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Ari Meisel

Author & Co-Founder, Get Leverage

New York City

Ari’s story starts in 2006, when some unexpected news derailed his booming real estate career: Crohn’s Disease: A highly-debilitating digestive ailment, Crohn's barred Ari from leading a normal life. He lost weight, energy, and the ability to work with regularity — in fact, there were times he could only work for sixty minutes a day.

With a blossoming business to run, Ari knew an hour per day was unacceptable. Against the advice of doctors and loved-ones, Ari embarked upon an extraordinarily painful journey to cure what medical textbooks consider an incurable disease.

Through excruciating amounts of trial and error, Ari not only regained control of his life but beat this seemingly unbeatable disease — and is now symptom-free.

Less Doing, More Living and Leverage Virtual Assistants are the result of Ari’s amazing journey back to health, happiness, and well-being.

Ari currently lives in New York City, where he spends every ounce of free time with his loving wife, Anna, and four fantastic kids — Benjamin, Lucas, Sébastien, and little Chloe.

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