The Art of People Management

Seattle Campus

GA Seattle
1218 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor
Seattle WA 98101

The Art of People Management | Seattle

Seattle Campus

GA Seattle
1218 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor
Seattle WA 98101

About this workshop

Research from Gallup and Google’s “Project Oxygen” shows that managers have a huge impact on business results. The data is clear. Effective managers get 10% better customer satisfaction, generate 20% more profit and experience less employee turnover. And yet, nearly 50% of new managers are thrust into a management position without any training and support. It’s no surprise that the majority of new managers underperform in their first 2 years. Don’t let this be you!

Management is easy right? Set some targets, measure people against them and tie their performance to pay and prizes. That’s how management has been practiced since Fred Taylor wrote “Principles of Scientific Management” in 1911. And it simply doesn’t work any more. Manage that way and your business will stagnate and die. Managers in 2019 need to connect with their team as human beings, not as resources, and tap into every human’s desire to make a difference in the world. Does that sound like a bunch of “woo woo BS”? Then this course may not be for you!

Successful managers treat management as a skill that is developed and improved over time. This workshop is the platform on which you’ll build a successful management career. We’ll work through the questions and challenges that first-time managers in 2016 face. On completing this course you will have a box of tools, techniques and concepts you can apply to help you build and manage a successful team. The course is built around stories that lead with surprising insights and counter-intuitive narratives. For example :

  • Working less is managing better
  • The key to retention is inviting people to leave
  • Delegate your most important tasks
  • Failure is certain, necessary and important


  • Finding balance between “doing” and “managing”
  • The keys to motivating 21st century employees
  • Delegating the right tasks, to the right people in an effective way
  • Giving feedback that makes a difference
  • The neurochemistry of management
  • Leading with vision
  • Developing a team culture

Prereqs & Preparation

Bring an open mind that is willing to learn.

Bring a laptop if you have one to access worksheets and tools we’ll use in the program. We can provide paper copies of worksheets if you don’t have access to a laptop. Bring a pen and paper for writing notes.

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