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Jessica went from coding novice to website builder, creating a site for a project close to her heart. See how she did it:

Jessica Chou

Jessica Chou

Producer, Marketer & Aspiring Web Developer

Jessica wanted to create a website for the film she’d produced. Previously dabbling in code taught her that she’d need some help in order to get her abilities up to par.

Enrolled in HTML, CSS & Web Design Circuit

Jessica was matched with a mentor, John, who helped Jessica create goals and a progress plan for her to follow.

Jessica Chou's story

John Humbracht

GA Mentor & Professional Web Designer

Learned to code

To build up her basic coding skills, Jessica created a bare bones “about me” page using HTML.

Jessica Chou's story

Built her design skills

Jessica’s mentor guided her through lessons on typography and design and helped her create a styleguide and wireframes that fit the image she had in mind.

Jessica Chou's story

Put it all together

By the end of the course, Jessica created a fully responsive site that promoted the film she worked on. See the official website .

Jessica Chou's story

I had very limited knowledge of HTML and CSS before, and I started Circuits. Staring at the blank document was very overwhelming, but as I progressed, I felt more and more comfortable and confident in my coding skills, and before I knew it, I’ve built my very first website!

Jessica Chou, Line Producer/Marketer

Learn online, but still receive feedback through the course.

Get Guidance

Review your projects with an experienced developer through weekly one-on-one sessions with your mentor(s).

Goal-oriented Curriculum

Learn the basics of HTML, CSS and web design in your free time, with suggested weekly goals. You’ll be building personal projects by the end of the course.

Team Up

Work collaboratively with and receive feedback from peers on course assignments.

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