Show Me the Money: Debt vs. Equity & Term Sheets

Past Locations for this Class

Show Me the Money: Debt vs. Equity & Term Sheets

Past Locations for this Class

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What do investors want? What is the right valuation for your company? Should you use convertible debt or preferred equity for your fundraising round? What are the other key terms and decisions that you need to understand to be successful at seed fundraising?
Join us for the fourth installment of S.M.T.M., as we sort out the dos and the don’ts of structuring a deal. Come get the inside scoop from venture capitalists, angels, and fellow entrepreneurs on how to raise seed funding successfully. Topics and questions covered: - What are the pros and cons of debt vs. equity? - What is the right valuation for your capital raise/investment? - Beyond valuation, what are the other key terms in a raise? Which are most important and why? - What do investors care most about? How do Angels and VC’s differ? The session is for both aspiring angel investors and entrepreneurs that are looking to hack the angel fundraising cycle.

ABOUT THIS SERIES General Assembly and Tom Wisniewski (RosePaul Investments) have partnered to create SHOW ME THE MONEY, a monthly series of events that provide an "insider" perspective on the critical elements of successful startup fundraising and entrepreneurship. Learn the most important aspects of business investment from venture capitalists, angels, and successful entrepreneurs. The formula for the events is simple: one part focused, actionable presentation, two parts great speakers, one part participation/ networking.

Praise for the “Show Me The Money” series: - “Best class at GA I have ever taken. Period.” - “Tom is super-passionate about startups and fundraising and it comes through in the class.” - “Very topical. Very pragmatic. No BS. I came away with list of to-dos and things to try.” - “This was my third class with Tom. I keep coming back.” - “I love it that there is real professional content, and the opportunity to follow-up with Tom and his speakers


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