Data Visualization & Storytelling in Excel

Data Visualization & Storytelling in Excel | Salt Lake City

About this class

Effective data visualizations can engage your audience, and help others understand complex quantitative concepts in one succinct snapshot. Excel's chart functions can be extremely valuable tools for creating those visualizations.

This class will first cover the principles of successful information design. Then, we will use Excel (with lots of customization) to design graphics that don't just show data - but tell the story of that data.


  • Practice principles of effective information design (what makes a chart "good"?)
  • Customize bar charts, line graphs, and scatter plots - beyond the Excel defaults - to make them more effective
  • Learn new chart types that you can build in Excel to better convey benchmarks, before-and-after results, and survey data

Prereqs & Preparation

None. Please bring a computer with Excel.

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