Twitter for Startups: Your First 1000 Followers

Past Locations for this Workshop

Twitter for Startups: Your First 1000 Followers | Dallas

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Too often startups wait until their product or service is launched until they begin building out their social media networks. If you don’t have an audience to announce your launch to then the impact will be minimal and likely disheartening.

In this workshop we’ll learn how to build out a targeted group of relevant Twitter followers who will be your early adopters, influencers, and brand ambassadors.

We’ll learn best practices of putting your marketing strategy into action as you identify and grow your user base. We’ll look beyond the constrains of 140 characters by utilizing the power of images, links, hashtags, mentions, and tagging to create impactful Tweets.

Every Tweet is an experiment, and with that lean marketing mindset we can use analytics to determine which of those experiments to repeat and which to abandon. We’ll discuss what metrics can be viewed with Twitter and cover the value of third-party tools like HootSuite and Buffer.

We’ll also cover the power of using Twitter Ads to grow your followers or help promote your app or company even on a limited marketing budget.


  • Learn how to build a targeted community of Twitter followers
  • Identify your Twitter tribe and learn how their hashtags are used
  • Generate impactful Tweets and learn how to measure their success
  • Learn how tools like HootSuite and Buffer can aid in your goals
  • Find out about experimenting with Twitters Ads to gain followers or promote your app

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