Design Thinking Your Way Through Any Situation

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Design Thinking Your Way Through Any Situation | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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Design thinking enables people to discover new answers to challenges that they experience and see around them. How do we as educators, creators, parents, professionals and leaders harness the enormous potential design thinking has?

Join this free design thinking workshop to learn new strategies to better problem solve, prioritize, and ideate better solutions.

You should come if you:
- Struggle with prioritizing your time
- Have too many ideas and don’t know which one to focus on
- Want to be more positive and solutions oriented when thinking about your problems
- Want to be come an all around more productive + kickass human
- Like cool people

The goal of this workshop is to walk away with two techniques that you can start using tomorrow in your personal and professional life!

Note: design thinking is not visual design. It's a user centric problem solving technique to quickly identify problems and create solutions.

This event is part of Spring Break Skill Up, which are FREE workshops for educators looking to gain new skills for the future.
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