Performance Marketing Fundamentals

Performance Marketing Fundamentals | Manchester

About this workshop

Digital and social selling are quickly becoming the norm for many consumers across the globe. With such an influx of individuals making purchases online and providing their data, it’s vital that brands and service providers are equipped with a digital strategy that allows them to easily sell products online.

Every company wants to be more performance & data-driven, but often don’t know how to implement or execute this for their sales & marketing departments.

With COVID-19, performance marketing is more important than ever. As customer preferences, technology, and marketing techniques become more sophisticated, performance marketing is where brands can get real-time measurement of ROI. Performance marketing also future-proofs marketing initiatives by drawing on data and insights and allowing brands to better adapt to changes.


  • How conventional marketing & sales approaches are inferior to performance and data-driven marketing
  • Performance-based frameworks like The Digital Maturity Model - a step-by-step roadmap to a digital-first company
  • How you can align your marketing and sales teams to achieve better business results
  • Local and global case studies

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