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Dave Hayes

Principal UX Consultant, Objective Digital


Dave is a Principal User Experience Consultant who works at Objective Digital. He works on projects with large and small companies in banking, travel, media, manufacturing and government researching and designing: websites, apps, databases and services. He has had a varied career being responsible for designing stations and control room layouts whilst with the global engineering company Atkins, and with Amberlight a UX Consultancy he worked with Skype, Orange, Samsung, Royal Mail, Vodafone and News International to improve their products conducting research in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Dave’s background in design and human factors has given him an eye for aesthetics but also a leaning towards practicality and functionality. He loves working with people; stakeholders, participants and colleagues, to create novel, useful and engaging interactions.

He thinks there are two types of people: those who blame themselves and those who blame the system. He strives to ensure that the projects he’s involved in never make the users feel in the wrong or unintelligent. No product should cause frustration but should provide a rewarding user experience and be pleasurable to use.

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