How to Run a Damn Good Website Project | Online

Monday, 17 May

8 10:30 pm EDT

Pittsburgh (Online)

$45 USD

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How to Run a Damn Good Website Project | Online | May 17

Richie Meldrum Photo

Independent Brand Strategist


Monday, 17 May

8 10:30 pm EDT


$45 USD
$45 USD

Questions? Read our FAQs

About This Workshop

This workshop is scheduled for Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), which may appear to be an unusual time in your local timezone. Please check the workshop time and timezone carefully to make sure you have the correct timing.

Creating good websites is hard.

However, as a designer, marketer, project manager or business owner, knowing how to do it well can be an absolute game-changer.

Whether you’re making one for yourself, for your company or for a client, planning, designing and launching a new website can be a thoroughly interesting and highly rewarding experience. There is nothing more satisfying than having a website you made ‘go live’ and watching people from all over the world visit a tiny part of the internet that you created.

In this 90 minute class, you will be taken on a tightly compact run-through of the multiple stages of a typical website project, from the very first step to the very last drop.

Fast paced and packed full of solid information, clear instruction and practical advice, this is a power hour of website creation that will give you the tools you need to make your next project an online success story.

This class is great for:

  • Designers/developers
  • Marketers
  • Comms Staff
  • Website Project Managers
  • Business Owner/Operators

Please note:

This workshop is highly interactive with group activities and discussions throughout. To participate you will need to:

  • Have your camera turned on for the entire session
  • Have an accessible microphone
  • Be in a quiet, well-lit space with minimal distractions
  • Strong internet connection


We will tackle the following:

• Work shop sessions and website strategy

• Costing, scoping and project planning

• Audience groups and online business objectives

• Content hierarchy, site structure and wireframes

• Features and functionality

• UI/UX Design

• Project milestones, presentations and timelines

• Testing and launching your site

• On-going maintenance and digital marketing

• Time for questions, queries and discussion


In preparation, please download Zoom.

This session is not recorded however, you will receive the instructor’s slides following the session.

About the Instructor

Richie Meldrum Photo

Independent Brand Strategist

Hello, I am Richie.

I started off as a writer, struggled as a journalist, turned into a copywriter and came out as a strategist.

I’ve worked in brand and digital agencies in the UK and Australia for over 12 years, collaborating with designers, technologists, project managers, clients and loads of other incredibly smart people that do things I can’t.

Over the years, I’ve learnt how to use my love of research, writing and human behaviour to influence the outcome of hundreds of projects spanning brand, digital and creative content - from cultural institutions to global corporations, Italian-made womens’ shoes to Vietnamese noodle delivery apps.

I’m passionate about sharing what I know/don’t with others through teaching, speaking and getting involved whenever I can.

I love juice, outdoor swimming pools and battle rap, and am partly responsible for the success of Russell Brand.

Talks I've done:

Billy Blue College of Design
Design Institute of Australia
The Design Kids
The Foundry Tasmania
FuckUp Nights
General Assembly
LCI Melbourne
Shillington Design College

Workshops I run:

How to Run a Damn Good Brand Project
How to Run a Damn Good Website Project
How to Get a Job in the Design Industry

Publications I've written for:

Campaign Brief
Desktop Magazine
The List
Inpress Magazine

People I've worked with:

Australia Post
Museums Victoria
REA Group
Guide Dogs Victoria
Design Institute of Australia
Vic Health

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