Outsourcing & Managing Software Development

Past Locations for this Workshop

Outsourcing & Managing Software Development

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Whether you're outsourcing or hiring your own development team, this three-hour workshop will run you through key skills required to find and retain a great developer, to specify the software efficiently and to manage the software development process effectively. This includes having consistently have release-able code that continues to improve, but that is always ready to launch at a moment’s notice.


  • Learn how to tell how great a developer is even if you can't read or write code
  • Sell your project in a way that'll make great developers more likely to take the project
  • Give a development team the specifications they need without overwhelming them with unimportant details
  • Keep tabs on your developers, working with them to quickly reduce the risk in your project

Prereqs & Preparation


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