Intro to UX Design (Online)

Past Locations for this Class

Intro to UX Design (Online) | Dallas

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

User experience is the key to making a product truly great. No amount of advanced technology or beautiful design will matter if the experience of using your website or application isn’t simple, intuitive, and enjoyable. To build that, you must first learn to understand your customers and what they need.

This class will take you through the principles of UX (User Experience) - including both research and design - using a practical, hands-on approach.


  • Discover what the field of UX encompasses and how it relates to other disciplines.
  • See how applying UX principles can improve and elevate a product.
  • Learn about the different UX roles and the opportunities within the job market.

How it works:

This workshop is taken completely online. We will provide login information and a link to the platform.

You will need a computer, a strong internet connection, and an open mind to join.

We will send out the recording to those who can't attend live.

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