies Bootcamp

  Negotiation & The Interview: Exploring Fit & Landing the Job

  Network and Chill

  Networking and Interview Tips for Job Seekers

  Networking, Collaborating & Building Partnerships

  Networking for Introverts: A Small Talk on Small Talk

  Networking to Build Authentic Relationships

  Network Like the Pros

  Never Split the Difference - Negotiation Tips From an FBI Hostage Negotiator

  New Business 101

  NewCo. at General Assembly Boston

  New Manager Bootcamp

  New Year, new books: Start your 2018 reading challenge with General Assembly

  New Year, New Career: How to Get the Job Ft. Premier Staffing

  New Year New Career: How to Prepare for a Career Change in 2017

  New Year, New Career: How to Prepare for a Career Change in 2018

  New Year, New Career: Leap Into 2018

  New Year, New Job: 2016 Hiring Trends

  Next Gen Data Science and VR Meetup

  Next Level

  Next Level: An Evening With Change Makers & Young Visionaries

  Next Level: Millennial Founders

  Next Level: Sports + Tech

  #nobsmktg Meet Ups for the Present-Day Marketer

  Nonprofits in the Digital Age

  Northern Virginia: Intro to the Venture Community

  Not Going Back To School Resume Workshop

  Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: How to Get Where You Want to Go

  Nourishing Greatness: A Presentation on How to Work with Recruiters

  NSBE Boston Presents: Protecting Your Intellectual Property While Growing Your Business

  NU Entrepreneurs Club Speaker Series

  NYC 2015 Immersive Cohort Reunion

  NYC 2016 Immersive Cohort Reunion

  NYC 2017 Immersive Cohort Reunion

  NYC Outcomes Career Development Events: Cover Letter Workshop

  NYC Outcomes Career Development Events: Resume Workshop

  NYC Tech Inclusion Event

  NYVC Sports Presents: The Athlete Investor & Influencer

  OCTO Mobile Technology Lab




  #OFFCAMPUS Learning Festival



  Office Mean Girls | How to Deal with Them Without Becoming One with BOS Lady Project

  ONE Group Classroom Rental

  Online Community Strategy for Enterprise

  Online Crisis Management

  Operation Code NYC Meetup

  Opportunities in Data Analytics & Data Science

  Optimise Your Online Presence: A Guide to Creating the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile

  Orange County Techtoberfest

  Out in Tech | Boston Kick-Off Mixer

  Out Of Office

  Overshare at Hatch Fenway

  Over Work Doesn’t Work

  "Own the stage" Master the art of delivering killer presentations

  Packaging + Print Design with Fort Point Beer Company

  Painting with Wine + Canvas

  Part 1, Build Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn: Profile Basics

  Part 1, Build Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn: Your Professional Brand Story

  Part 2, Build Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn: a Standout Summary & Headline

  Part 2, Build Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn: Your Professional Brand Story

  Part 3, Build Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn: Maximize Your Profile

  Part 3, Build Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn: Stand-out Summary & Headline

  Part 4, Build Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn: Maximize Your Profile

  PART III: Sustaining Early Stage Growth - The Secret Sauce for Startups

  PART I & II: Validate Your Great Idea and How to Build an MVP

  PART I: Validate or Disprove Your Great Idea

  Partner Appreciation Happy Hour

  Passion + Action: Finding Meaningful Work

  Pause Fest 2018

  Pave Financing Info Session

  Pecha Kucha Atlanta Presents Vol 31. "The State of Atlanta"

  Pecha Kucha Atlanta Volume 32: People on a Mission


  Peerspace + GA Meet and Hire Happy Hour

  Penthouse Drinkbreaker

  People Operations Bootcamp

  People & Tech Series

  Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch Workshop

  Personal Branding 101

  Personal Branding: Define Your Purpose & Personal Brand

  Personal Branding For Introverts: A Free Workshop

  Personal Branding: How to Craft and Tell Your Story

  Personal Branding: How to Craft and Tell Your Story at The Boston Public Library

  Personal Branding: NYC Outcomes Focused Workshop

  Personal Branding Workshop

  Personal Development for Entrepreneurs

  Personal Finance 101

  Personal Finance for Founders: How to build your startup without going broke!

  Personalized Career Development at Scale

  Philanthropy with Paul English, Co-Founder of Lola + Summits Education

  Pimp My Profile with Planted

  Pitching Investors: The Anatomy of a Pitch Deck

  Pitching & Presentation Bootcamp

  Pitch Lab: How To Be A More Engaging Speaker Using Stand-Up Comedy!

  Pitch Lab: How to Turn Your Pitch Into a Blockbuster Using Stand-Up Comedy

  Pitch Lab: How to Use Improv Comedy as a Tool for Creative Problem-Solving

  Pitch Lab: How To Use Improv Comedy as a Tool for Innovation

  Pitch Lab: Why Pitches Fall Apart & 5 Tips To Make Sure Yours Doesn’t

  Pitch Perfect: How to Say it Right the First Time Every Time

  Planning a Productive and Stress-Free Holiday Season with Evernote

  Planning Successful Social Media Campaigns for Startups

  Play/Pause — Dominant Design and the Shapes of Control

  Please Define ..... User Experience Design

  Podcasting for Beginners: How to Launch and Grow Your First Podcast

  Podcasting Fundamentals: How To Develop, Produce, + Launch Your Own Podcast

  Poise, Posture, & Presence Workshop Presented by TRESemmé

  Pokemon Go Meetup + Happy Hour

  Ponce City Market Community Happy Hour

  Pop Up Public Speaking: Practice for Professionals

  Portfolio Design: How To Get Noticed

  Portfolio & Website Office Hours: NYC Outcomes Focused Workshop

  Powerful Professional Narratives

  Power your Career through Social Media!

  Pozible Presents: Slow Down Party

  PR 101: Create a Buzz, Grow Your Business, Increase ROI

  Practical Budgeting for Today’s Entrepreneur

  Practical Financial Planning for the Modern Young Nonprofit Professional

  Practical Legal and Policy Tips for Technology Entrepreneurs

  Pragmatic Tools to Boost Your Mindset & Create More Ease In Your Life

  Premier Talks: Digital Monetisation

  Premier Talks NYC: Women in Technology

  Preparing a 21st Century Workforce for Georgia

  Presentation Basics

  Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

  Presentation Skills with Serval Ventures

  Presenting for Beginners

  Product Chiefs: How to Make it in Atlanta

  Product Development Series: How to Design and Validate Digital Solutions

  Product Discovery Talk

  Product for New Technologists

  Product Hunt Singapore Community Event #7

  Product Hunt Singapore Community Event #8

  PRODUCTIVITY 101: The Art of Time Management

  Productivity for Entrepreneurs

  Productivity Hacks For Startups

  Productivity in the Age of Distraction

  Productivity Playbook: Lessons Learned from Leaders & Entrepreneurs On the Go

  Product League: 15 Ways Product Managers Can Improve Their Technical Skills

  Product League: Product Pricing Considerations

  Product Management 2-Day Bootcamp

  Product Management for Innovation

  Product Management Lightning Class

  Product Management Masterclass

  Product Management Networking Night

  Productopia: A Thought Provoking Round Table

  Product Strategy on a Page: Possible and Practical

  Product Strategy on a Page: Possible & Practical

  Product Tank March Meetup: PM Lessons Learned the Hard Way

  Product vs Project Management Panel

  Professional Etiquette - Dos and Donts: NYC Outcomes

  Programming with Google Apps Script

  Propel Your Productivity & Focus For Business Growth

  Proquo Presents: Meet the People Who Can Help Your Business Thrive


  PR Over Coffee: Brand Blogging Panel - Tips on Creating a Breakthrough Blog for your Brand

  PR Over Coffee: Meet & Pitch Colin Morris, Built in Austin Tech Reporter

  PR over Coffee: Video Branding Panel - The Art & Soul of Branding

  Psychology in UX

  Psychology of Designing Delight

  Psychology of Productivity

  Public Relations Workshop

  Public Speaking 101

  Public Speaking and the 3 C's: Confidence, Creativity, & Comedy

  Public Speaking Bootcamp

30 Public Speaking: Finding Your Authentic Voice

  Public Speaking for Problem Solvers Bootcamp

  Public Speaking Hacks: How to Compel an Audience

  Public Speaking: Mastering Confidence & Power

  Public Speaking: Nailing the Elevator Pitch

  Public Speaking Workshop with Video Feedback

  Publishing Your Webpage to the Internet

  Putting Lean and Agile into Practice

  Putting People First: Building Products that Solve Problems

  PyData and GA Present: Dark Data and Improving Human Rights in Fulton County

  Q&A with Alex Iskold in Los Angeles, Managing Director, Techstars New York

  Question Everything: Designing More Effectively for Social Impact

  Quick & Dirty Ways to Validate Product features

  Quick-Start to Business Success Bootcamp

  Railsbridge Boston

  Raising Capital in Altanta: A Fireside Chat with KP Reddy

  Raising Capital & Pitching to Investors as a Female Founder

  Raising Startup Capital

  Raising Your First Round of Startup Funding

  Rapid Prototyping & Testing Workshop

  Reach Out | Expanding your Network with Molly Beck

  React & Redux - Intro to React pt. 2

  Real Life Powerpuff Day

  #RealTalk - Women Mean Business: Building an Inclusive City

  Real-time Analytics, Real-time Journalism

  Recharge Your Career: 2016 Career Strategy Session

  Recruited: A Dialogue On Getting a Job in Advertising

  Recruiting and Hiring For Startups

  Recruiting and Retaining Millennials

  Recruiting Culture: Greenhouse x General Assembly

  Recruiting Hacks: How to Attract the Top Digital Talent for Your Company Presented by JobAdder + GA

  Recruiting & Retaining Millennials

  Recruiting Tech Talent for the Future

  Recurring Revenue & the Content Marketing Machine

  Red Bull Hack the Hits presented by RECESS

  Redesign Your Workplace: Cultural Change and Productivity Hacks

  Rediscover Atlanta with Jamestown's CEO Matt Bronfman

  Re-envisioning the Job Website To Hire for Skill, Not Just Degrees (Hackathon)

  Refinery29 + GA: Mentorship in Tech

  Refinery29 Product Marketing Bootcamp Launch Event

  Refining Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

  Refresh South

  Refugees Welcome Dinner

  RegCourse x GA: Jobs of the Future - A Panel Workshop

  Reimagine Learning: A Panel on Tomorrow’s Workforce Development

  Reinventing Leadership for a Complex World

  Remaking Me: A Conversation on Career Change

  Remote Revolution: How to Live & Work Anywhere As A Digital Nomad

  RENTAL: Private Socher Workshop - BigTalker

  Resolute Resolutions

  Resume and Interview Workshop + Headshots

  Resume Bootcamp

  Resume Refresh

  Resumes are Dead

  Resumes are Dead.

  Resumes: NYC Outcomes Focus Workshop

  Resume Workshop and Happy Hour

  Retaining Top Talent After Leave: An Easy Win Guide For Managers

  Return to Work: Parent Edition

  Revamping Your Brand

  Riding the Independent Talent Wave: How to Hire Freelancers

  Rise of the Independent Worker - Forging a Fulfilling Freelance Career

  Rise of the Independent Worker: Forging a Fulfilling Freelance Career

  Rise Up: The Grit Behind Women in the Marketplace

  Risk + Reward: Creative ways to land the job with Boston's Startup Leaders

  RM 72: The Future of Female Entrepreneurs

  Road Map to ReBoot your Career

  Roxbury Founders Night

  Rules of Engagement: Designing Successful Teams & Partnerships

  Salary Negotiation: NYC Outcomes Focus Workshop

  Salary Negotiation | SPARK Boston, BOS Lady Project + AAUW Work Smart Boston

  Salary Negotiation Workshop with AAUW Work Smart Boston

  Sales 101 Bootcamp

  Sales and Business Development Bootcamp

  Sales Bootcamp: The Art of the Pitch

  Sales & Business Development Bootcamp

  Sales Essentials for First-Time Sellers

  Sales Hacker Boston: Demo Competition (Tournament Style)

  Sales Hacker Series: Increasing Efficiency with your Sales Team

  Sales Mindset: A Free Lunch Time Class

  Sales Mindset: Learn How to Get Comfortable with Sales

  Santa Monica Downtown Community Plan Forum

  Scaling Culture

  *SCAPE + GA Education Masterclass: Top 10 Tips For Starting Up Your Startup

  Scrappy Hour

  Search Results: Owning Your Online Reputation

  Season 2 Premiere of Expose UX

  Seattle Freelance Creatives Meetup

  Seattle: Learn To Sell Yourself & Land A Job: Weeknight Career Accelerator

  Seattle Tech4Good Meetup

  Seattle Tech4Good Meetup: Data Security & Privacy for Nonprofits

  Seattle Tech Community Happy Hour

  Secrets of Silicon Valley Teams: From Dysfunction to Peak Performance

  Secrets to Success: The Things They Don't Tell You as a Founder

  Securing Your Digital Life

  Self Taught: Advancing Your Career

  Sell Yourself: Impromptu Pitching Workshop

  SEO Methods for Increased Online Visibility

  SERENDIPITY: Presented by The Guild

  Serval Ventures Community Pitch

  Serval Ventures MVP Hackathon

  Serval Ventures - Social Media Event

  Serval Ventures Startup Marketing Hack

  Serval Ventures Startup Marketing Hack: Coffee & Morning Sessions

  Serval Ventures Startup Marketing Hack: Lunch & Hackathon

  Serval Ventures Startup Marketing Hack: Reception & Networking

  Service Design Made Simple

  Settling for Nothing But the Best

  SevenX7 @ General Assembly

  SF EdTechWomen Holiday Party

  Shaking Up Your Perspective on Change

  Shareflo's Private Beta Launch Party

  Shareflo’s Viral Mobile Marketing Course

  Share Your Story: Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month

  "She Started It" Film Screening: An International Women's Day Celebration

  Shifting Roles in Design

  Show Me The Money: Salary Negotiations

  SHUT UP AND DRIVE: How to Get Where You Want to Go with GA and The Thousands

  Side Hustle with Chris Guillebeau

  Side Project Sundays

  Singapore Startup Ecosystem - All You Need to Know

  ​Slack + GA present: ​Being Human - The Future of Brand Voice in a Social World

  Slack & GA Present: The Best Creative Jobs in Startups for Non-Coders

  Slay Your Career

  Small Business, Big Opportunity

  Smart City, Connected Community

  SmartCompany Presents: Getting – and Keeping – The Right People In Your Business

  SNAPCHAT 101: Basics for Adults

  Snapchat Storytelling in 2016

  SoCal AgTech: Founders & Funders

  Social Capital 101

  Social Capital 101 - How to Build a Genuine & Effective Professional Network

  Social Enterpreneurship Spotlight

  Social Impact Hackathon

  Social Media 101 for Businesses

  Social Media 202

  Social Media Bootcamp For Business - Get More Conversions

  Social Media Expert Panel: Top Trends for 2017

  Social Media for Start-Ups

  Social Media for Your Start Up or Small Business

  Social Media Influencers: Market Your Brand to the Masses

  Social Media Influencers Panel

  Social Media on a Budget

  Social Media ROI: More Than Numbers

  Social Media Saturday

  Social Media Self-Care For Marketing Professionals

  Social Media Strategy Mapping @ Work Station

  Social Media Weekend Bootcamp

  Social Recruiting and the Candidate Experience with Monster

  Soft Skills & Interviewing - NYC Outcomes Focus Workshop


  Solving Social Problems with Technology

  Solving the Planning Puzzle

  So You Want to be a Community Manager

  So You Want To Be a Digital Marketer?

  So You Want To Be A Project Manager: Making The Transition

  SPARK Boston + GA Boston Present: Switching Gears / Changing Careers

  Spark Innovation: Speed Mentoring for Fempreneurs

  Spark Seattle: Deliver a pitch that speaks your client's language

  Speaking to Engage: Become a Better and Funnier Public Speaker

  Speaking to Excellence

  Speaking with Confidence & Connection

  Speak Up: Using Improv to Succeed in Business

  Spoon University Boston Chapter Meetup

  Spring Alumni Happy Hour

  Spring Cleaning Clothing Swap

  Spring Happy Hour with Mile High Business Group & Mile High Spirits

  Spring Into a New Career

  Spring Student and Alumni Social

  Stakeholder Management 101

  Start a Career in DevOps

  Started From The Bottom - Spring Party

  Starting Up Asian - Panel & Celebration

  Starting Up in Singapore

  Start Making: Idea Validation + Storytelling

  Startup Careers Workshop - Finding a Job and Engaging Talent

  Startup Design: Getting Your Foundation Right

  Startup Founders: Tough Lessons Learned

  Startup from the Bottom

  Startup Fundraising & Pitch Deck Essentials

  Startup Fundraising: Preparing for Investment Capital

  Startup Ideation Workshop

  Startup Jobs: Find Your Path

  Startup Law 101: Starting & Growing a Business

  Startup Law Academy 101: Scaling your Start-up and Fundraising Options

  Startup Law Academy 101: Starting Your Business

  Startup Law Unplugged

  Startup Law: What You Must Know before Fundraising

  Startup Lessons Learned with Alexis Ohanian, Founder of reddit

  Startup Lessons Learnt: Creating Sustainability for Companies in Hyper Growth

  Startup MVMT at Boston Common

  Startup MVMT Kick-Off at Brooklyn Boulders

  Startup Playbook's Live Podcast

  Startups and Big Brands: Best Practices for Collaboration

  Startup Selling: Find Customers, Grow Revenue & Build Your Sales Process

  StartupSmart Podcast Series Launch: The Audacity to Fail

  StartupSmart Podcast Series: Starting Change

  Startup Something Good: For-Profit Solutions For Non-Profit Problems

  Startup Storytellers

  Startup Storytellers: Getting Your First Customers

  Startup Storytellers: Greatest Mistakes and Lessons Learned

  Startup Storytellers: Raising Capital

  Startup Storytelling Presented by StartHub + GA

  Startup to Grownup: Legal 101

  Startup Victoria Web Development Immersive Scholarship Application

  Startup Weekend Edu Denver - Pre Party!

  Start Up Your Idea in 5 Days

  State of Chicago Tech: A Conversation with Fred Hoch, CEO of ITA

  Stay Cool: Branded Content for Millennials by tumblr + GA

  Stiletto Network Brunch

  Stocksy + General Assembly Present: Art Creation in the Digital Age

  Stop Freaking Out: 10 Finance Tips with Paco

  Stop Procrastinating Now! Or Later? Procrastination Workshop

  Stop Thinking, Start Doing

  Stories from the Makers of Denver Flea

  Stories Under the Stars

  Storytelling 101

  Storytelling for Business People Bootcamp

  Storytelling for Entrepreneurs: From Presentations to Elevator Pitches

  Storytelling for Entrepreneurs: Presentations to Elevator Pitches

  Storytelling for Success: How to Pitch, Present & Persuade

  Storytelling with the Boston Design Thinking Meetup

  Storytelling with Video Content

  Storytelling Your Way To Success

  Strategic Community Engagement for Marketplaces, Content, and Gig Economy Companies

  Strategy and the Business Model Canvas

  Strengthen Your Work-Life Balance with Purpose, Passion, & Mindfulness

  Stuck in the Job Search: NYC Outcomes Focused Workshop

  Student + Alumni Mixer

  Student Welcome Night

  Succeeding as an Introvert in the Extroverted World of Work

  SUM:ATL Speed Networking for Tech Startup Professionals

  Summer Alumni Happy Hour

  Summer School @ the Boston Public Library: Public Speaking Hacks

  Summer Social with General Assembly + Workbar

  Summer Solstice Soirée

  Summer Strategy Session

  SunTrust & PlugATL Present: From Financial Stress to Moving onUP

  Super Bowl Ad Review

  Supercharge Your Business: Using Data to Grow Your Audience

  Sweetgreen Wellness Wine Down

  SWEeT Holiday Party

  Sydney Creative Mixer

  Sydney Innovates: The Future of Cybersecurity

  Sydney Meet + Greet Hiring Event for Web Developers

  Sydney: Private Workshop

  Sydney Startup Showcase

  Tackling the Beast: Cover Letters Made Easy

  Take Control: Developing a Winning Brand Strategy

  Take the leap: Making the Career Switch

  Take the Next Step: Pave A Path for Success in 2017

  Take the Next Step: Pave A Path for Success in 2018

  Taking the Leap: From Consultant to Startup Star

  Taking the Leap: From Corporate to Entrepreneurship

  Taking the Leap: How to Quit your Job and Build Something Amazing!

  Talent Acquisition Strategies: How to Attract Top Digital Talent To Your Company

  Talent Catalyst's 3 Tips to Thrive as a First Time Millennial Manager

  Talent Retention Strategies: How to Retain the Top Digital Talent

  Talent Showcase: Web Developers, Data Scientists & UX Designers

  Talk Data to Me: An Evening with Female Data Leaders

  Talk Data to me: How to get hired as a data scientist

  Talk Data to Me: Why and How to Break into Data Science

27 Talk Like A Programmer

  Talk Money to Me 2018

  Talk Presents: ENGAGE ATL The digital Storytelling Conference

  TAMID Group Workshop

  Tap into Tech

  Tap into the Trends: Careers & The Rise of Hybrid Jobs

  Tapping Into the Power of Career Changers

  TAP San Francisco

  tapStory Launch Event

  Tap Your True Potential: Advice From a Top Sports Executive

  Taster Class: Digital Marketing Immersive

  Taxation for Entrepreneurs

  Tax-Saving Tips for Contractors & Creatives

  Tax Tips for Startups and Small Businesses

  Tax Workshop for Entrepreneurs: Getting You Ready for the 2016 Tax Season

  Teach at GA ATX: Training on Instructional Best Practices

  Teach at GA: Training on Instructional Best Practices

  Teaching 101: A Survival Guide

  Teaching at General Assembly: A Free Training

  Teach Me How to Freelance

  Team P.S. ARTS + GA Pasta Feed 2017

  Tech And Boston

  Tech and Careers

  Tech and Cryptocurrency: How to Get Into the Blockchain Industry

  Tech And...Food Featuring Buzzfeed's Tasty, Chef'd, Chewse, and Hippeas

  Tech and Insurance Innovation

  Tech And Management: Product and Project

  Tech and Recruiting Roundtable

  Tech And Sport

  Tech And...The New Workforce

  Tech And The New Workforce: Veteran Event

  Tech and Travel: Airbnb

  Tech Built for Teachers

  Tech Careers for Non-Engineers

  Tech & Design Networking Breakfast

  Tech & Digital Jobs of the Future Panel: Future-proof Your Career

  TechGen + GA Present Intro to the Boston Innovation Economy

  TechGen Spring Fling

  Tech Jobs of the Future

  TechMasters: Toastmasters for Techies

  Technical Interviewing for Product Managers

  Technical Interviewing for Web Developers

  "Technically" Hired

  Tech Night Out at Dad's Garage!

  Technology and the Gig Economy: Welcome to the Human Cloud

  Technology for Non-Technical Business Leaders

  Technopreneur Circle Presents: Fireside Chat with the Founders of Qunar and Yatra

  Tech on Toast: Innovators Breakfast

  Tech & Productivity At Work

  Tech Recruiter Monthly Meetup

  Techsgiving 2016

  Tech's Impact on Advertising: Will Ads Stop Following You?

  Techstars Alumni: Happy Hour

  Techstars Alumni: The Good, the Bad, and What Happened Next

  Techstars IoT in Singapore

  Techstars: Lean Thinking 101

  Techstars: Office Hours

  TechTalks: Building an Online Presence

  TechTalks: Developing Interviewing Skills

  Tech Talks: Introduction To Bitcoin & Ethereum presented by

  TechTalks: Negotiation Skills

  TechTalks: Networking Skills

  TechTalks: Resume Workshop

  TechTalks: Storytelling Skills

  Tech Talk Tuesday: Optimize Your Presence on LinkedIn

  Tech Titans: iOS vs Android

  Tech with a Human Touch: How Restaurant Technology Impacts Great Hospitality

  Telling Better Stories: Lessons from Data-Driven Journalism

  Telling Your Story

  Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling Hacks for Networking + Interviews

  Ten Legal Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

  The 2016 Budget Briefing Breakfast for Startups & SMEs - What Does it Mean For You?

  The 4 Biggest Mistakes That Keep You Stuck in a Rut

  The 5 Step Process to Land a Six-Figure Job with a Top Tech Company

  The Age of the Freelancer is Here

  The App Idea Awards

  The Art of Career Switching

  The Art of Conversation

  The Art of Illusion - Success Strategies From a Professional Magician

  The Art of Illusion: Success Strategies From a Professional Magician

  The Art of Informational Interviewing: The Asks That Will Get You In

  The Art of People Management

  The Art of Persuasive Communication to Increase Sales

  The Art of Productive Conflict

  The Art of Sales: Exploring Client Needs

  The Art of Storytelling

  The Art & Science of Bootstrapping

  The Art & Science of Career Change

  The Best Advice I Never Took

  The Break Changer: Taking a Break Can Change Everything

  The Business of Beer

  The Business of Being A Creative: A Free Class

  The Business of Blogging: Travel Edition

  The Campaign as a Startup: A Conversation with Hillary Clinton's Digital Strategy Team

  The Career Experiment: Figure Out Your Best Next Move

  The Career Experiment - Making Your Job Work For You

  The Chicago Tech Community’s Guide to Onboarding

  The Connecting for Good Tour

  The Culture Debate | What Employees Really Want?

  The Design Kids Networking

  The Design Slam!

  The Developer Showcase

  The Digital Marketing Shakedown + Happy Hour

  The Digital Renaissance of Work

  The eBay of Jobs: Bootstrapping the World's Leading Online Services Marketplace

  The Edge of Innovation: Arrow & Notion

  The Elevator Pitch - The Art of Talking About Yourself

  The Essentials of Communication: Connecting With and Inspiring Your Audience

  The Essentials of Conversion Optimization

  The Essentials of Leadership in Digital Transformation

  The Everyday Guide to Digital Marketing: Getting the Most from Search Marketing and Social Media

  The Evolution of New Media and Native Advertising with STAT

  The Five Roadblocks to Financial Success

  The Flashdance Presents: Heart Beats

  The Full Time Entrepreneur: Let’s Make Your Side Business Your Main Job

  The Future is Female: International Women's Day Lightning Talks

  The Future is Virtual: How VR Will Change Your Life

  The Future of 3D Visualization in Fashion

  The Future of Boston: A Millennial Mixer

  The Future of Chat (Apps)

  The Future of Cognitive Development

26 The Future of Cybersecurity

  The Future of Design - A Panel Discussion

  The Future of Development in Asia

  The Future of Employee Engagement + Culture

  The Future of Fashion Marketing and PR

  The Future of Food: How to Build a Successful Food Startup

  The Future of Food: Presented by GA +

  The Future of Mentorship: Fostering The Next Generation of Talent

  The Future of Money and Technology: How to Make the Most out of Fintech

  The Future of Product

  The Future of Search Engine Optimization 5 Ways to Adapt Your Content for 2017

  The Future of Sex: A Conversation

  The future of SMEs: Insights from SmartCompany

  The Future of Talent

  The Future of Talent: Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent

  The Future of Talent in Atlanta

  The Future of Talent & The New Workforce

  The Future of Talent: Upskilling Your Workforce

  The Future of Volunteering

  The Future of VR & Business

  The Future of Work: Digital Nomads

  The Future of Work for Women (part of International Women's Day)

  The Future of Work: How to Kickstart your Freelancing Career

  The Future of Work in a Tech-Driven Economy

  The Future of Work in ATL

  The Future of Work with ReBoot Accel and Intuit

  The Future of Your Money: Make the Most of Fintech Tools by Acorns + GA

  The "F" Word Event

  The Good Life: Designing for Simplicity

  The Good, the Bad & the Ugly – The Truths of Being a Digital Producer

  The Grounds Present: Perfecting Your Style

  The Growing Gender & Race Gap in Seattle's Startup Scene

  The Hottest Tech (and non-tech) skills in demand right now

  The Hows + Whys of Hiring Junior Level Tech. Talent

  The Impact of "Cloud First" on Your Product

  The Impact Of Exponential Technologies Shaping The Future Of Humanity

  The Influencer Economy: Launch, Share & Thrive in the Digital Age

  The Internet Demystified

  The Intersection of Technology and Health

  The Intersection of Technology + Creativity

  The Language Police are Lying about Women at Work

  The Limited Presents: Lessons from the New Look of Leadership

  The Low-down on LinkedIn

  The Modern Resume: How to Stand Out in Today's Job Market

  The Modern Resume: How to Stand Out in Today's Job Market (Online)

  The Most Important Product You'll Ever Manage

  The Muse / General Assembly Career Coaching Extravaganza

  The Muse / General Assembly Resume Extravaganza

  The "MVP" and Deciding What to Build First

  The Networking Revolution

  The New Wave: Unlock the Power of Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest Marketing

  The Nuts and Bolts of Podcasting

  "The Opportunity Project" Ideation

  The Podcast Revolution: A Panel Discussion

  The Power of Body Language for Entrepreneurs

  The Power of Broke

  The Power of Community: A Panel Discussion

  The Power of Digital Nomads

  The Power of Peer Pressure: How to Build a Successful Influencer Marketing Program

  The Power of Play: Game Design Bootcamp

  THE POWER OF PRESENCE in partnership with TRESemmé

  The Power of Purpose

  The Product League Presents: Product Management Best Practices

  The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

  The Psychology of Succeeding at Sales: How to Sell Anything to Anyone

  The Purpose Project: Workshop your why

  The Quarter-Life Breakthrough Book Launch


  There Is Life After College with Jeff Selingo

  The Rise of Ad Tech: The Evolution of Advertising in the Digital Age

  The Rise of Augmented Reality and Its Future Applications

  The Rise of Hybrid Jobs Across Business & Tech

  The Rise of Hybrid Jobs Across Creative & Tech

  The Road to Code

  The Road to Code for Creatives

  The Science of Innovation

  The Secret Sauce Behind Creativity

  The Secrets To Building A Personal Brand

  The Secret to Developing Emotional Intelligence

  The SF Creatives Winter Ball

  The Showcase

  The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap

  The Social Impact Create-A-Thon

  The Sprint from Google Ventures: How to Prototype and Test Any Product in Just 5 Days

  The Talent Advantage: How to Source and Retain the Right People

  The Truth Behind Getting Hired

  The Unconscious Power of Brands

  The Unconventionalists: A Live Podcast

  The War for STEM Talent: Strategies for Shaping Inclusive Work Cultures

  The War for Talent: Strategies for Enhancing Talent Diversity in STEM

  The Workflow Conference 2016

  This is Your Year: 7 Moves That Will Make 2018 a Financial Success

  ThoughtWorks Presents: Lean Product Innovation

  Three Hacks to Recode Your Career and Succeed

  Three Taverns and GA Present: Nightmare on Ponce

  Thrive in Your 9 to 5 (Online)

  TiECON SE 2016

  Time Management for Entrepreneurs

  Time Management For Freelancers

  Tim Ferriss' "Tools of Titans" Book Launch Party

  Tim Ferriss "Tribe of Mentors" Release Party (Unofficial Event)

  Tiny House Talks: Big Impact, Small Footprint.

  Tips To Build A Thriving Workplace Culture

  Toastmasters Workshop

  Tools and Techniques for Data Analysis

  Tools & Techniques for Personal Branding on Social Media

  Top 10 Tips for Starting a Startup

  Top 10 Tips for Starting a Startup: A Free Class

  Top 5 Legal Tips for Entrepreneurs

  #TopTrends : A 2016 Analysis and 2017 Prediction

  Town Hall: Entrepreneurship, Policy, and Innovation in America

  Town Hall: Women & Money

  Trademark Law 101: Protecting Your Brand

  Transformative Storytelling Workshop

  Transformative Storytelling Workshop - San Jose

  Transitioning to Tech: A Panel Event

  Transitioning to Web Development: A Panel Event

  Transition to Tech: Opportunities for Academics in Data

  Travel Smart Hackathon

  Travel Startup Showcase

  Travel Writing Workshop

  Treating Employees as Customers

  TRESemmé & LEVO Present: Poise, Posture, & Presence Workshop

  TRESemmé Power of Presence Workshop

  Trivia Night with The Big Quiz Thing

  TTP Luncheon: Networking Prep

  TTP Luncheon: Reboot, Revamp, Refocus

  Turning Advocates Into Influencers

  Turning a Vision Into a Plan

  Turn What you Love into What you Do Presented by GA + Harris Farm

  Turn Your App Into A Growth Engine

  Turn Your Personal Brand Into A Business

  Twitter for Startups: Your First 1000 Followers

  Two-Day Intro to Adobe Illustrator Bootcamp

  Two-Day Public Speaking Bootcamp

  Uber + General Assembly Present: Techsgiving 2016

  Ugly Sweater Holiday Party and VR Arcade

  Uncovering & Amplifying Your Offline Profile in an Online World

  Uncover Your Imposter Syndrome

  Underrepresented Minorities Donation

  Understanding and Negotiating Contracts

  Unearthed Hackathon Melbourne 2017

  Unemployed and Unstoppable: How to Make it as a Freelancer

  Unemployed to Unstoppable: A Chat with Jaclyn Johnson

  Unexpected Film Making: Jobs Both On-Set and Off

  Unfiltered: Business of Beer

  UNLEADED Holiday Happy Hour

  UNLEADED Presents: Innovate or Bust

  Unlearning Racism

  Unleash the Power of LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job

  Unlocking the eCommerce Opportunity by eBay + GA

  Unlocking Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage To Help Get The Job You Really Want

  Unlock Your Creative Confidence

  Un-Pitching: How to Nail a 1-on-1 Stakeholder Conversation

  Unreasonable Drinks with General Assembly

  UNSW Intro to Data Science

  Update your LinkedIn and Land Your Dream Job

  Usability Speed Dating: An Introduction to Usability Testing

  User Experience Design for Startups

  User Experience Design Meet and Greet

  User Experience Research & Design Working Together in Business

  Using Data Analytics to tell ‘THE STORY’

  Using Data Science for Social Good: Fighting Human Trafficking

  Using Data to Solve Big Problems

  Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

  Using Stripe and Xero to set up and streamline for global scale

  Using 'Validated Learning' to Build a Product People Love

  Utilizing Improv to Foster Collaborative Communication

  UX Bookclub: Conversations with Mike Monteiro

  UX Design and Web Development Meet & Hire Event - Melbourne

  UX Designer Showcase

  UX Designer Student Spotlight

  UX Designer + Web Developer Showcase

  UX Design Networking Happy Hour

  UXDI Twist and Shout Reunion

  UX for Growth

  UX Fundamentals: Wireframing & Prototyping

  UX Mega-Meetup: A Panel on the State of User Experience

  UX Portfolios: Design for Your User

  UX Research Bootcamp: Customer Interviews

  UX Research Bootcamp: Usability Testing

  UX Writing 101 With Content Melbourne

  UX Your Life

  UX Yourself: A Free Class

  Valuations & Exits: What Is Your Business Worth?

  Values Alignment: A Path to Self-Discovery, Clarity and Confidence

  verynice Women’s Design Salon: Future Tech

  VICE + GA Present Broadly Speaking: Women in Tech

  VICE Presents: No Country For Old Content

  Video Marketing 101

  Views: Women & Leadership

  VIP Lunch + Learn: How Fortune 500 Companies are Closing the Tech Skills Gap

  Virtual Reality Happy Hour

  Vision Boards 2.0: Align Your Vision & Define Your Goals


  Vision.Goals.Action! Create Your Ideal Vision for Success

  Visual Design Reunion with Ben Spear

  Visual Note-taking for Creative Thinkers

  Vlog Like a Boss: Creating Video Content That Converts

  Volunteer with GA Alumni at the SF Food Bank


  VR Party

  Warner Bros Brings CPG Discipline To Digital Entertainment

  Wayfinding: How to Change Your Career When You Don’t Know What You Want

  Ways to Wellbeing for Entrepreneurs and Founders

  WDi for Women: Tech Scholarship Briefing and Panel Q&A

  Web Content Mavens + GA Present: Bye Bye Redesign

  Web Content Mavens + GA Present: Website User Experience

15 Web Developer Student Spotlight

  Web Development Happy Hour and Showcase

  Web Development, UX Design, and Data Science Happy Hour and Showcase!

  Website in a Night with Weebly - San Jose

  WECLA: Women Entrepreneurs Community of Los Angeles

  Wellbeing and Health in the Digital Age


  We RISE Women in Tech Conference

  We Speak - Practical Ways to Feel Good When Presenting

  Westside Story- Sustainability Through Community Connection

  WeWork + GA Hiring Meetup

  WeWork + GA Present: Intro to the Boston StartUp Community


  What Did You Mean By That? Decoding Signals in Digital Communication

  What Makes a Successful Angel Investment?

  What's in store for VR/AR in Hollywood

What’s Your story? Tech Heads Get Human

  What UX Designers Can Learn From Video Game Designers

  When Bad Press Impacts a Good Cause

  When Lightning Strikes: Conversations with Industry Powerhouses

  Where Are All The Android Developers? Insider Tips On Sourcing Talent

  Which Startup Role is Right for Me?

  Whisky Business: Injecting Innovation into Australian Whisky

  Who Dares to Enter Halloween Horror Nights?

  Who Wants To Be A Developer?

  Why and How to Break into Data Science

  Why and How You Should Give Yourself A Year-End Review

  Why a Portfolio Matters + How to Make a Great One

  "Why Distribution is all that Matters" with TechStars

  Why Making Change is Hard - and How to Do It

  Why Millennials Aren't Investing: A Fireside Chat with Capital One

  Why You Should Care About Sustainable Product Design

  Winning The Job Search: The Whole Package

  Winter Alumni Happy Hour

  Winter Recess: Learn & Play

  Wistia + General Assembly Lunch & Learn

  Wistia Presents: Video Marketing Best Practices + Festival Pump Up Party

  Women and Leadership: How Women Navigate Power Structures

  Women and Leadership: Strengthen your Emotional Intelligence Skills

  Women Catalysts with Amy Tangerine

  Women in Cleanweb Presented by GA + Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

  Women in Digital Meetup at GA Sydney

  Women in Entrepreneurship: Screening & Panel Discussion

  Women in Sales Leadership presented by Top Rep Boston

  Women in Science: The Challenges Facing Women in STEM, and the Power of Illustration to Affect Change

  Women in Startups Holiday Party

  Women in Tech

20 Women in Tech Breakfast

  Women in Tech Breakfast: International Women's Day

  Women in Tech: Corporate World vs Entrepreneurial Life

  Women in Tech + "Dream, Girl" Screening

  Women in Tech Mixer: Founder's Edition

  Women in Tech Mixer - Venture Capital Edition

  Women in Tech Panel

  Women in Tech Showcase & Networking Night

  Women in Tech w/ Draper University

  Women in Telecommunications: Let's Get Digital

  Women in the Lead: Tech Ecosystem

  Women & Leadership: Nothing's Off Limits 2nd Edition

  Women & Leadership: Nothing's Off Limits-Living Social

  Women Thriving in Tech

  Women Who Launch LA

  Women Who Lead: Habits of Truly Disruptive Leaders

  Women, Wine and Wisdom

  Wonder Women & Wine: Celebrating International Women's Day

  WooCommerce Seattle Meetup


  Workforce of the Future

  #WorkItATL presents The Worthy Woman + Life on Her Terms

  Work It Out: A Conflict Resolution Workshop

  Work less, achieve more: Supercharge your career without compromising your wellbeing

  Workshop: Content Marketing Playbook

  Work-Shop Presents: Just Another Portfolio Masterclass

  Workshops with General Assembly @ HUBweek Demo Day

  Work Smart, Live More: Productivity Expert Panel

  Work The Room

  Work Without Humans: AI and Autonomous Companies ft. Autodidactic I

  World IA Day Boston 2017 Kick-Off Party

  Worlds Collide: When Video Meets Strategy

  World Storytelling Day

  Write a Great Bio + About Page

  Write Better, Right Now : How to Get Your Message Across

  WriteGirl / Bold Ink Writers Volunteer Training

  Writing a Kick-ass Job Description

  Writing Job Posts To Attract More Qualified, Diverse Talent

  Yogis Anonymous Book Launch

  You Gotta Eat: Designing In the Restaurant Space

  You have the skills!

  Young Government Leaders Atlanta - The Great Debate: Private vs Public (Sector)

  Young Guns Mixer: Speakers from Amazon Music & Cosmo

  Young Leaders in Tech

  Young Leaders in Tech: Presented by GA + Hey You

  Young Visionaries Mixer

  Your Career is Your Business: Take Charge of It

  Your Job, Your Business: Taking Charge Of Your Career in Tech

  Your Logo Looks Great, How's Your Brand?

  Your Story, Your Culture: Networking, Pitching & Branding That Resonates

  Youth Unemployment Incubator x GA Branding Masterclass

  You've Got a New Team Member, Now What: The Tech Community's Guide to Onboarding

  ZipRecruiter Hackathon 2017

  Zuper presents Fin Gym - The Rise of Impact Investing