Strategies For Resilience & Bravery

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Strategies For Resilience & Bravery | Adelaide

Past Locations for this Event

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2020 has shown that things will happen out of our control. How well equipped were you to deal with life when things went sideways? When despite all your best intentions, fool-proof plans and bravery, you did not recover as quickly as you hoped for?

Join Lisa Hastings for this mindful event to identify what’s holding you back and to use your fear to influence change, build resilience and bravery.

We'll be taking you through, - Reflection of 2020 - Breaking outside the comfort zones - Strategies for building resilience

Your mindset is often the number one barrier to making positive change at work and in life. While setbacks are always inevitable, we can be empowered through our reaction. Showing Bravery and Resilience allows us to take control and become stronger for what life throws at us!

We'll see you there!

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