How to Be an Effective Manager - with Lofti

Past Locations for this Workshop

How to Be an Effective Manager - with Lofti | Phoenix

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Level up your managerial skills, no matter where on the ladder you may fall. Discover best practices for proactive, consistent communication that builds genuine relationships with peers, direct reports and senior management. Learn how to approach managing up, down and across an organization with compassion to enable a sense of community within the organization. Participants will workshop real-life scenarios and practice active listening, leaving prepared and confident to guide a team to new levels of success.


  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a compassionate manager
  • Learn best practices for building relationships to excel at performance management
  • Create a framework for you, and your direct reports, to effectively set expectations and give and receive feedback
  • Learn different management styles and techniques
  • Learn how to measure your and your team's success
  • Explore self-reflection through guided meditation to find a mindful place to hold space for your team

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