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Matthew Cynamon

Matt Cynamon is the founder of The Contrarian, a new media company that helps you break through your social media echo chamber by sending you the best, substantive articles that challenge your existing point of view.

Prior to The Contrarian, Matt spent nearly five years at General Assembly. As one of GA's first employees, he had the privilege of playing around in many parts of the business. He started GA's operations in London where he served as the Regional Director for the UK for 2.5 years. He also served as GA's Global Alumni Director where he was responsible for building out programs to support the long term success of GA's 40K person alumni base. After leaving GA, Matt has stayed involved by teaching a monthly class on "How To Get a Job at a Startup", as well as hosting a monthly event series that explores how different industries are changing and what you can do to prepare yourself to stay ahead of the curve.

In addition to The Contrarian, Matt also consults and advises early stage growth startups. Finally, and mostly just for fun, Matt spends the time he has left as a career coach.

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