Online Crisis Management

Past Locations for this Class

Online Crisis Management

Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

In the age of social media, a crisis situation can spread and get out of hand in a matter of hours. How do you respond diligently and manage your brand’s online reputation to avoid permanent damage, or even turning a crisis situation into positive sentiment for your brand?

This course will cover, - Real life cases and scenarios for you to reflect on – Are you making the same mistakes and are you prepared to avoid them?

  •   How to proactively monitor the conversations online so you can be prepared for what’s coming your way
  •   The right online response protocol to help you response to negative comments in a matter of minutes

This workshop could target Corporate Communications professionals who are ready to up their game in crisis management. Beyond the traditional Q&A and press releases, how to adapt to the change in communication method and the propagation of information in the era of social.

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