The Inner Journey of Changing Careers in Times of Uncertainty (WEBINAR)

The Inner Journey of Changing Careers in Times of Uncertainty (WEBINAR) | San Diego

About this event

You are smart. Competent. Have achieved a few, or even many things. You know how to find information and have read countless books on career and life. And do you deal with a global pandemic and feeling stuck?

Join us for a special one-hour workshop about the inner work you can do now to embrace what you are meant to do, and to explore how to deal with the uncertainty and stress of this moment.

We invited Aurora Meneghello, Founder of Repurpose Your Purpose, to share some of her tools to help you find your career path. Aurora works with career changers to help them "use what they already know to do something new" and has created a unique approach to finding a fulfilling career.


  • Why inner work is as important as taking action and often needs to precede it
  • Learn inner practices that can seem counter intuitive, but will help you better cope with today's climate of uncertainty
  • Reconnect with your courage and inspiration to move forward

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