What is Net Worth and Why is it Important to Track Yours?

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What is Net Worth and Why is it Important to Track Yours? | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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You may think “net worth” applies only to corporate balance sheets and that thought makes your eyes start to glaze over. But I promise, net worth is very relevant to YOU! It’s important to understand what your net worth means for you personally. Your net worth brings amazing clarity to your financial picture, as well as indicating the soundness of your financial foundation — so important in these uncertain times. During our time together you will create your own net worth statement that you will be able to track over time.

Prereqs & Preparation

These items will not be shared with the group but will be used in an individual exercise that only you will see. If you have questions on how to get values of your assets, please ask.

  1. Please bring a list of your debts, including student loan balances, credit cards, car loans, mortgages, personal loans, and any other type of debt or loan. We will need the balances only but the more info you have the better.

  2. Also bring a list of all of your account balances and things you own, including: bank balances, retirement account balances, any other type of account balance (for example, FSA, HSA, investment account), property (i.e a house (car optional)), and value of any other kind of property (for example gold, art, etc)

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