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[Global Fest] "Women In Tech" gives me the ick | May 13

Kristina Makes #Content Photo

Founder & Creative Director, Sweet Sweet Content

About This Event

Welcome to our Global Tech Fest

This free session is apart of a larger project called TwentyFour. 24 hours of skills, tech and fun. #### *** "Women in Tech" - It’s used as an accomplishment, a way forward and as a game changer in a 'male dominated' industry. But is using this term really helpful??*** The computer generation is a level playing field, women were coding myspace profiles, building online communities, and sending astronauts into space long before the Valley became what it is today. So why is it that men have automatically been given this space and women are still being treated like newcomers? As long as we keep referring to ‘women in tech’ as an outstanding factor, the farther we are from normalising women in what should be a genderless industry. Though many of us mean well when using the term "women in tech" - Let's learn how can we (of all genders, specifically in tech) support and encourage technology ventures from women without patronising them in the process. This is a talk for anyone to attend. We encourage leaders and those who are building teams to come along, pay close attention, and continue a chain of positive and genuine change in our industry. We are the industry of innovation, it's time to show that in our people as well as our technologies.


  • Why "women in tech" can be a roadblock term
  • How to support women as a minority in tech without treating them like a novelty
  • Why as an industry of innovation, it is our responsibility to be ahead of the game in more than just technology

About the Instructor

Kristina Makes #Content Photo

Founder & Creative Director, Sweet Sweet Content

Kristina Makes #Content is a social media ✨funtrepreneur✨, creative strategist, and public speaker for all things internet related. Kristina’s work and experiences have been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Girlboss, and has given several talks at Harvard Business School on the big bad world of #content.

Kristina's love of the worldwide web began when her parents brought home a Windows 98 and she was allowed her own Neopets account shortly after.

With her Neopets days behind her, she is now Founder and Creative Director of an all-woman studio "Sweet, Sweet #Content". Working with brands like Depop and growing The Fabulous from 10k to 1m followers on IG in just 18 months. Their clients are anything from filmmakers living in Antarctica to New York coffee shops that give back to sloths.

Kristina currently specialises in User Acquisition and all things TikTok related - and works closely with TikTok to deliver presentations and talks for their wide range of clients. She has spoken alongside TikTok as a content consultant at events for OMD, PHD Media and The Influencer Marketing Show.

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[Global Fest] "Women In Tech" gives me the ick
Thursday, 13 May, 2021
9 10 am EDT
Online (Online)
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