Millennial Money Mindset

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Millennial Money Mindset | Edinburgh

Past Locations for this Event

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Do you want more Money Mindspace? More space and time in your day to focus on the important things to you? Your friends, your family, your life? Does not having enough money cause you stress?

Then this masterclass is for you!

This is an interactive masterclass where you will learn to automate your finances, create your own lifeplan and learn to build your own team of investment assets.

These well known but little understood investment planning strategies can help both you and your business work smarter with your money. Giving you the mindspace you desire to help you manage your money, so you don’t have to worry, think, or even talk about money. You can instead concentrate on more important, productive aspects of your life.

Where you have more time, freedom and control so you can enjoy life to its true potential.

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