Women Returning to the Workforce

Women Returning to the Workforce | Portland

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Whether they took time off to raise a family, become caretakers, or any other reasons why, there are women who left the workforce who want to make their way back. In fact, women were disproportionately affected by the pandemic. 5.1 million women left the workforce in spring of 2020, leaving work to help raise their children or take care of sick family members. This Undoubtably had an impact on their career trajectories.

But how are things changing now that things are starting to go back to ‘normal’? Or if they are coming back after taking a few years off? These returners can have very different needs from others who never left. They can have gaps in their training, require more flexible hours, or the workplaces themselves may be entirely different.They are also high achievers, talented applicants, many having held senior positions, and can be often overlooked by companies.

Join our panel of express to explore different experiences of returning to work, how women can be supported though the process, what women can do while they are away to stay up-to-date, and much more!

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