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Predictive Analytics Fundamentals | Online | June 3

Raghav Garg Photo

Product Analytics Manager, Grab

About This Workshop

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Predictive analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. The goal is to go beyond knowing what has happened to providing a best assessment of what will happen in the future.

Organizations are turning to predictive analytics to help solve difficult problems and uncover new opportunities. Some of the most common uses of predictive analytics include detecting fraud, optimizing marketing campaigns, improving operations and reducing risks.

This class will provide analyst professionals with the most widely used predictive modelling and data analysis techniques and their core principles.

Please note:

This workshop is highly interactive with group activities and discussions throughout. To participate you will need to:

  • Have your camera turned on for the entire session

  • Have an accessible microphone

  • Be in a quiet, well-lit space with minimal distractions

  • Strong internet connection


  • Introduction to predictive analysis and its core principles.

  • Predictive modelling concepts

  • Commonly used predictive modelling softwares and tools

  • Descriptive reports derived from predictive analytics


This workshop will be completely live and online. In preparation, please download Zoom.

Please note: This session will not be recorded, however slides will be shared following the class.

About the Instructor

Raghav Garg Photo

Product Analytics Manager, Grab

Raghav is a Product Analytics Manager at Grab and leads the analytics for demand shaping products and initiatives across the region.

An analytics professional with 6+ years of experience in data science and experimentation. Adept at getting actionable insights by handling large data sets and enabling product teams to make data-driven decisions and product launches. He is a graduate of the Masters in Business Analytics program at NUS.

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Predictive Analytics Fundamentals | Online
Thursday, 3 June, 2021
5:30 8 am EDT
GA Singapore (Livestream)
Online Class Livestream
$ 60

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$ 60
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