How to Launch a Podcast Bootcamp

London Campus

GA London, The Relay Building
1st Floor, 114 Whitechapel High Street

Past Locations for this Workshop

How to Launch a Podcast Bootcamp | London

London Campus

GA London, The Relay Building
1st Floor, 114 Whitechapel High Street

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Ever thought about launching your own podcast?

But not sure where to start?

Podcasting is one of the most effective ways to build an audience online and grow your business. According to Edison Research, it is the fastest growing media channel.

Podcasting is also an excellent excuse to connect with some of the world’s most interesting people. How else would you get the chance to have in depth conversations with best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, TV personalities, athletes or adventurers?

But the process for getting started can feel daunting.

What equipment and software should you use? How do you land interviews with big name guests? How do you get your show loaded into iTunes? And even after your show goes live, how do you promote it so that people actually listen to it?

Luckily, this one-day intensive course led by one of London’s leading podcast hosts, will cover the simple steps to properly planning, launching and growing a successful podcast.


How to plan and launch your first podcast including:

  • Choose the best recording equipment, editing software and hosting platform for your budget
  • Land interviews with thought leaders, bestselling authors, and influencers in your field
  • Prepare so that you have captivating and memorable conversations with guests
  • Edit your interviews to produce high quality and professional sounding audio
  • Develop an effective launch strategy
  • Crack the iTunes algorithm to improve your ranking and get more downloads and subscribers

Additionally, you’ll get insider knowledge on creative, field-tested marketing strategies for growing your podcast, so that once you’re live, you can start to build an audience of raving fans.

By attending, you’ll save yourself months of trial, error, and frustration, and you’ll leave with a clear strategy for publishing your first three episodes.

Prereqs & Preparation

  • This bootcamp is for beginners but all levels welcome.
  • Bring something to take notes with
  • Have a plan for a show already outlined (e.g. do you want to host the show on your own? With a co-host? Do you want to have guests come on the show? etc.). It does not need to be definitive, but it will help to have a rough idea of what you would like your show to be about.
  • Subscribe to The Unconventionalists podcast and listen to episode #55.

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