How to Master Instagram

How to Master Instagram | Dallas

About this class

The class provides an overview of the basics and strategies of one of the fastest growing networks, Instagram. It'll also take an in-depth look at growing your account, network’s best practices, content ideas and strategies of Instagram Ads. This workshop is for: - Aspiring Instagram Influencers - Business Owners - Social Media Managers or Digital Marketers - Anyone trying to grow the Instagram following for their passion project (whether it be an etsy shop, an account for your dog, or your personal portfolio)


  • Gain insights on how to best grow your Instagram account following
  • Discover new ways to develop content ideas
  • Learn the ins and outs of Instagram's ads platform
  • Find out what's next for the world's fastest growing network
  • Tangible takeaways that you can use that same day on your account!

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