The Seed Stage Pitch: Mastering the Art and Science

Past Locations for this Class

The Seed Stage Pitch: Mastering the Art and Science

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

Fundraising is a major challenge for early-stage tech founders, which is why a great pitch is so critical. Pitch really well and you can gain a true competitive advantage. VC’s and Angels invest in about one in every 100 ventures seeking funding. Why? Because many founders just don’t communicate effectively with prospective investors. They miss critical points, make avoidable errors, fail to tell a compelling story, and do too much “learn and burn” as they go. Pitching — communicating what is important and compelling about your venture — is an art and science that can be learned. Few people are naturals, but everyone has one thing in common: they can improve. In this class you’ll learn the insider’s perspective on the do’s and don’ts of pitching from experienced seed investors and fellow entrepreneurs.


  • Understand the different forms of pitching and the documents critical to pitching well
  • Learn when to utilize different pitch formats/documents
  • Understand the fundamentals of good communication and how they apply to fundraising
  • Hear the investor’s perspective on what needs to be included/expected in a pitch (and what red flags turn investors off)
  • Review examples of some great pitches (and a few that failed)
  • Discover how pitching fits into an effective fundraising strategy
  • Network with fellow entrepreneurs and investors to gain valuable feedback and establish new contacts

Prereqs & Preparation


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