Digital Marketing for Nonprofits Bootcamp

Digital Marketing for Nonprofits Bootcamp | Dallas

About this workshop

Digital marketing is one of the most vital methods for growth across all industries, and nonprofits and socially conscious businesses are no exception. Over the past ten years we have repeatedly seen that those who invest in creating quality content, and dispersing it across digital platforms in the right way, are also the organizations attracting the most donors and garnering the most attention.

Learn how to get your organization or socially conscious business on the right track through this bootcamp, and take a deeper look at: email strategy, organic social, paid social ads, paid google ads, intro to google analytics, content strategy, and more. Following the overview in key concepts, everyone will create their own end-to-end digital marketing campaign that they can take back to their business or nonprofit to implement. Plus, learn all the amazing free tools and resources out there to help you build your brand and drive engagement to donors, volunteers, activists, clients, and the other various players in your arena.

This bootcamp is for people new/new-ish to digital marketing, and is perfect for anyone who works in nonprofits, mission-driven businesses, or who wants to add a socially conscious lens to their digital footprint.


You’ll walk away with a ready-to-implement digital marketing campaign to take back to your business or organization. You’ll also learn all the components that make good digital marketing campaigns, learn how to build strong campaigns using KPI’s, and see examples and resources for some of the best campaigns out there to date.

Prereqs & Preparation

Please bring a laptop for the campaign development portion.

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