Self Care in Your Field: Marketing, Advertising and PR

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Self Care in Your Field: Marketing, Advertising and PR | Sacramento

Past Locations for this Event

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Transform Your Self-Care Routine into a Ritual.

Carving out time from a busy schedule to take care of yourself can sometimes feel like another task on the to do list. Something that is meant to be enjoyable can be spoiled by a feeling of obligation. The secret to enjoying self-care is through a shift in mindset.

During this webinar, our speakers will discuss the five dimensions of self-care: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social. We will learn how we can bring purpose and presence into our self-care and create nourishing rituals that make us feel good from the inside, out. Attendees will gain tips for own rituals and actionable tips.

We don’t believe self-care should be routine or something you check off your to-do list… But rather a sacred ritual, nourishing mind, body and spirit, so you can be in bloom!

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