Visual Design Bootcamp Remote (APAC Online)

Washington, D.C. campuses

GA D.C., 1776
1133 15th Street NW, 8th Floor
Washington D.C. 20005

Visual Design Bootcamp Remote (APAC Online)

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. campuses

GA D.C., 1776
1133 15th Street NW, 8th Floor
Washington D.C. 20005

About this class

Are you looking to expand your skill set? Maybe you are someone with no design experience but interested in visual design as a potential career? Want to make your company newsletter look less terrible?

This bootcamp is for anyone who wants to understand how to make beautiful and (most importantly) effective digital designs.

Visual design is more than simply being able to make something look “nice.” Good designers understand how to use the principles of design and human visual perception to communicate effectively with their target audience — to inspire them, encourage them to buy something, engage with a community, etc.

In tis online bootcamp, we’ll be learning the basic stages of the design process (research, ideation, wireframing, design) and design theory fundamentals (color, composition, and typography). Then, you’ll get to practice applying these new skills through in-class activities, and have the opportunity to iterate on and improve your designs through critique.


  • Understand the value of design and the design process
  • Be familiar with key stages of the visual design process from research to final mockup
  • Understand how to apply design fundamentals (composition, typography, color)
  • Experience with giving, receiving, and applying design feedback
  • Practice using industry software (Sketch)

Prereqs & Preparation

This is a class for beginners; no prior knowledge is required.


What will the remote learning experience be like?

  • Ask questions and interact with peers and expert instructors — all in real time. Collaborate via live chat, voice, and video.
  • Complete hands-on coursework in an online classroom designed to keep you engaged and focused.
  • Gain accountability and guidance from your instructor and fellow classmates to help you turn skills into career success.



  • This bootcamp is taken completely online.
  • We will provide login information and a link to the platform on the day before the session.
  • You will need a computer and a strong internet connection.
  • If you enrol less than 24 hours before the bootcamp commences, please email for instructions.

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