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Ron Lichty

VP Engineering / VP Products

San Francisco

Ron Lichty has trained teams in Scrum, transitioned teams from waterfall and iterative methodologies to Agile, and coached teams already using Agile to make their software development "hum". An interim CTO and acting VP Engineering, he began his career as a programmer and then a product manager. He is author of Managing the Unmanageable, which reviewers have compared to programming classics The Mythical Man-Month and Peopleware.

Ron consults with organizations on topics like becoming an Agile manager; rules, tools, and insights for managing software people and teams; and how leaders can empower high performance teams. He is a regular speaker at events such as Agile Camp, AgileIndy, Code Camp, Agile Open, Product Camp, and the Agile Leadership Network.

Ron has worked as an Agile Software Coach and Management Mentor training companies such as Engine Yard, Axcient, Merced Systems, Fuze, Fujitsu, NerdWallet, Moovweb, Oration, Boost Media, Mingle Analytics, and others.

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