Writing Compelling Creative Briefs for Better Advertising

Writing Compelling Creative Briefs for Better Advertising | Edinburgh

About this class

A creative brief is essential in the initiation phase where it outlines the overall strategy and forms the basis of every project. A well written brief is comprehensive and puts all stakeholders on the same page from the very beginning.

In this workshop you will learn how to prepare a creative brief that guides your team to develop advertising that is on target, inspiring and drives business objectives.

We will begin by outlining the key elements of a creative brief and discuss ways in which you can find the best information to complete the Brief – information that is insightful and actionable.

We will discuss factors to prioritise versus what is secondary. We will explore the process in which to put the Brief together – who to involve and when.


  • What are the essential elements of a creative brief
  • Where to find the information needed to complete the essential elements
  • How to write those elements in a clear succinct way
  • When and where to involve others in the process of writing the brief

Prereqs & Preparation

This workshop will be completely live and online. In preparation, please download Zoom.

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