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About this workshop

Do you feel like you can negotiate? Are you confident to ask for what you deserve?

“Negotiation” was one of the most searched terms in the UK in 2019, peaking January - March, in line with the traditional corporate pay and bonus reviews. Coincidence? We think not!

Whether we are bargaining at the market, pitching our business or asking for a pay rise, our negotiation skills need to hit the mark and most importantly, drive successful results.

Join us for this fun, interactive session and learn how to negotiate like a boss. 🤝

You will learn how to bring out the best of yourself and handle negotiations confidently through a series of theories, examples, individual & pair/group exercises. You will leave equipped with actionable strategies for leveraging strengths and addressing challenge areas.


  • Understand the underlying sales strategies associated with negotiation
  • Learn theories and strategies on key concepts such as personalities, confidence and negotiation methods
  • Learn ways of handling stress and nerves associated with negotiation and presenting yourself in high pressure situations
  • Develop a routine which will give you a step by step strategy for feeling calm, present, ready and able to make an impact when negotiating
  • Receive feedback to help identify your negotiation strengths and weaknesses, combined with time to practice improvement
  • Learn how to negotiate online and offline

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