Q&A with Alexis Ohanian (Online Class)

Q&A with Alexis Ohanian (Online Class)

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You've made something people want. Great — that's the first step in making something people love. Join our live Q&A with Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian to get an insider's view on how to build an awesome (and large) community.

Not sure what to ask? Do a little field research before the Q&A with Alexis's online class "Making Something People Love." In the webcast, Alexis examines people's cult-like obsession with brands like Apple, and shares secrets to his own success growing Reddit into the largest yet tightest community online, with 28M uniques a month. He discusses how to create similar communities with companies that are not inherently social — like his current projects, Hipmunk and Breadpig. Take good notes and bring on the questions.

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