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Jessica DuVerneay

Information Architect, The Understanding Group

Los Angeles

DuVerneay is an information architect and user researcher with 6+ years of experience based in Los Angeles. Her clients at The Understanding Group range from giant corporations to tiny non-profits, and she likes working with both equally. If she can make you laugh, teach you something, or learn something herself in the process- it's been a good day. When not cursing the San Fernando Valley where she currently lives, DuVerneay host workshops, gives talks, organizes conferences (most recently she was the global producer for World IA Day 2012), and guest authors for a variety of blogs. In addition to her work as an IA, she has been a teacher, artist, library manager, and a small business owner; this allows her to connect with and provide top-notch solutions for clients and users with a wide variety of needs and backgrounds.

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