Healthy Conflicts: Why We Should Disagree More at Work

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Healthy Conflicts: Why We Should Disagree More at Work | Perth

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Disagreements at work are inevitable, regardless of how well a team works together. However, conflicts do not always have to be negative. When managed well, conflicts can bring about positive outcomes including better relationships and an inclusive workplace environment.

Constructive conflicts can help one avoid fostering a group-think culture in the workplace and encourage new and out-of-the-box ideas and solutions to age-old problems and legacy structures. Healthy discourses and meaningful work conflicts is a cornerstone of a healthy, successful organisation.

To reap these benefits, the leader of the organisation needs to know when and how to resolve disagreements and help the conversation move forward. Join us as our panel of experts discuss the difference between negative and positive conflicts and share tips on how leaders can encourage positive conflicts and know when to intervene.

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