Networking Best Practices

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Networking Best Practices | Dallas

Past Locations for this Workshop

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Networking, for many, can be a daunting task. Questions about where/how do I start? and doubts about our confidence in connecting with new people often prevent us from going the extra mile. With some experts claiming networking is responsible for pver 70% of new job acquisitions, it's even more important to fine tune our networking skills for continued career development and success.

This lesson will focus on best practices and strategies aimed at not only building a strong and impactful network, but maintaining and leveraging that network smoothly.

By understanding that building a true connection with someone is the most impactful way to network, we will walk through tactics and tips and delve into the "why" we network vs. just the "how."


After this session you will gain insights into how to:
Effectively network in our current remote world
Leverage social media platforms (LinkedIn, AngelList, Slack and others) to network like a champ
Build, cultivate and maintain your network connections beyond the ""getting a job"" mindframe
Build true meaningful connections
Organize your networking

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