The Future is Virtual: How VR Will Change Your Life

The Future is Virtual: How VR Will Change Your Life | Dallas

About this event


Virtual Reality has and will continue to profoundly change how we access and share information and experience content. The impact will be felt in education, entertainment, data, healthcare, design, and more.

Join GA SF in an evening of exploration into the world of VR and how it will continue to evolve. Our expert panel will share their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of VR, along with the innovations in related hardware and software platforms.

Why it Matters:

Virtual reality is here to stay and will be utilized in ways we can hardly imagine. These industry insiders will share what's really going on and how it may impact your career and life.


- Insight into what's really going on in VR development
- Predictions for the future of work
- Network with like-minded professionals and VR experts

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