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To stand out from the competition, companies large and small need strong branding and storytelling to capture consumers’ attention and earn their loyalty. No longer just about your visual identity, your brand includes digital experiences that are both under your control — your websites, apps, posts, and emails — and what’s being said about your brand by others.


Content Marketing

Why is content is king? Because people would rather watch, read, and share thoughtful content (blog posts, videos, infographics, etc.) than look at an ad. Successful content marketing means knowing what’s relevant to your customer — personally or professionally. It allows brands to establish their authority in the space without overtly “selling,” which helps build trust and consumer loyalty.


Customer relationship management (CRM) is the practice of optimising a company’s interaction with its consumers. To do that, CRM software and technology — like Salesforce and Oracle — collect user information across various touchpoints (social media, live chat, etc.). Smart usage of these systems helps marketers curate an experience to each customer’s needs.

Customer Journey

From awareness to purchase to customer service, and everything in between, the customer journey encompasses key interactions between a brand and a consumer. Smart marketers keep a close eye on this journey to identify and address pain points, inconsistencies, and other missed opportunities. The result: A best-in-class customer experience that boosts their likelihood of becoming a loyal brand advocate.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is one of the most common forms of digital advertising, seen on websites and apps as banner ads, videos, and more. Unlike native advertising, display ads are not formatted to blend into its context. Instead, it has targeted messaging and a call to action for users to click through.


Whenever you buy or sell products or services over the internet — on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, or your own store, for example — you’re taking part in eCommerce. To attract and keep customers, it’s crucial to create eCommerce experiences that are branded, consistent, and user friendly, and feel connected across various channels, both online and offline.

Email Marketing

With the influx of new social media marketing tactics, many marketers overlook the power of a tried-and-true platform: email. Effective email marketing campaigns incorporate personalisation, strategically segment customers, and engage people with valuable content and conversion-friendly design. Email marketing is also a great way to test and discover what appeals to customers, uncovering insights that inform smarter decisions.