Mastering Talks and Presentations | Online

Attend the next event on Wednesday, 17 November.

About this workshop

In this session, we will explore how to write effective and engaging talks and presentations. We will do this by engaging in fun interactive exercises and techniques that will help you put together great presentations and talks that are focused, memorable and tailored to your audience.

London is a competitive space and one of best ways to stand out is to deliver knock out presentations and get your message across.


  • Tools to help be more clear, concise and relevant to their listeners
  • A strategy on how to approach that next important talk or presentation
  • A greater understanding of how to present your ideas effectively

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Please come with a subject for a presentation or talk in mind. It can be something that you are working on currently or you can choose a topic that you would like to prepare a talk in.
  • Please bring paper and pens to take notes.

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