[Tech Week 2023] The ABCs of Metaverse

Wednesday, 15 February, 2023
3 4 am EST
Manama (Online)

About This Event

General Assembly is proud to bring to you Tech Week 2023! This week-long free virtual event series explores workforce and technology trends that will shape the year ahead. This is your chance to stay ahead of the digital transformation and future-proof your career. Check out the rest of the series here.

The term "Metaverse" has been one of the hottest topics of the past year. Many of us know it’s important, but still might not have a full understanding of what exactly it entails.

The metaverse is a digital reality where social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies converge, allowing users to interact with each other and their environment. To keep up with the rapid development of technology, business owners and employees need to have an understanding of the Metaverse and how it can be incorporated into future business plans.

In this upcoming event, we’ll be diving into the metaverse, including the types of industries which are most impacted by it, and how a business owner can prepare themselves and their teams for the digital realm of tomorrow. Join our speakers as they go back to basics and explore the ABCs of the Metaverse.


  • An introduction to the Metaverse: What it’s about and why we should pay attention to it

  • Discover which industries will be most impacted by the Metaverse and how

  • Explore the ways you can incorporate Metaverse into your business plans


Download Zoom. Zoom is the video conferencing tool we will use for this webinar.

About the Instructor

Miriam Feiler Photo

Founder, Max Volume

Miriam Feiler is an entrepreneur who has spent the past 18 years building ventures focussed on SME consulting, events and education. Her ventures have brought individuals, entrepreneurs and teams together to learn, share and grow - all in exploration of whatever is coming next in business and technology. She has presented to audiences in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, UK and Russia on entrepreneurship, empowerment and collaboration. In 2021, she went all-in to the world of Web 3, NFTs and the Metaverse as a creator, journalist, community builder and commentator.

Rishi Randhawa Photo

Head of Web3 Innovation, Enjinstarter

Rishi is the Head of Web3 Innovation at Enjinstarter. The Web3 Innovation team constantly study the rapidly-evolving world of decentralized technologies and the metaverse. Their aim is to traverse through uncharted territory to help you make sense of it while learning about the new tools and methodologies that makes web3 crucial in driving innovation throughout the industry.

Laurel Papworth Photo

Metaverse Mentor, World Communities

Laurel was Head of Community (and then Social) for virtual worlds like Sony games and Iron Will games since 2001 and taught "How to Build Massive Engaged Communities" at the University of Sydney from 2005. Also in 2005 Laurel used her background in virtual currencies to submit a patent on decentralised currency for Play to Earn fitness using IoT, 3 years before Bitcoin. She even taught Augmented Reality community building to Facebook, Google and Microsoft in California in 2011! Named by Forbes Magazine as Top 50 Most Influential Social and Online Community Expert, Laurel mentors companies visualising, building and managing Web3 and Metaverse solutions, merging technology, philosophy and social psychology to present a holistic Metaverse strategy. Laurel has 22,000 students studying her online courses and regularly plays World of Warcraft, Roblox and other games with her avatar, SilkCharm.

Nickie Scriven Photo

Founder & CEO, Chief Meta Chicks

Nickie Scriven GAICD is a Non-Executive Director, experienced CEO and the Founder and CEO of Chief Meta Chicks, a women's tech start-up community; and Alchemy8 Media, an independent marketing consultancy and full-service advertising and media agency. Nickie is the former CEO of Zenith Media Australia.

An Executive business, marketing and media professional with 27+ years' experience in business & marketing strategy, digital transformation, data, analytics & insights, ecommerce, communications & content, brand strategy & identity, digital & social media, public relations and sponsorship.

An early adopter of Web3, excited by the opportunities and benefits of decentralisation and interoperability at a time when consumers are seeking control over their personal data and privacy. Passionate about educating and bringing more women on the web3 journey and the opportunities for innovation and business success. Working with communities, businesses and brands at the intersection of Web3 and IRL, via education, entertainment, ecommerce, socialisation and networking via her businesses Chief Meta Chicks and Alchemy8.

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