When millions of customers use HSBC’s online services, a seamless experience is key. Enter UX designers, who create easy-to-use websites and apps. With UX design classes, learn user research, prototyping, testing, and more to fill this in-demand role. Start your journey with GA’s part- and full-time UX courses in Hong Kong.

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Build Intuitive Sites and Apps: Learn User Experience Design in Hong Kong

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Challenge yourself and change your career with a 10- to 13-week immersive learning experience.

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Alumni Story: When Innate UX Skills Turn Pro

User Experience Design Immersive Graduate

Anindita Saha (User Experience Design ImmersiveHong Kong) began her path to user experience (UX) design as an accountant at a Big Four accounting firm, where she was tasked with conceptualizing software to support a new company workflow. Saha loved the project — drawing sketches, and interviewing colleagues and intended users — but didn’t realize it could be a full-time occupation.

After learning about UX as a formal field and discovering General Assembly, Saha enrolled in our full-time User Experience Design Immersive course in Hong Kong to embark on a new career path.

“What I learned in the course was not just the techniques and methods for doing the job, but also how to think like a user experience designer,” said Saha, who has since landed roles at a startup and large software development company. “Our instructor really taught us how to excel and build a career as a UX practitioner — and what it takes to become successful.”

Break into Hong Kong's user experience design industry.

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Affinity Mapping

When you need to make sense of a large amount of information — after a team brainstorm or a user research data dump — turn to affinity mapping. This technique is used to organise terms and ideas by grouping them with related concepts, which helps give shape to your team’s design.

Information Architecture

Information architecture — or IA — is the structuring and organising of a website or app’s content in order to boost usability. Effective IA enables users to easily and intuitively navigate to exactly where they want to go, no matter where they are on the site.

Service Design

Service design focuses on creating a service — such as meal delivery or checking in for a flight — that aligns with its users’ needs. It incorporates both what the user sees (the front stage) and the behind-the-scenes action that makes a product tick (the back stage).


In user experience design, usability refers to how easy a digital product is to learn and navigate. When true usability is achieved, people are able to find exactly what they need on a website or app, avoiding errors and hiccups along the way.

User & Usability Testing

User and usability testing ensures a website or app will run smoothly before it even launches. User testing focuses on an individual or group’s feedback on the website or app, while usability testing offers quantitative data that helps target problem areas that hinder the experience.