Organic Social Growth: 0 to 1M Unique Visitors in 1 Year Or Less

Past Locations for this Class

Organic Social Growth: 0 to 1M Unique Visitors in 1 Year Or Less

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

Reaching 1 million unique visitors per month in less than one year is no easy feat. In this class, I'll share the actionable tips & tricks you can use to hopefully achieve it even faster than we did thanks to social, organic, high-quality growth. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a black hat SEO expert, the social media ninja master, Bill Simmons, or an evil wizard to build a product, content site, and/or startup with an awesome, engaged, exponentially-growing audience.


  • Identify the right target audience/users/customers to tailor your message and platform
  • Define your brand’s personality & how that affects so many unexpectedly related decisions
  • Understand the importance of design for legitimacy and why it’s worth, if anything, to spend money on it
  • Pick the right platform to focus on, whether it’s social, search, email, and/or influencers
  • Engage with your biggest fans on Twitter, best automate your updates, master Pinterest, nail Tumblr, and more-- in a way that people will love you for
  • Tackle email outreach so the right people are invested in it, promise to help, and become lifelong fans
  • Create shareable content in a way that’s smart and cost-effective
  • Attract a killer team & then mobilize that team for creative promotion, marketing, and outreach
  • Build something awesome that people have an emotional connection to

Prereqs & Preparation

Though this class is typically most useful for someone planning to build or already working on a site that emphasizes growth from content (whether it's a blog or, say, a company with a blog), there's a lot that's applicable to growth for web products of any kind! A detailed outline of everything (seriously everything) will be sent via email after the class-- just come & drink it all in.

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