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Your 9-5 day is 480 minutes. If each one feels like an hour, it may be time to find a new job, or even a new career. You can quit your job and change careers at any age and any time! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

But hey, we get it, we know it’s easier said than done and your head might be spinning just thinking about it. How do I decide if I’m ready or want to quit? Am I smart enough to work in Tech? How do I figure out which element of my career needs improvement before I job search? When I do quit, what should I do next? What is the career exploration process?

Join our panel of GA Career Coaches and Instructors as they shine a light on the different steps you can take to change careers successfully. They will share how students get skills-ready in three months, which skills are most valuable today, ways to narrow your job search, and how to get yourself organized if you are looking for a job in tech.

Bring your questions on how you can change careers and get into tech and tap into the expertise of our coaches and instructors. They've helped thousands get a job they love in tech, and they can help you too.


  • Learn the steps to change careers successfully
  • How to get skills-ready in three months to get a job in Tech
  • How to narrow your job search
  • How to get yourself organized if you are looking for a job in Tech

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